Future of Iraq & Afghanistan With Pres Obama’s Deceptions and Democratic Party Corruption

As a candidate President Obama called for the immediate closure of the Guantanamo Bay detention facility. As the President Obama has left the facility open approaching two years.

As a candidate Obama said on Iraq that it was a dangerous distraction. As a President Obama has generally continued policy of former President G.W. Bush in Iraq while escalating the costs of an Afghanistan engagement perhaps less well tough out than President Bush’s war policy for Iraq regarding the aftermath and consequences. The policies are equally unrealistic


President Obama’s anemic economic policy has been that of an innocent misled by Larry Summers and Fed Chair Bernancke to enrich the rich and swell globalist harvesting of the economic prospects of the poor and middle class of the United States while cutting the national moon material development Orion program and reinforcing illegal alien rights to exist as ciphers taking laboring and other jobs from Americans.

This September if such a high unemployment economy millions of Americans would migrate south to look for work in Arizona, Texas and other sun belt state is it wasn’t already flooded with millions of illegal Mexican workers that will work for a third of minimum wage. That means the normal relief valve to reduce unemployed northerners is gone, and the President spends 33 billion on extended unemployment benefits—that is several times more than the minimum 4.3 billion dollar Orion project funding.

The President lacks common sense in economic regarding macro-economic allocation of economic resources legitimately within the presidential right to pervert or prosper.

The President has set up several long-term disaster policies domestically and abroad. The United States should cancel the troop spending splurge surge and reinforce the reserves and Guard at home including along the Mexican border building berms and illegal immigration obstacles better than flimsy fencing.

NPR today ran a story on the Outlaws motorcycle gang and how federal law enforcement has sent several infiltrators into the gang operating near the nation’s capitol disturbing bureaucrats. Fully funding D.C. area scofflaw gangs while denying Arizona law officials the opportunity to even ask for I.D. checks on suspicious persons locally is typical Obama elitist wealth Harvard class corruption of national interests.

This fall very likely a Republican majority will return to Congress since the President has not cut out the war spending (with the cost of the surge troops at a million dollars apiece for a year against the $1.98 Taliban terrorists) that has enriched a constellation of corrupt corporate contractors. In 2012 the nation will vote out of office the present war mongering, deceiving former candidate working to make the southwest safe for illegal alien workers and inhospitable for Americans. That means that the present emergency spending as you go forever panic by the corrupt Harvard-World Trade Towers class in government will continue another six years most likely, as the Republican Government will seek to cut the ‘fat’ out of government spending by eliminating money going to broke and poor people in the U.S.A. while increasing funding of foreign nation building fiascoes that profit the Halliburton-Brown and Roots corporations of the world, Dubai or wherever.

The future of Iraq and Afghanistan policy will likely be to work with an emergent dictator acceptable to the United States Harvard class of business globalists. Because we have not supported a democratic Iraq or Afghanistan with land redistribution to all citizens, nor distribution of ownership of mineral resources to all citizens in equal tradable shares, the inevitable default will be that corrupt elites and corrupt governments control the mineral wealth, land and political power against which the people will revolt and support terrorism and dictators as best they can while saluting the rich Americans as they must on occasion do for pragmatic reasons.

The reason Taliban like neo-theocratic governments are popular in replacing corrupt dictatorships is that they are not dictatorships and work with many spiritually minded revolutionaries who owned few resources previously able to step in from a populist base to rule. The socio-economic factors that make a consensus multi-leader theocratic revolutionary organization a natural selection for a form of government in some Muslim nations will persist even after the United States has spent its proverbial cash turmoiling in deserts low and high reducing conflict for a time. With such pervasive poverty and political differences in each region the U.S. is wasting money in, the prospects for making them suitable for reaching an EC kind of economic and political stability right away are slim to none. The policy in DC is simply the wrong one in the case of Iraq and Afghanistan, yet the corrupt nature of the U.S. Government, media and corporatist influence not to mention the Democratic Party today makes the future of the United States economy and foreign policy far less than optimal.