Potholes and Tents (poem)

Lighter than air the sea runs green
rivers of sky substances of dream
each ribbon of time woven round a world
is hurled blent to the ground

  Rainfalls bright upon the Earth
cascades light with easy mirth
spring follows night of winter days
to raise up life not sin

With comedy per king days spent roll on
pawns shrug off potholes, tents
to importunate songs far right
so new horizons near sight.

Account Somme (poem)

Somber colors of the fall                                       
light and shadows stretch out tall
cold is later like a call each could own
unknown future sets down sprawls

Shining surface of the sea
never was ever to be
reflections rise over quark trees in time
designs show more ordered keys

Wars and rumors of war fuel greed’s line
ice and paper electron trails tryme
waveform politics; not much was learned
fit pests plowed mass chaos fine

Ordered chaos, churning loam
peace is made with blood red foam
book of life, weighty tome, sans hoar frost
froth tossed due account Somme.

Natoia Advances on Oceana Sector 2084 (Official news bureau)

 A chalk of Oceana AVN stealth attack helicopters violated control space last night each launching several drone fighters allowing penetration of Chzekv City defenses. A dozen helicopters controlling 120 drones destroyed east sector air defenses, dropped a company of fleka force operators on the city gaol and exfiltrated seven convicted Oceana lawyers. A half dozen AVNs were destroyed by late arriving counter-attacking drone clouds yet none of the downed aircraft had lawyers aboard.

Progress has been made on the westernmost flank of Oceana with hiclone weather missiles and Bi-mars land crawlers overtaking resisting forces of the 10th Division of the 3rd Armored peace corps. Bridges into Oceana’s westernmost province of Criminalknea were converted to superconducting lines empowering land crawler advances east. Natoian spakesperdot Lance Speaks said the Ministry of Truth had invoked the Clinton Doctrine to downsize foes that let down their guard to establish peace. Tao Jones Industrials rose 5% on the news.

Lance Speaks further disclosed the capture of former Russian leader of aggression against Natoia Vladimir Putin. The fugitive was forced from his underground lair in the Swiss Alps were he had been receiving life extension treatments until his funding withered away under extreme sanctions that cut off treatment payments. He was said to have popped up like a bourgeoning zit into the arms of Ministry of Truth security forces. He was taken to an undisclosed location for rat- in-a-cage-over-the-head interrogation.

In other news, Homeland Natoia security forces arrested a ring of conspirators disseminating anti-Homeland political opinions. Leaders of the conspiracy confessed they tweeted that Democrat lawyer Presidents thought Russia had tried to restore the old Soviet Union. They further confessed tweeting that Putin had tried to restore the old Russia before the Soviet takeover that acted as a fence for stolen Russian land when Clintonistas allocated Ukraine to N.A.T.O.

The conspirators claimed that President Clinton had N.A.T.O. forces ready to roll into Moscow during the vaccum of Russian military power during transition from the Soviet Union to Russia. Russia bared its throat to the west so the west took a good bite of it.

The lead prosecutor said the conspirators would be charged with making political opinions antipathetic to principles of democracy because the opinions differed from that of ruling Natoia Ministry of Truth doctrine . The Ministry of Truth is the sole authority on democracy and political opinions.

U.N. Security Council is N.A.T.O. vs. China & Russia (plus Sartre)

The U.N. Security Council isn’t terribly democratic. It is weighted toward Europe and the U.S.A. Shouldn’t it have a representative composition of the people of the world? Wouldn’t Chile, India and Egypt better reflect opinion from the majority populous of the world rather than exclusively those with nukes and high tech military? Isn’t the opinion of the world’s poor majority important too? The Security Council has three N.A.T.O. members plus China and Russia as permanent members; so it is easy for the Council to churn out pro-N.A.T.O. propaganda. Can a N.A.T.O. vs. Russia and China council secure peace when the members are belligerants? The lesson to learn may be that getting more nuclear weapons is the way to get a permanent seat on the council. Perhaps North Korea, Iran, Pakistan and India belong there as much as Britain and France, or will. When they have enough nukes if that’s what counts.

The armistice ending the First World War gave unfavorable terms to Germany. The Allies had a great military and economic advantage and used it to lever concessions. Historians have remarked that the terms that ended W.W.1. were a large part of the cause for the Second World War. Germany sought to recover its lost lands (including Ruhr Valley land) and more. A generation interval between the first and second World Wars passed as did a generation pass before the unfavorable terms given to Russia at the conclusion of the Cold War led to the start of the Russian war on Ukraine to recover lost land. President Clinton leading an asymmetrically militarily advantaged west firmed up the downsizing omentance parameters for making nations out of the evil empire.

The lesson learned by the greatest generation that giving good terms to the defeated was lost by boomer leadership. If the Security Council wasn’t sometimes a mouthpiece for rich western nations maybe the prospects for the development of World War Three presently would not be so great. It may not be that Democrats made vast left-wing conspiracies great again; it could be deep blundering ignorance of history (except for carpet bagging) and precedence that brought crap policy to the top of the party tank recurrently to overflow boundaries of good sense. Socialist-corporatists of left Eurasia versus capitalistic nationalists on the right may stike enough sparks to ignite unprecedented conflict scaled up substantially from the war that left 60 million people dead.

A Muslim nation that is also African, like Egypt ,would be useful addition to the security council to express opinion of a substantial portion of the world’s people. These days the word democracy is bandied about by rich nations as if plutocracy wasn’t equally descriptive of their govertnment form with wealth being concentrated in the U.S.A. equaling that of the gilded age. The economic ideas of rich nations tend to reflect 18th century Adam Smith capitalism -ideas that have been adapted to preclude elimination of poverty through a though rich nations can easily afford it. Democracy has been made to mean that it cannot eliminate poverty without being socialist, and that is a condemning fiction the U.N. ought not acquiesse in.

Authoritarianism arises when any sort of powerful insider group represses a majority or even significant minority of the population economically and for limits free expression of political speech. Authoritarianism can exist within democracy, socialism, communism, fascism, monarchy etc. as it identifies people to be repressed by overt, covert, official and unofficial social and political power. Banning representation of the majority of world population from membership on the U.N. Security council is repressive. It is an example of the rule of force held over from colonial era mentalities regarding non-whites being below the capacity of whites for civil governance.

In Being and Nothingness Jean Paul Sartre remarked that the fundamental relation of the listener to radio broadcasts is impotence. Listeners are mute receivers of propaganda and political spin of the rich and empowered. Internet blogging and print-on-demand publishing are free for all the people and not exclusive like broadcasting( social media search engine listings are indirectly manipulated to censor select writers unfortunately).

The U.N. Security Council should have proportional representation of the world population so billions of the people of the planet aren’t in effect mute listeners of propaganda and political narratives of the rich with powerful technological tools. Radio broadcasts are no longer as powerful as they were at shaping human politics. Blogging has cut down the height of the stilts, however radio continues to be like networked sniper towers of Nazis targeting p.o.w.s with different political opinions and ideas for economic competition. The Security Council shouldn’t remain a broadcast sniper tower for the rich minority to the poor majority of the planet to reinforce their decisions about what wars are right or wriong. Maybe the poor if on the security council would have condemned U.S. and N.A.T.O. financing of the Ukraine war- we shall never know…of course the rich could bribe the poor to vote their way- it’s happened before in similar circumstances.

