Appearance of Windows 10, i core Gen 9 Collusion

Upgrade and security support for Windows 7 (except for business if they pay for extended support available three more years) ends in January 2020. Microsoft could sell or contract out Windows 7 to people that would upgrade it and provide security patches indefinitely. Of course they don’t want to compete against themselves. Windows 10 doesn’t easily allow dual booting an open source operating system; one needs to go through bios to set it to legacy systems, and then Windows 10 isn’t available; it’s either/or.

Open source operating systems are actually better than Windows i.m.o., without the invasive ads and requirements for security scans and updating with the computer off. Debian, Ubuntu and Mint work quite well and are free. People became reliant on windows when it was about the sole system after it killed off Navigator. One can keep Windows 7 and dual or triple boot it with Mint and Ubuntu and just use windows 7 off line in order to use MSoffice 2010 and MSword.

Corporate collusion to force consumers to buy new computers and operating systems has most intel icore gen 6, 7 and 8 cpu chips soldered to the motherboard and difficult to upgrade. Sockets were changed after gen 5 Broadwell architecture and after Skylake, Kaby lake and Coffee lake the sockets for the cpu changed again, so one can’t put a gen 9 or 10 cpu into prior computer sockets. Lenovo computers aren’t bad, yet one can’t buy a three year old model and put a gen 9 cpu in it. Even the communists are gouging consumers.

Major computer manufactures should at least sell computers without an installed OS for $150 less without Windows 10. Free operating systems are easy to install. Many Windows users don’t know how easy.