Nietzsche Wasn’t Right- Ideology isn’t a Substitute for Religion

Good ideas exist in-themselves after they are made and used by others. Formalizing ideas and using them politically instead of thinking for-oneself is a problem of course. Today a generality for political platforms is that they elect inertially normal social symbols that cannot reform social structure or economics as required externally for-itself.

Nietzche was wrong about a lot of things. Only one guy attended his college philology lectures- a janitor at the school. He regard the people as unthinking ants following customs in the village globally while he probably saw himself as Zarathustra living on a hill looking down upon the comedy-tragedy, metaphorically speaking.

Is political ideology the same as or a replacement for religious and theological belief? The answer to that is of course no. Political affiliation has no potential for providing salvation unto eternal life through the Lord Jesus Christ.

Can prople that just pretend to be religious with an imitation of Christianity behave empirically in some way as comfortable Democrat Party cadre if they jump ship because they believe Christian association isn’t socially as valuable in the present godless, mindless epoch? of course.

Sociological behavior is different than what ideas are. Organizational structures may have similarities yet with different intellectual content or the lack of it. It depends how one is viewing human behavior; as an atheist and empirical scientific behaviorist, as a theolgican with true faith, as a social self-promoting opportunist etc. and so forth.

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