Much of human social interaction stems from first-person point-of-view dialectics. Jean Paul Sartre recognized the phenomenon and implicitly developed its themes in the expositions Being and Nothingness and The Critique of Dialectical Reason. The philosopher described various relations of point of view an individual may have toward himself, toward others and collectively; sharing the point of view or perspective in common with others. Familiar terms from Sartre’s development like being-for-oneself, being-for-others and being-in-itself arise in Being and Nothingness with the perspectives elaborated in the context of society in his next tome The Critique of Dialectical Reason.

Authorities, the broadcast media and individuals including yet not limited to government are on occasion like the parable of blind men and the elephant; they work with a world view of praxis in group and collective behavior. Instead of perceiving the elephant they manufacture it each with their own contribution to its being-in-time as praxis.

Wars are the product of praxis and various decisions. Economics and war are live human praxis, serialized praxis and ossified praxis combined. Existing physical infrastructure is ossified praxis. Monarchs and other elites have on occasion had the power to manufacture praxis for others. They would have options for seeking good-for-others or bad-for-others and of course good-for-themself or bad-for-themself in various proportions with the former options.

Individuals may be observers of others without the intention to affect others. Observation and self-awareness are primary perspectives. Collective perspectives can be common political narratives evolving like whale song over great distances pr nearby. Politicians sometimes have the opportunity to not buy in to a prevailing narrative praxis that has become serialized praxis. They can demure and select actions-for-others based on the benefit to themselves for increasing power for themselves or preferred groups. Wars are encouraged and reinforced rather than peace because peace is not valued as highly as successful war. Use-truth group perspectives tend to be biased in favor of preferred-narrative praxis. Consequences of failing to achieve goals are downplayed or set aside.

I am pro-American rather than pro-Russian or pro-Ukrainian. I have no idea why Democrats lined up so solidly behind Ukraine against Russian interests. Perhaps they hold Russians accountable for Soviet communism. Lenin wasn’t entirely an ethnic Russian, Trotsky was a Jew named Leon Bronstein and Stalin was Georgian. Most Russians were serfs that had communism forced upon them from above. It might have seemed preferable to being a serf. Maybe American blacks would have initially welcomed communism if it had freed them from slavery before the Civil War. Lenin turned toward mixed economic with a policy allowing modest free enterprise before he had three strokes and died in his unfinished career. Stalin cancelled that.

U.S. interests would have been far better served with Russia as a strong economic partner sharing global security with Europe and other nations. Planetary ecological priorities and a reduction of terrorism could have developed. As it stands I have no idea what rational or irrational end game strategy Democrats have concerning Russia and Ukraine. Maybe they see nothing more than winning the war for Ukraine with copious free finance flowing and absolute sanctions on Russia. That may not be realistic. The paradigm is of limited scope with blinders on.

Russia has many options and opportunities as an adversary to bring substantial non-nuclear harm to U.S. interests. President Putin is not the leader of Al Qaeda or Isis yet he could facilitate those and sundry organizations with material, financial and logistics support. President Putin can allow Muslim extremists free sanctuaries for training, he could trade nuclear weapons to Iran for various forms of war help. I have no idea was his strategy is, yet it will be a minor miracle if no direct harm through cut outs occurs in the U.S.A. One recalls the Czarnaev affair in Boston and the Las Vegas massacre and wonders how difficult it would be with the insecure U.S. borders for well trained hirelings to enter the nation and wreak havoc on U.S. economic infrastructure. Maybe Democrats are counting on regime change in Russia to finish their work, and they expect Joe Biden or Kamala Harris to get that done eventually.

An end game strategy for normalizing global political relations would now seem to stretch out over the horizon to twenty years at a time when critical economic and environmental changes and improvements should proceed that won’t in a divided world. In S.E. Alaska there were no freezing days this year. October is forecast to have just two at the end of the month, at night. The water temperature was 57 degrees. Tropical is 80 farhenheit isn’t it?

If the war progressed to Democrat satisfaction Russia would retreat to 1991 borders of the former Soviet Union and Putin would be charged with top leadership with war crimes. Presumably sanctions and hostility would continue until Mr. Putin was removed to the Hague. However the scenario seems improbable; Russia isn’t Serbia and Mr. Putin likely will let conservative Russian nationalists follow him when he leaves office- hence he may be secure twenty years or more in Russia and not evolve into a situation like Kurt Honecker’s fate at the end of the Cold War. Special forces probably won’t be able to fly in and arrest Mr. Putin in five years without very serious consequences.

Russia and China could cooperate more and corner the East Asian market thanks to western tutelage of China in business and manufacture. Russians aren’t slouches at science and weapons development; working with China and half time Indian partners in economics a major realignment could transpire unfavorable to western economic and environmental interests. The future is now murky,and convoluted. It is challenging to extrapolate scenarios for resolution of the conflict that have stability. Finding new policy determinations are equally challenging as Democrat policy has made sow’s ears of silk purses.

I believe it is important to have a balanced political perspective in the United nations if it is to exist. There should be proportionate political representation of world population on the security council instead of being a mouthpiece for N.A.T.O. members U.S.A. Britain and France if it is to reflect actual values of democracy or world population.

Drench Rain

Being for others
all have their druthers
deep under cover
drench rain worse

Being in itself
sustain ideal wealth
with peace and good health
reflect one verse

For all have a pen
love and hate to send
time does make amend
of rents in space

Electron snowfall
narratives lent trawl
wine bladders of Gaul
benthic mud place.

Ozone Depletion (poem)

War and peace are thought
each days end is fraught
with things power’s taught
human life is bought
for a dark blend

When the time is right
ways merge into night
prospects few in sight
democracies’ fight
structured ends.

No ozone to grow green
bare worlds of dead genes
lack cosmic ray screens
death ending built dreams
shape more new lights

original picks
roiling and homesick
for social swift kicks
worlds beyond plight.

Banning Select Library and School Books

For years conservatives have commented about left leaning social media censoring social media sites through a variety of ad hoc means. Outright deleting user accounts and burying politically antipathetic sites in search engine listings are just two of the methods commonly used. Thus it is somewhat amusing to learn of the left bellyaching about local libraries and schools banning some left-leaning books generally concerning perverted sex.

A healthy democracy is a comparatively short-lived thing. Aristotle believed democracies break down into tyranny. The Roman Empire experienced sexual licentiousness in the Cult of Bacchus and banned it. Sexual depravity commonly accompanies the downfall of civilizations. Leaders such as Nero were not only lunatics that believed themselves God, they also pursued sex and depraved interests and neglected sober, rational attention to management of public affairs. A common cause for the downfall of democracy is a surfeit of licentiousness, swinish behavior, irrational disregard for stable, solid and right balances in public affairs and pervasive social corruption.

In my opinion children age 12 and under should be free of homosexual literature seeking to brainwash kids early. Children should be allowed to be innocent and sex-free or simply natural so far as possible before puberty. I believe it wrong to dump homosexual literature upon children at middle school and junior high as well. Opportunists will manufacture an industry of literature extolling the values of perverted sex for children and teenagers if they can make a profit on it. It seems better for minors without the capacity for paying for marriage to stay out of sex activity as best they can, or to proceed carefully, for life-course altering consequences are better set aside for adulthood.

