Wing-speed (a poem) written by Gary C. Gibson

Through the skies of worlds where

quiet dawns slip into becoming now thrice daily

with swans and civil ponds like marshes

of memories set like cattail compilation digital devices

she runs as if with a measured wing-speed

illuminating geodesic lines of general relativity

warped sectors of time

compounded puns of misunderstood triurnal fluxes

welding wherewithal pieces of light metal fuse structures

quicker than horizons bringing wet forms of hydroxed scenes

Chips of sounds in her alpha pocket

reminding of homes built with micro-crawling mineral bugs

climbing into special lofts with swarms from a bag

-energy absorbing arete prominences on Gaudi’s cathedrals

replicated like fractaled social compartments

locking arms to freeze images they have seen in a buggish way

as little mindless duty robots by the millions

merge into a temporary forever

with three suns overhead

Capturing the gravity of trinary stars with a field generator

bending electrical power through superconducting loops

a day between the stars has a temporal forever

sending the particle beam jet as a wired instantsructure

carrying her solid transports over light years to Earth.