Romney’s Best VP Picks: Rice & Ryan

Mitt Romney has the opportunity in the next two weeks before the Republican Convention to select the next Vice President of the United States if the voters approve. Former Sect. of State Condi Rice and Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan are the two best choices, and they are good ones.
Each prospect is articulate, intelligent and will take public stands on principle. Condi Rice has a rated IQ of 165 and will probably put up an intelligent idea or two for the benefit of the nation over a four year period of time. With the weight off her shoulders of being down in the Bush I hierarchy without much opportunity to creatively express herself the liberation of the Vice Presidential office may let her think outside the box and get a few ideas through to improve American prospects for full employment, no public debt and a recovering ecosphere.
Paul Ryan being from Wisconsin naturally encounters the same leftist stimulation that drives people to take an opposite view. The late Senator Joe McCarthy was from that state too and it drove him over the edge seeing communists in every closet. Representative Ryan is merely challenged to develop national budget balancing straitway and that is good. While a lot of ox’s get gored in the process with intelligent leadership the pork can be cut out from redundant entitlements instead of the vulnerable being tossed under the wheels