The internet and television are littered with sex and scantily dressed people in the U.S.A. Some children use language lexicons with sex innuendo inherited from their parent’s speech content. In my opinion that reflects more of a decadent society than one flourishing. Maybe thirty trillion dollars of pubic debt isn’t decadent, yet classically it seems consistent with decay. U.S. leadership funds foreign wars that result in millions of casualties and hundreds of thousands of deaths (e.g. Vietnam. Syria, Libya and Ukraine) and fails to pursue avenues of peaceful coexistence as a preferred alternative. Decadent societies run up vast debts and engage in a continuum of foreign wars sometimes with their populous divided over intractable social differences of opinion.

Good judgment in politics prioritizes pursuit of socially beneficial practices, encourages and supports individual independence and so forth. Practically speaking adult sections might have some literature like the book “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sex but Were Afraid to Ask” that parents could check out for their teen age children if they like, yet I see no reason at all to assault children with literature bring sex topics to impressionable youth. Youth shouldn’t have adult issues dumped on them for no good reason.

Democrat’s War Funding is Consistent with History of Escalation

The Democratic party of the United States became the face of war through other means (foreign persons) with force it’s usual way of conducting business. They do not at all believe in Democracy through the marketplace of ideas- they censor that so far as possible via corporate partners and limit free expression to their own ideas declaring everything else hateful. Democrats are ad hoc partners in corporatocracy with Wall Street , providing Wall Street leadership with wrong, dysfunctional directions they invest in. Democrats have learned that political force and litigation are a preferred methods to consolidate political power. The war in Ukraine is a case in point. Democrats have consistently escalated hostile relations with Russia since Bill Clinton took office. President Biden has as well; it is plain that his son was on the pay of a Ukrainian corporation. Who knows what other dark pool contributions made its way to partisan politicians. Plutocrats may lust for more Russian natural resources. Democrats have an attitude toward Russia of “you blinkity blank # x’s; heel!” and expect to force their culture on the world.

Reasonably well informed people would have known that with the disintegration of the Soviet Union Russia would emerge as the primary power and that it would expect its borders to be those that existed before the Lenin-Kaiser-Hitler-Clinton affects starting with the first world war. Historically literate people would have known that Russia’s borders in 1913 would be expected and fought for when enough time has passed for Russia to emerge from the dark shadow of the former Soviet Union. Yeltsin probably perceived that with the disintegration of the Soviet Union they were completely vulnerable to the N.A.T.O. forces that were then at the height of readiness for war. In a concession to the real politic absolute power advantage of the west at that moment in moment in time Yeltsin was compelled to kick the can down the road and let the west have its advantage with Ukraine. He selected Vladimir Putin to lead the New Russia and then died.

It may be that President Clinton saw the writing on the wall regarding the future of geopolitics. Maybe he realized that the United States and N.A.T.O. were the most violent and dominant power present on the planet for the moment and just decided to have everything his way for advantage west. To have a global edge on violence is nearly equal to having the power to rule the economy of the world. Maybe that explains why the Democrat party has been so forceful politically the past decade moving consistently toward one-party rule via lawyers; Perhaps they understood that Russia would be further diminished possibly through war, and then China isolated enough from the west to bring it to kow tow to Wall Street and the will of the Democrat Party politically. So the course of events of the Ukraine War may be logical enough, although there is a possibility that the use of political and military force may not deliver exactly the world the Democrat Party seeks. The Universal phase of a civilization (or the United States) tends to arrive just before its fall, within Toynbean cycles of history paradigmata. I wonder if that is what is developing, and if some restraint in political and military force could delay the decline for some indefinite period of time.

In a real sense the Democrat Party of the United States is responsible for the Russian invasion of Ukraine and all of the horrors of war that followed. The Democrat Party has been a prime weapons supplier to Ukraine for a decade in the effort to reinforce the Clinton-Majors-Yeltsin allocation of Russian real estate to the western allied government of Ukraine. They have never had the slightest intention of ceding any part of the New Ukraine to the New Russia causing the present conflict. Democrats blame Russia and Putin especially for the war with the implicit premise that they should never had tried to retake Russian land taken by Germans, P.M. Major and President Clinton for the west.

The war for Democrats and the media is business as usual snafu. Blaming Russia in the wealth owned broadcast media is normal. With the great power advantage of the west militarily and financially Democrats are confident that Ukraine will win what will be an historical dust-up and western investors and queer marriage will move the line of scrimmage farther east. That is bad business even so for it is use-truth that further divorces fact from truth in preference for fiction. That is, the historical reality of the conflict is viewed through entirely partisan lenses that filter out any sort of facts that would support the narrative of the enemy.

The war has occurred at an especially inopportune moment in the midst of the Anthropocene mass extinction event, human over-population demographic challenges for the world political economy and atmospheric heating. The war is an evil aberration entertained by those unable to comprehend the problem of original sin that would let the collective political leadership of the planet make bad political choices without an awareness of the collateral damage they bring to human interests.

Bringing people to work cooperatively is immeasurably preferable and better than through force. An economically integrated Russia and Europe accomplished without force was immeasurably better than creating a divided and hostile world polity. President Clinton as the first of two subsequent Democrats President should have respected Russian sentiment and interests and compromised with Russia on the Crimea and land east of the Dnepr River.

Mass Shooters Prefer Visa and American Express?

Credit card companies VISA and American Express have decided to stigmatize gun purchases using their cards as potential mass shooters. I guess that is the political correct corporatist action to take that would be satisfying to Democrats interested in tracking Republicans. In my opinion though mass shooters probably don’t have good enough credit to carry VISA or American Express.

Economic justice precedes social justice. Social justice without economic equity is somewhat foppish. Those Americans that aren’t Christian and concerned with conduct on Earth consistent with God’s criteria for eternal life and don’t have VISA or AMEX may be the largest class of mass shooters; I cannot say.


Secular agnostics or atheists that feel they have been permanently marginalized as part of an economic caste system may choose to perpetrate mass shootings as a means of political dissent. Maybe they actually buy a banderillero and have VISA and AMEX cards in their holsters for purchase of dissenting tools like AK-47s and 10,000 rounds of ammunition so they can shoot up masses of humans once and disappear into the hereafter.

I wonder if anyone has statistically analyzed the political affiliation of the victims of mass shooters. Maybe they are mostly Democrat Party fellow travelers explaining why Democrats are so much against gun ownership in the U.S.A. Adolph Hitler was against gun ownership in Germany too as it allows political dissent to rise to actual violence. If Republicans were commonly the victims of mass shootings I doubt that Democrats would care. State monopoly of violence is the preferred civil mode for fascists and corporatists alike.

