Alien Advanceremt Decree From Legislator-in-Chief Yobama

President Yobama growing tired of Republicans and unhappy with sweeping republicans victories in the recent congressional elections decided to rewrite U.S. immigration and decide for-himself who may be in the United States or be deported. As a lawyer able to decide what the meaning of is is better than Congress the President found adequate litigious loopholes in legal authorization to effectively make laws temporarily without the excess drag of Congressional opinion slowing him down.

President Yobama as a graduate of the Harvard School of Advanced Theoretical Political Philosophy (aka. Law) as start tested the waters with a North American Free Illegal Alien Act that when signed into law or shouted out by decree would let U.S. citizens illegally Migrate to Mexico and eventually have a pathway to dual citizenship following the Mexican top-court’s decree that homosexuals can marry and thus produce fruits of social improveremt.

For those without depth in reading the historical setting for Democracy I shall provide a refresher now. The tripartite government was made in order that one branch of government would not evolve dictatorial power. The Congress would make laws and the Chief Executive would faithfully execute those laws as close as possible to the will and intent of the lawmakers. The Judicial branch would decide if the laws were in conflict with the constitution and were thus illegal.

President Yobama has discovered or perhaps to use an Al Gorithm, invented a better and more efficient political method whereby the he decides by-himself what is lawful left and proper, makes laws and enforces them to rule by decree. The Congress thus has more time to campaign and make silly partisan speeches while the Chief Justice is free to spend more time nurturing Wall Street globalist stock portfolia.