VP ‘Che’ ney Shoots Lawyer on Dove Hunt Through Texas Bush

Vice President Cheney’s shotgun error on the dove hunt through the Texas bush that resulted in the pelleting of a lawyer reminds of the need for safe weapons protocol when pursuing dinner. One should never shoot at any object without a clear field of fire and a clear background into which stray bullets or pelets may go. If the blasted lawyer was trying to drive up some doves for the Vice President to kill through a pincer’s movment, or any just walking up behind the Vice President trying to keep up with the torrid pace of the hunter in the field, safe weapons protocol would have the Vice President not shooting until the covey of birds had risen well above the bush before squeezing the trigger.

Politics is a tough sport. Like baseball spitters have been outlawed (foreign campaign contributions) and player batting averages have gone up correspondingly in other areas such as pac money and lobbying paybacks. One wonders what Babe Ruth might have acomplished in an era with modern sports medicine, steroids and the absence of spitballs. If spitballs are legalized next year, will Barry Bond’s batting average drop to that of Willy McCovey’s in his declining years without steroid enhancement with the creme and the clear?

When the Vice President heard the news at the state of the union address that Mr. Bush was alocating extra funds for research and potential development of fossil fuels, did it throough off the Vice President for Oil’s timing and subtily find an outlet in a psychological transference to blast the lawyer in the bush in a reflexive primitive way to apprehend the object of political desire? The answer may be probably not, yet raving radio people and enterprising comedians can pursue the topic anyway if it isn’t old news by tommorrow night. The radio guy Sigmund Freud Laurantine Brothers might provide insights on the Vp’s political psychology. I wish the wounded Texas lawyer a speedy recover, a better luck in selecting hunting buddies in the future. I hope President Bush sends his brother in Florida a zoning incentive plan to install solar panels on Floridian rooves for use when hurricane’s knock out power suppplies and the urgent plea for federal disaster relief and ice goes out again.