The worst mass shooting of all was the one in Las Vegas. Real conservatives might tend to eschew traveling there because of its reputation, or moniker,  as  Sin City (or is that Washington D.C.?). The victims of that event might have been leaned preponderantly to the Democrat side because they don’t tend to recognize sin anymore, instead looking to the new books of evolutionary biologists promoting godlessness. For Democrats harm is the only morally wrong thing and passing on the genes is the sole meaning of life besides happiness. For corporatists profit is happiness and harm is financial loss. Financial loss for-others may be what mass shooters are after in their final will to achieve economic equality testifying toward the basic inefficiency, inequality and corruption in the way things are.

There may be just two remedies that lead toward good ends. One is faith in God and the Lord Jesus Christ. The second is eliminating poverty with basic income and universal health care for the poor. A third item might be a Discover Card for every citizen and legal resident of the U.S.A.

The Moon Could be the next China (for cheap manufacturing)

Besides being a base for future missions to solar system planets the moon could be the next site for very low cost manufacturing of technology items for consumers. When the Artemis system finally gets people to work on the moon’s surface the logical step to continue the program’s development would be to make it a catalyst for private sector profit. The profit motive tends to be self-sustaining bring more investment with it. N.A.S.A. should form a think tank to determine what manufacturing opportunities could be made to exist at the international base.

Certainly chemical rockets aren’t the future of human space travel. They are more of a boot strapping pioneering technology that has continued too far, when electromagnetic mass drivers, large ion engine, nuclear powered in-space rockets, particle beam and laser propulsion should evolve through engineering development fort a variety of ways of moving about the solar system quickly.

The unique opportunities for manufacturing on the moon- compared to Earth, such as very low gravity, the absence of an atmosphere and raw materials make it an obvious location for producing computer chips I would guess. Deposition of materials for semi-conductors, super-conducting evolution and so forth could bring a renaissance to the post-industrial era over-reliance on fossil fuels bogging the nation down in superfluous wars that would be somewhat more modern paradigmaticly.

U.S. Foreign Policy may be the new face of fascism

Germany led the world in developing fascism and corporatism as two heads of the coin of government while ordinary people and democracy got the tails. Government may unite business leadership generally with itself and serve its policy advantages rather than those of the masses including middle and lower classes. It may develop a great military power with technology to implement its foreign policy objectives of conquest for its financial advantage even if it involves puppet government. The question I have is did the United States choose to become a modern fascist power with President Clinton taking all of Ukraine from Russia without compensation of any sort, when Russia was weak, or did it blunder in that policy direction when it appeared that Russia was incapable of resistance?



Original sin’s punishment or correction was for humanity to be thrown into thermodynamic physics with the animals where they sought like all living creatures to input energy for growth. The Democrat Party seems to personify the urge to expand through corporatism backed up with extreme scientific and technological violence rather than develop cooperatively with Russia and China to develop good economic prospects simultaneously with a shift toward sustainable ecological rational economic policies that gets the most possible from the world’s declining natural resources and increasing population.

It is possible I suppose that Americans are to stupid or ignorant to comprehend the danger of Democrat Party foreign policy to the United States and world since 1994. If they are too stupid that is almost worse than if they are simply wicked in this case; wickedness might be corrected or eliminated while stupid is as stupid does and that’s about it.

During President Clinton’s administration the movie Dumb and Dumber was a hit. The present policy of war and alienating half of the world seems a development of the spirit of the age of the Clinton era- the zeitgeist.

I surveyed some of the many video games that youth have played like Call of Duty, Battlefield and so forth. Those games are tools for indoctrination. They have made Russia an enemy for a decade and have them attacking New York or plotting to end life on Earth. Aliens named The Covenant are the opposition force for Space Marines. Americans have been stuffed with entertaining non-sense for quite some time so perhaps it is no wonder they so readily acquiesce in wars that create mass poverty, death, pollution and waste the potential for productivity in opportunity cost for hundreds of millions of people. Not only is the energy crisis detrimental to Europe and the U..S.- it was entirely avoidable. Food costs are sky high thanks to the administration’s decision to pursue and fund war in Ukraine instead of finding a peaceful settlement that both Ukrainians and Russians could live with.

The world ecosphere is overstressed. Ecologigists used to say that the world can only sustain life for two billion people as the resources are running down. That means that intelligent rather than stupid leadership need be elected nationally if quite of lot of potential suffering is to be de frapped, a priori. Media tend to support the universal corporate state and violence is regarded as just doing business- why worry? That paradigm falls below the level of intelligent political leadership quite substantially in my opinion.

Sect. Haaland Bans Offensive Place Names

The Sect. of the Interior’s plan to erase the names of lakes and other sites offensive or derogatory to Indian or aboriginal women is well intentioned yet also creates a concern for historians. History and culture appreciate names that are stable and record the past. When the names are sanitized and given to titles the past tends to be lost. Eventually the historical footnote in some obscure record that the names were changed sometimes hundreds of years after will be lost. No one would know what culture had existed before erasure and that all hadn’t been as placid as Bucolic Buffalo might have imagined.

Democrats have been about the business of sanitizing culture and social media for some time. Language offensive to Democrat voters was labeled hate speech. One cannot use the word hate at many sites, as for instance, if one asks whom are the top ten most hated Democrat politicians in America, the word hate would be banned.

The Biden-Pelosi-Schumer-Shiff-Madler axis of hate for Donald Trump continues to erupt like Old Faithful geyser recurrently; interminably finding new legal paths to attack until erasing the former-President from history. It is unlikely that Yellowstone park will be renamed soon for it reflects the will of insiders of the capitol. Skiing at Squaw Valley may evolve to be associated with KKK conventioning of the make America a Great Society again sort of thing. One will not be able to say that Donald Duck squawks without it being a sort of slur on trans-gendered Democrats. It could be that billions of people actually squat to defecate as they lack porcelain thrones to sit on. I used such a toilet hole in the floor in Athens long ago for the hotel couldn’t afford thrones so I experienced dropping a load ten stories down a sewer pipe.


Language does evolve or permutate over history of course. Meaning values for words sometimes change too. The philosopher Saul Kripke went over the persistence of meanings of words in his book ‘Naming and Necessity’. Meanings of words have values in given lexicons that may have different meanings in others. W.V.O. Quine considered values of words to remain phenomenally as people use them. I believe, if I recall correctly, that Kripke regard words as having a semi-Platonic realism character with meanings that persist longer than in Quine’s criterion such as he went over in ‘Ontological Relativity’.

Words and implicit meanings change over time. It is interesting that words may have pejorative meanings for some that don’t exist for others. N.P.R. mentioned the term demotically nem-berm-ship for membership this mornings for example. That may be offensive to some, hate speech to others and meaningless for most. Try changing meaninglessness into meaning. The meaning will be lost to history if it doesn’t rise to become officially associated with a place-name. Place-names have meaning values that remain until some time after they are renamed.

Politically correct naming and renaming of places and solid objects reflect cultural power of insiders to designate real-world objects and events within their favorite narrative contexts. It would of course be great if people could name places inoffensively to all for all times in the first place yet for several reasons that fails. The Queen Charlotte islands could be renamed the Queen Elizabeth islands yer some would object and for God the effort of humans to lift up royalty might be amusing, as the Son was the only royal who counted as more than a bump in the road of history.

