Pluto Might Opt Out of Being Reclassified to Planet Status

I asked someone with knowledge of planetary psychology what they thought about the Pluto issue;

“Scientists are again agitating to name Pluto a planet. After being kicked out of the planet league I am fairly sure that if one were to ask a spokesman for Pluto she would disavow any interest in being associated with other solar system objects given Planet status as if it were some kind of harem.

What use is it being associated with gassy giants like Neptune and Saturn if you are a solid icy orb at the edge of the Kuiper Belt minding your own business? Scientists look with lust toward orbs they can call planets. Pluto probably would not like being thought of as an object for cold-hearted predators to land


Image credit: NASA – J.P.L

on and use. Very likely Pluto would tell Earth scientists to keep their planet label for some sexy planet x that might be very distant yet very large and that might enjoy being pawed over for a while as some sort of novel experience.

Once cast aside as a planet, one cannot expect to just take back the spurned object as if it were waiting for the call. It is lucky that for the present, Pluto can’t say a word about it.”