Shannon Entropy and Eternal Recurrences

In addition to mass-energy flowing from a pre-big bang Universe bottleneck, there was information regarding it’s structure. I don’t want to get too detailed here. I have several disparate ideas from many sources that perhaps could go into another context. Yet what I would like to point out is that the information of where and what everything in the Universe is, was and will be out lasts the physical forms of the Universe. Matter-energy created before the beginning has temporal shappes and forms in the expansion of space and time that is the Universe. Obviously it started perfectly ordered in accord with the initial information array it had. From most concentrated size and highest order it expanded outward toward a low energy-mass high entropy destiny. Along the way it has had a variety of forms or configurations including us humans. No mass-or energy is really destroyed it just changes form. That principle of the conservation of mass applies to information as well. For even the quarks comprising our minds are accounted for in the history, past and present of this Universe.

Without requisite of being a Nietzschian, we can yet see that the information given in the beginning could be replayed to make a Universe recur forever. It is equally as likely or even more that such a Universe was provided with the initial information of structure enacted through the mass-energy of the expansion of the Universe at the beginning. If the information is conserved as Stephen Hawking seemed to defend regarding the subject of the destruction of information at black holes that virtual particle leakage would in some way conserve information as well–then the information of the creation of Universe A will have lasting value. We don’t want to simply be fizzles in our existence, but the best we can be I would think.

What matters, or what is more than matter, is structuring the world into an ecological economic Utopia with respect by all for Jesus Christ. Those are simple goals to go for while alive.