It is entirely imaginable that if Ukraine invades east of the Dniepr they might begin erasing Russian place-names in fact and erase history in the process. Washington D.C. insiders have already erased Russian historical ownership in Ukraine from their social reality that for-itself might be regarded as a lexicon. That lexicon requires Democrat supplied HIMARS missiles, artillery and billions and billions of dollars to force a social reality and view of themselves and their ideas of democracy.

Democrats may believe they can sanitize the planet such that the words allowed to be used and names allowed to exist for places and people will make the rich happy forever. They might envision a day when political independence and free expression are entirely subjugated to the will of Democrat Party leadership. Renaming lakes to not offend American Indian women is reasonable enough, yet that occurs in a machine that is processing the world to satisfy the urges of original sin for the upper classes. That technique of culture conquest can lead to widespread nuclear war. As looking in a rear view mirror may make objects look farther away than they are, the dangers of forgetting or losing the meaning-values of the past may allow clear and present dangers to the U.S.A. and world become closer than one thinks.

China or Russia will have next World Chess Champ

Magnus Carlsen decised not to defend his title as World Classical Chess Championship this November setting the default stage for Ian Nepomniachtchi or Ding Liren to play for the title. Carlsen is the better player, yet like Bobby Fischer he has found some reason not to play; perhaps he wants to attend medical school or prepare for the next salmon season.

If Mr. Carlsen decides to continue with chess he may start a new league rival to FIDE comparable to the Saudi formation of a new chess league. A divded title did exist around the turn of the millenium and the former chapmion and alternative G.O.A.T. chess star Garry Kasparov was in it. Maybe the Saudis will finance a new chess tour to rival F.I.D.E., or not.

Labor Day; Union of the States

Labor day is a celebration of the American worker. A day of rest and reflection upon the year’s tasks before the seasons ahead. The nation was built with yeoman farmers and workers’ self-employed individuals engaging in free enterprise. Ingenuity grew with so many proprietor hands-on farms and shops. When mass production grew workers became alienated from ownership as they became employees to manufacture product.

While slave labor developed much of the southern states economies and convict labor followed the end of slave labor continuing right up to the 1930s, northern and western workers faced their own challenges as laborers without ownership of manufactures. The labor union movement allowed workers to reduce some of their alienation from ownership inasmuch as they could negotiate a better wage collectively.

Labor unions during the American period of industrialization served to create a better life; a more fair wage scale in compensation for being alienated entirely from product and profit. In the post-industrial and post-Cold War 1.0 economy labor unions evolved into obsolescence as corporate management develop a variety of ways to cut the wages of labor to increase corporate profits, including making work part-time, contract, eliminating pensions and job security. Jobs with good wages were eliminated and outsourced to foreign countries with cheap labor including China. India now stands a the shining nation on a hill with potential for cheap corporate profits through exploitable labor.

Job security has been one of the primary ways that people with low wages can slowly save and build capital. Job terminations from any cause sever the build and compel workers to spend their savings and capital assets until exhausted. Cheap migrant labor has made casual labor hard to find for decades. Union labor supports Democrat Party policies that flooded the nation with annual millions of under-the-table workers. Union labor leaders have their heads up their asses, and have been so postured for decades.

For several weeks I worked for a corporation in a union that was owned and operated by corporate management. In a way U.S. labor unions are also owned by Wall Street as pets of the rich that can be tolerated yet haven’t any real clout. The schism between the structure of the national political economy and union leadership policy is so great that the interests of American workers are largely absent from union politics. Union labor leaders support policies that harm American workers.


The public tends to regard unions as being top-heavy toward government workers and others with above-average middle class wages. One thinks of the air-traffic controllers union, the screen actors union that Will Smith was kicked out of for slapping a guy making a joke about his wife, and broadcast media unions that enable broadcasters to have lavish lifestyles and use radio as an information intercom to persecute poor Americans if they feel like it. Unions seem to be part of a national insider caste system that work to exclude targeted Americans from economic security and prevent free enterprise beyond the domination of Wall Street and union lackey stooge hirelings.

For a nation too happy to pay $5 dollars for a cup of coffee with frappe on it it is logical that unions would form for coffee brewers and servers. Millions of poor Americans still have no health insurance. Millions of Americans still have no basic income of $10,000 a year. Tens of millions of Latino Americans are in the nation working illegally as an ad hoc union undermining the negotiating value of poor American citizens. That ad hoc Latino illegal worker union is also exploited. All workers in the U.S.A. should be lawful, pay taxes, have a guarantee of basic annual income from18 to death, have benefit of a national medical service for the poor, homeless and yearning to breathe free with alternatives to N.P.R. and no internet access.

This Labor day the union of states; the United States- ought to be concerned with making all illegal workers lawful residents directly and sealing the border against future illegal immigration.

Consider the Ten Commandments Sometimes

It’s useful to remind oneself of the Ten Commandments and the will of God occasionally.

“And he declared unto you his covenant, which he commanded you to perform, even ten commandments; and he wrote them upon two tables of stone.” -Deuteronomy 4:13

Jesus came to fulfill the law- not controvert it.

Paul commented on the difficulty he (and all people) have in limiting themselves behaviorally to the will of God in Romans 7:23 “But I see another law in my members, warring against the law of my mind, and bringing me into captivity to the law of sin which is in my members.”

In these times when evolutionists believe that everything possible is continued within natural evolution and that it is without morality, and that attitude affects public morals and political choices, it is good to remember the Ten Commandments… Exodus chapter 20

“And God spake all these words, saying,

2I am the LORD thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.

“3Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

4Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth:

5Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;

6And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments.

7Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.

8Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.

9Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work:

10But the seventh day is the sabbath of the LORD thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within thy gates:

11For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the LORD blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it.

12Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.

13Thou shalt not kill.

14Thou shalt not commit adultery.

15Thou shalt not steal.

16Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

17Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbor’s.”

Leading the people from bondage in a nation that was not their own was an historical event yet it also served as a prophetic metaphor of the work of The Lord in leading people from the bondage to sin that implicitly resides in natural mankind. Mankind is born in temporal thermodynamic, physical form that evolves from birth to death. The body dies yet the spirit need be reborn through faith in Jesus Christ to take up a trajectory different that that of mortal flesh.

John 3: 5-7 “5Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. 6That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. 7Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again.”

Political leadership of the nation may support foreign wars that cause the death of tens or hundreds of thousands. They may not seek after peace and social progress eliminating poverty, restoring the environment to health and securing equal protection of the law for all. In effect they break the tenth commandment; “thou shalt not kill”. Mass murders and mass killings are not troubling for them apparently. They have have a nominal legal premise that permits stealing nations without compensation from native peoples. Life is a brief event for all. Eternity beckons all and is in fact the destiny of everyone; some to heaven and others without faith, to hell.

Though one bets one’s eternal spirit that there is no spirit, the ironic truth in that is that for those without faith they are spiritually dead.

People may make a straw man argument- a false alternative, that opposes evolution physics to faith and spirit. That is a false choice. It is quite feasible that God created the Universe with evolution as a mechanism in it, or that evolution is a temporal appearance of the steady state of quantum and there are deeper, transcending explanations for the way things are.

I examined a few of the issues and possibilities in my free to download e book named “God, Cosmology and Nothingness”.

