Collusion of Synthawhim

©2018 Garrison Clifford Gibson McConnell Boil and Nancy Twang wallowing in a standing wave of collusion ruled Synthawhim’s vast underwater … More

On Bio-Morphology (fiction)

©2018 Garrison Clifford Gibson Generations ago our medical and scientific technologies advanced to a more complete understanding of the human … More

Internet Poles

While researching how the nation can replace fossil fuel burners of people idling suvs in parking lots using the Internet … More

Corporatism and Government Fronts

Capitalism unchecked evolves to monopoly. Capital is abstract value and competition for capital concentrates capital. Sympathetic wealthy corporatists desire power … More

After Darwinian; the Deluge

Philosophy changed after Darwin published his book on evolution named On the Origin of Species. Wegener’s discovery of plate tectonics and … More

Nuclear reactors release energy when U-235 undergoes fission. Apparently that’s a reasonably simple process. Usually water is used to dampen … More