Media Lynch Mob Exacted Corporate Power Over Donald Sterling

If Donald Sterling isn’ racist the quick summary judgment and pulling of the trigger on L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling is a remarkable example of corporatism executing thought and speech control, political correctness and so forth. Mussolini actually invented corporatism and Adolph Hitler used it in developing NAZI Germany, yet George Orwell best described the matured corporatist or communist state in his novel 1984.

Corporate control of the broadcast media made the sports networks a lynch mob of the Clipper’s billionaire owner. While one shouldn’t be synthetic with the inadequately taxed billionaire class neither should Americans that value free speech be unconcerned about the illegal surveillance of what they say in private and the way it’s interpreted by the broadcast media after two or three seconds of analysis.

Sterling’s former employee or girlfriend has said that he is not racist. The administration and broadcast media have an Al Sharpton approach to issues seeking an opportunity to profit from anything that might be useful for racial populism. The better approach would be to raise taxes on billionaires to 60% and increase earned income credits for the poor. The broadcast media wavelengths should be given over by act of Congress to ordinary citizen podcast rebroadcast use locally and not be a toy for the rich to control and dumb down the masses.

The U.S.A. Today is one of a number of media outlets that are working a this is your life racist job on Donald Sterling.  They ran an article with a story of how a Clippers basketball player who is white encountered racism. It is sort of a mystery though what exactly the racism described is; to much pay for white players that don’t necessarily play so well perhaps being over rated, or not enough pay or what. Maybe the implication is that Sterling like Isaah Thomas who believes Larry Bird was overrated and was the equal of an ordinary black player considers white players as having an inherent advantage of being over-rated.

J.J.Redick is quoted as saying he isn’t even conscious of basketball players being black or Mexican (Do the Clippers have Mexican players?). He may have a call awaiting him to the ministry after his playing days are over if so, yet with a $27 million dollar contract the color of money may be what he sees in team mates that play the game well. Even so better stories about racism need to appear if someone is to be seriously financially harmed and given such arbitrary punishment. Of course the corporate world has a different, higher standard of ethics than mere ordinary people. They are just not free to talk about  anything  that might be politically incorrect.

It is remarkable that political correctness rises to make puerile claims about character and the perfect lambs within lions mind set of the present generation of basketball players. If J.J. Redick is colorblind towards male players maybe that’s sexist. It is improbable that he didn’t notice the race of women he dated. 

I am a little skeptical about the lambiness of minorities playing basketball. That seems a convenient tactic to take until they become a majority before they drop the boom and become ‘a black league’ as Charles Barkley described the N.B.A. I recall travelling to San Francisco and promptly getting arrested and held in the San Francisco juvenile detention facility when 16. When playing basketball I was one of only two white guys in the game. The blacks exercised ball control and I just never got an opportunity to shoot. Basketball seemed inherently a gang sport.

All the b.s. about race is no substitute for competent politics, full employment, recovery of the ecosphere and less of a gap between rich and poor.