Drones Are Making a New Kind of Vast Trench War Upgrade

One might wonder if the Ukraine-Russian war is more than a testing ground for new weapons. The United States, Turkey and other N.A.T.O. countries have supplied copious weapons to Ukraine including combat drones and Multiple Launch Rocket Systems like HIMARS that have changed the way wars are conducted. Drones and other advanced tech combat systems are good business for manufactures so the war may alter the shape of global economics somewhat as China too makes drones for combat and sale and make seek to display its product line in the Ukraine conflict.


The United States provides intelligence to Ukraine military with surveillance I suppose- even live from the Pentagon and viewing images of drones surveying battlefields and landscapes provides the remarkable transparence of cover to flying drones that enfilade (expose) locations of opposition force vehicles for targeting. Ukraine supplied Russia many drones that had control bugs; Russia presently hasn’t got the kind of air and targeting drone power that Ukraine has via N.A.T.O. providing a significant advantage to Ukraine’s military.

Even so the Eastern front seems to be a modern quarter nation size trench war reminiscent of W.W. I with drones enabling a large scale quagmire that makes conventional advances challenging. Troop concentrations seem especially endangered with the live drone surveillance and instant attack capability of HIMARS from 50 miles away. The Chinese, American and Iranian economies may receive a boost from drone sales in protracted war in Ukraine, and other nations will be learning the values of drones and HIMARS technologies at de frapping invasions, counter-attacks or concentrations of troops or equipment.

It would be a positive change if Professional Peace Contractors able to innovate salubrious settlements to armed conflicts were as common as Private Military Contractors. It is certain that the Biden administration and Democrats couldn’t accomplish the equivalent of fighting their way out of  a wet paper bad I the field of procuring peace and mutual prosperity for two rather similar belligerent peoples that will need to live together again for business and progress eventually. Democrats prefer conflict to progress, and may believe they are fighting a new style of civil war domestically, since the red states (Republican) are located in many of the former confederate states from long ago.

L.A. Lakers should stay cool; let Westbrook play out contract

The L.A. Laklers shouldn’t try to find an instant winning player able to catapult them to a championship…that simply isn’t going to happen. Russell Westbrook has one year to go on a fat contract and since he tended to fail to meet the expectations of those who engineered his trade and the Lakers are rather maxxed out on what the league allows a team to spend on player wages they need patience. Next year happens too and the Lakers need to keep all of their high. draft choices to get young quality players.

The Lakers have lots of entertaining players including Anthony and James so enjoying watching a good year without expecting a championship contender is reasonable. Seeking to trade away first and second round draft choices and pretty good back up players to get insufficient player quality in return is comparable to having a broken leg casted and taking it off too soon and rebreaking it…then keeping that up year after year,

A very talented manager can swindle a bad package for a good player sometimes. Smetimes it is necessary to wait. James and Anthony will still be around next year and this year some of the younger player might be developed looking ahead to building a complete team next year. Maybe the Lakers should have a two-year plan instead of a very short-sighted one year plan that need be done in a month.

Can Republicans (Reds) Fulfill L.B.J.’s “Great Society” Dream?

After not listening to President Biden’s partisan rave continuing the “I hate Donald Trump” narrative in a major speech from what was known as Independence Hall from the City of Brotherly Hate I have given some thought to the idea of making America a Great Society again as L.B.J. attempted in his major agenda programmatic effort to end poverty in the United States. Since then the Democrat Party has allowed the nation to be flooded with illegal workers that undermine the value of wage labor in the U.S.A. keeping many Americans living at or below poverty level Millions of illegal migrant workers also have provided a sub-class that can’t vote or pay taxes so Democrats can give stimulus checks to the rich and middle classes during times of crisis and leave the sub-class out. The underclass is a national labor caste that provides servants for the middle class like child care, house cleaning and construction at prices not quite as satisfying as slave labor. Democrat middle class employers of illegals of course don’t usually need to pay for housing or medical costs for the illegal labor caste either, as employers of slaves once did. That raises an interesting historical point for research though; what did Confederate slave owners do with retired black slaves; just work them until they dropped dead or was their some sort of retirement housing for them?


President Biden successfully took his tired self to his home state to make a partisan hack attack on Republicans, MAGA and former President Trump. Apparently gathering what I can from hear-say reports of the speech the President descried ultra plus vite extremist faster than a speeding bullet, insurrectionist revolutionary political opponents that don’t recognize that he won the election in 2020. So I am not sure what to think. Can Democrats controlling the house form another committee or two to investigate unAmerican activities by the most extreme reds and maybe purge them from government and Hollywood where they make movies like Full Metal Jacket, Magnum Force and Sudden Impact? Can Democrats make Congress a unicameral legislature with just themselves in it? What will happen to the nation if the narrative that Donald Trump is bad and a red collusionist with Vladimir Putin to overturn Democracy and make it fascist loses force? People wearing Nazi helmets on motorcycles and maybe in Honda Prius’s make be increasing in number. I saw an Hispanic motorcyclist riding a chopper with a Nazi helmet a couple years ago, although it could have been a gray neo-U.S. armed services imitation helmet used to cover the ears so people won’t know if the rider is listening to N.P.R. with earbuds.

Since Democrats labeled Republicans ‘Reds’ when the Cold War 1.0 was ended by Republicans with help from the late last President of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev the time may be right for making America a great society again following in L.B.J.’s footsteps. L.B.J. it is sometimes thought, may have died of a broken heart from all of the combat casualties in Vietnam and ineffectiveness of his Great Society program at ending poverty in the United State. He wasn’t able to run for a second term as President. It is difficult to choose which dream is true; that of purging the nation of the Red menace and its insurrection that goes on forever like a myocardial infarction until the Democrat Party dominates everything for Wall Street in the name of Joe Biden, or one of the other dreams.

The American Dream, the Dream of Martin Luther King, Footprints in the Sand, Spill the Wine Dream, On the Threshold of a Dream, DACHA Dream, The Red Dream, Joe Biden’s boyhood dream visiting Independence hall of standing within it as President brilliantly speaking defending the nation against terrible Red threats to Democracy, Lao Tze’s Dream of the Butterfly or Man Disjunctive Forced Option etc. present many choices; how can all dreams be real or validated? The House UnAmerican Activities investigation could impanel a Too Tell The Truth subcommittee to bring before it representatives of all the the dreams to determine which one is really real.

Republicans can Make America Great Again with extremist legislation of they can recapture the House. Maybe they could form an American activities committee to discover what happened to intelligent legislation and where it is being held hostage and determine what the cost will be to ransom it free? Poverty need be entirely eliminated along with the illegal worker caste. All people working in America need to be legal and receive equal rights. Stopping illegal immigration is required for that to occur, and everyone that has been in the United States for a year should be made a legal resident or leave. If the U.S.A. is not to evolve into being a Banana Republic without bananas it needs to be sovereign for-itself, in-itself with everyone above board on a legal sheet of music.

Carpet Baggers Decided Russia Wouldn’t Own Zaporizhia Power Plants

 Just to get the facts straight; The Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station was built by the Soviet Union and perhaps Russian engineers between 1985 and 1989 and an extra unit was added by occupiers in 1995.  The non-nuclear Zaporizhzhia thermal power station was built between 1971 and 1977. Carpet Baggers gave it to Ukraine in 1994.



