A Universal Ball of String?

Einstein’s general theory of relativity and quantum mechanics each failed to avoid absurd math infinities in their calculations at either the very small or very large level of the universe respectively, it has been written. String theory and M-Theory have worked to move the infinities into other dimensions, creating more realms to put math paradigms to explain the problematical. Is that valid?

Scientific theories function beyond a realm of pure logic and are united with testable hypotheses and verification in the ‘real’ world. Unfortunately that means that reason will always perhaps be partnered with the unreasonable and inanimate matter/energy/monads of the given ‘material’ universe of which human beings are a part in that ‘unified’ field continuum.

Some scientists are moving away from field theories. Einstein is reported to have said on the last day of his life that he would not be surprised if the entire field theory approach to cosmology was incorrect (or perhaps superficial in the way that Newton’s Theory was ‘superficial’ in relation to the general theory.Plans do exist to test elements of string and extra 4 dimensional theories, specifically with a search for gravity working in an extra dimension at near or less than the Planck length, in which it would diminish at the cube root instead of the square root at short distance, and would be more powerful…that or perhaps a universe with fewer dimensions (just 2 of space and one of time) could account for inconsistencies with the arrangement of mass and energy in space.

It is believed that with Higgs Field inflation the early universe expanded at superluminal speed (faster than light) for 10-35 second expanding orders of magnitude. That law violation is needed to make the math add up too.One will always have difficulty in making a valid cosmology theory get beyond Cantor’s set postulate that a universal set cannot include itself in the set and be valid. One must rely on the Spirit instead, and trust God no matter what way time was set to run, or to become put together as an aggregate reflected in the present appearance of the cosmos.