Relocate Forsaken Afghan Exiles to Revised GITMO Training Facility

Guantanamo Bay should be converted to a Job Skills Training Center for thousands of Afghan exiles that were loyalists serving the United States during the last war there. It is unconscionable that they are presently languishing in a detention facility in the desert of a nation that is not their own. If Guantanamo Bay isn’t large enough to shelter the political refugees then California could serve. California is like a foreign country providing refuge to millions of non-citizen migrants already to a few thousand Afghans should be welcome too. One of the steps required for making America great again is the rectification of the labor market so all workers are legal and a permanent underclass does not exist to make the American democracy like the Athenian democracy circa 450 B.C.  (middle class democrats were supported by slaves). Another step is to recognize and provide swift adjudication of political asylum requests and especially those whose lives were at risk for serving the U.S. military during a time of foreign war.

Afghan refugees could be vetted for security at Gitmo while learning to become dive instructors, electricians, lawyers or interpreting the lingo of blue state partisans such as “I hate Donald Trump’ and “Adam Shiff is House Intelligence Committee fuhrer”. This is the seventh year of blue state daily hate of Donald Trump that has continued interminably, perhaps to replace the Clinton 30 ear legacy of seeking to wrest control of the White House for-themselves, unto-themselves and not-for-others. Democrats fear the concept of MAGA, and rightly so since they prefer SNAFU as the perennially evolving new normal. MAGA implies that the nation needs to be better and that its policies are decayed. More than thirty trillion dollars of public debt, a degrading ecosphere and a vast left-wing social underclass of illegal workers manifestly show the nation has vast left-wing corruptions of the liberty democracies enjoy. Workers using impact drivers to screw plywood on buildings have new terminology for their work. They say things like; “I’m going to screw up a few more sheets” in a positive way. They might be illegal aliens screwing up buildings too. Democrats screw up the old fashioned way though; just ignoring Afghan refugees in need of political asylum and permanent U.S. residence. Screw up positive changes building MAGA democrats; screws fasten better than nails

Perhaps Afghan refugees were forgotten by Democrats because they are generally over-educated for use being exploited as cheap laborers, domestics, lettuce pickers and orchard pruners by Democrats’ middle and upper class plantations or half-million dollar mansions. Democrats generally benefit the middle class and the very rich and sweep the poorest and Afghan political exiles under the rug. Load those refugees one more time on large Air Force transports an move them to Guantanamo Bay or an empty military base for vetting and U.S residence. They must be as deserving as the illegal aliens flooding California and Texas being bused to D.C. so Congress can look at the fruits of its failure to secure the southern border. There should be no illegal aliens in the U.S. to provide cheap labor at all. Every worker in the U.S.A. should be legal and paid market wages without being part of a sub-class.

Fine Art Update

After completing his most recent science fiction novel; Self-portrait of the Artist as a Young Man’ I asked the artist what his next fine art project would be. He replied “It’s a miniature I call ‘Snow Blindness’. It’s in the conceptual stage. The canvas will be either all white or black. I don’t know how long the preparatory contemplation will require; that can’t be determined until the light of insight switches on while I’m building or writing.”

N.O.A.A. named to Drown Out Belief in God?

The National Oceanic  And  Atmospheric organization isn’t at all Christian or Jewish and has obviously borrowed or expropriated an important Christian/Jewish name for itself to disrespect it, expropriate it and obfuscate the spiritual importance. It is the federal equivalent of the Washington Redskins or Cleveland Indians names that were offensive symbols to actual Amer-Indians. N.O.A.A. is a godless organization of smug scientific atheist swells too happy to disrespect private American citizens of faith when they can. N.O.A.A. claims to administer oceans and atmosphere; it does a bad job of managing fish in Alaska. I haven’t seen a fish of moderate or large size jump from saltwater since 2000. Fish catches are down or canceled all over because N.O.A.A. stinks at fish administration and probably puts the blame on some other organization managing ocean resources. Sea lions and killer whales have also been bitten by bad animal administration. Select bird species are dwindling under bad N.O.A.A. administration. Canadian wildfire smoke drifts into Alaska occasionally- does N.O.A.A. administer that? N.O.A.A. local weather forecast broadcasts have been reduced to just one day ahead of time; an inadequate quant for planning trips over-the-water for supplies. The forecast wind direction and speed is often wrong and sometimes opposite. Before growing to become swells N.O.A.A. accuracy was better and local weather prediction made five days in advance; a minimal quantity for reasonable travel planning.

Under N.O.A.A. administration the polar ice caps are shrinking. N.O.A.A. should be folded up and its tasks given unto other government agencies and outsourced to private contractors.  A more objective, impartial and residual moral government agency like N.A.S.A. could do a better job comparing and contrasting Earth conditions with those of other planets; exoplanets have atmospheres and oceans too. N.A.S.A. could hire new companies like Ocean Z or Atmosphere Z to surveil oceans and atmosphere faster, cheaper and better than N.O.A.A.  An annual list of states and point sources of pollution could be published with quantitative in-death analysis followed up with suggestion for practical remedies for each insult to oceans and atmosphere. Federal funds could be prioritized to go to states with improvements in reducing insults to oceans and atmosphere .

N.O.A.A. should be renamed Democrat Fascist Obnoxious Swells in recognition of their fine pay and benefits and federal support enabling them to tramp on poor Americans that can’t afford to have a decent standard of living in the U.S.A. ,or have the resources to move abroad with full retirement deposits like N.O.A.A. swells retiring with loot to Central America or Europe. N.O.A.A. does a terrible job of administering atmosphere; global greenhouse gases-  pollution from automobiles make bike riding without breathing exhaust challenging. Have a lungful of fossil fuel exhaust N.O.A.A.!

After being renamed D.F.O.S. former N.O.A.A. employees should hitch rides with the Coast Guard as wards of coastal sailors that might need more work providing adult supervision to D.F.O.S.  D.F.O.S. personnel should receive pay cuts along with select federal personnel sufficient to provide a minimum basic income to all Americans living on fewer than $10,000 annually. A direct transfer of $3000 from each federal worker to a poor Americans would be appropriate. IF D.F.O.S .persons could increase fishing quality in U.S. waters tenfold from 2022 stats they should be entitled to a pay bonus of $25 each.

God may not favor N.O.A.A. In fact N.O.A.A. tends to usurp the role of the almighty in Genesis to issue warnings about global sea level rises and new floods.  Everyone knows global warming and ice melting can raise the sea level. N.O.A.A. should not be so swell to believe the nation might not be better without it. If they need to expropriate Biblical names for  nefarious social conditioning purposes they might consider taking the name of Jehovah so He might slap them down as unsaved bad animals swollen with hubris. Government oppression of free speech and mockery of private citizens was commensurate with ideologues of the former Soviet Union. N.O.A.A. workers are the closest thing the nation has to an elite communist party collective. They ought to stay out of private affairs so free enterprise efforts can occur for people beside the rich.

N.O.A.A. seems disliked a covert/overt mooning of the public  putting it over America and the world. It could be the tip of the spear of Democrats partnership with an ultra rich agenda entailing secret plans for a New World Order. That could be a Democrat elitist /N.O.A.A. intention to let itself and rich insiders survive  global doom of everyone comparable to the flood that killed the lost, first human civilization perhaps on the shore of the Persian Gulf.

When global warming and mass extinction make life for humans on Earth untenable N.O.A.A. and its controllers may be aloof survivors with full pay and benefits on special ships- perhaps space ships, to outlast the apocalypse and return to resettle the Earth when everyone else is gone. N.O.A.A. can haul in a fortune while letting the atmosphere and oceans go to hell with plausible deniability, wringing their hands about the sad tragic fate of humanity during the last days. Alternatively, as a secular atheist clave of cold blooded reptiles, N.O.A.A. may lead the way to national assurance that no flesh will survive a new apocalypse.  The role reversal of Noah to God will be complete, except that instead of being God, N.O.A.A. evolves to Satan.

Another Cash (and loot) For Clunkers Presidential Race in 2024?

The U.S. electorate should pick a President the way George Steinbrenner picked players for the Yankees. He always got the best available. When a player isn’t at the top of his game with great ideas vote him or her out of office directly. The nation needs a succession of intelligent Presidents with great new and innovative ecological economic and technological development ideas who can liberate the poor, and secure democracy against rich international corporatists more concerned with hiding cash offshore and relocating blue and white collar jobs to offshore locations with the cheapest quality workforce and low taxes available. Presidential selection should be regarded as a team relay with the fastest, brightest Americans chosen from any field rather than career bureaucrats that have evolved their way to the top by outliving rivals.

The President of the United States is one of the few most powerful leaders on Earth and should act with a mind toward benefiting America first and foreign nations too. The President should be a peacemaker though carrying a big stick for armed neutrality. The President should seek to bring the second and third world through ecological economic innovation that can develop a better standard of living without harming the ecosphere. There are many responsibilities for quality leadership sadly lacking in 4 out of 5 Presidents that made it to office recently.

Equal protection of the law is the fundamental element of the U.S. spirit in partnership with freedom for individual self-determination. Blood lines of marriage are a fundamental and indispensable intrinsic nature of families and individuals.  Homosexual marriage breaks that up and undermines the freedom of individuals, and of individual security when family bloodlines and dissipated and corporate power to rule and control society generally rises. Ubiquitous surveillance and lives packaged and marketed for consumption in an amoral, generic social environment entails solid threats to human culture in an overpopulated world.  Singapore recently passed a more reasonable approach in banning homosexual marriage while decriminalizing homosexuality that conserves the integrity of mass culture, family bloodlines and respect for human beings that the U.S. Supreme Court flunked. Every individual in a free, democratic society deserves personal security and equal protection of the law. When human culture is broken and people are regarded as blobs of biomass of no meaningful gender differentiation in an amoral, atheist subjectivity to the rich as resources to be allocated or phased out for the benefit of elites that will inherit the Earth, the President should be one to correct that egression and set the nation on a strait rather than crooked path.

Democrats build up Perfect Economic Storm

The United States economy is heavily invested in foreign production; especially in Asia.  China’s emergence after the Cold War 1.0 into being a major trading partner of the United States was fomented by its vast market demographics, low labor costs for productivity and people culturally trained first in Confucian then Maoist ethics evolving toward mixed capitalism and enterprise that drew western investers. China in the 1990s was an emerging global economic power eager to throw off the shackles of poverty that had kept it in a second or even third world status decades before. Democrat policies to develop enmity over Taiwan and Chinese support for Russia’s position regarding the west and Ukraine in particular are a key element of the Democrat Party’s construction of the perfect economic and environmental storm that may lead ahead to depression.

Sure it is good occasionally to enjoy irrational exuberance and optimism in order not to walk into self-fulfilling prophecies to malaise and bankruptcy. Optimism as a construction tool for do-it-yourselfers of any scale need be coupled with actualizable plans and work. Trusting in economic optimism for itself, or about good weather in disregard of tornado warnings, hurricane storm tracking and quantitative political and financial analysis is political malpractice when it’s the President moving down the wrong path like a horse wearing blinders. Financing an avoidable war with Russia is the U.S. leaping morons on fire into the troubles of the old world. War was second nature to Europeans and even Asians; the United States should not easily be drawn into those lunatic conflicts when possible; much less finance them. The only reason Europeans including Brits were less warlike since 1945 is WW II was a block buster and the rise of nuclear weapons discouraged precipitate engagement in new conflicts. The United States took the lead for the west in waging wars instead of finding solutions in its nuclear empowerment era. Today most people on Earth probably regard the U.S.A. as the most active belligerent nation on Earth pro war, though some conflicts were hard to avoid. Leadership to better ways is required for good, rather than evil, political leadership. The United States as an emerging godless, atheist power that doesn’t know the difference between good and evil except for purposes of partisan rhetoric may have trouble finding Christian leadership in Eurasia that would have good sense and recalcitrance to engage in mass conflicts.

In the past, the U.S. Government has bailed out major financial and auto manufacturing establishments that failed financially; that may not be possible with large scale failures of U.S. businesses invested in China. There is also a temptation for U.S. business to sever ties with U.S. employees and simply move operations entirely to China; the workers are paid far less than American financial sector and service workers and exports to the United States could continue. Apple is such a possible corporation that could profit handsomely if it fired its U.S. staff and decided to just hire Chinese workers and American workers willing to relocate to China. When force and stress is applied across the board to U.S. businesses because of recession caused by Democrat Party and media policies/implementation corporate leaders are compelled to make hard choices (maybe to move) that they wouldn’t otherwise. Gradual evolution might have continued and economic exodus never have occurred. If Pharaoh had liberated the Jews they might not have needed to escape captivity with divine help and could have developed the Egyptian economy as well as that of Israel..

The American economy may be mostly financial related and service workers today. It probably produces less material goods as a percentage of its economy in comparison to China and other nations than it has ever before. Many of those financial sector jobs as well as U.S. headquarters employment for businesses that produce in China could be lost to China and elsewhere in a second wave of jobs leaving the United States that were in the first wave mostly manufacturing. No amount of unskilled illegal aliens entering the United States, that mostly don’t pay taxes at any rate, will replace those better paying financial sector jobs lost to foreign competition. Blue collars lost offshore were the first wave, the second wave will be the loss of white collar jobs.

It is ironic that Democrat Party policy to support foreign wars indirectly and to leave wars directly if involved personally has yet to quit support for Ukraine when it would be in the interests of the U.S.A. to do so. Russia may have realized that it erred in trusting the west at all when it built the Nordstrom gas pipeline to Europe instead of China and it probably is building a pipeline to the more stable and reliable for growth prospects Chinese economy or plans to. In failing to recognize Russian interests in Ukraine that are historically valid in spite of being victimized by one of the greatest carpet-bagging land-grab swindles in human history perpetrated in 1994 by President Clinton Democrats have invested in building a lasting rift with Russia and thereby forcing it to become China’s perfect natural resource supplier and perhaps partner in defending Asia against Western encroachment and expansion eastward.

Russia has been converted into a insulator and backstop for China against flanking by Wall Street from the East. India with its large population is working with Russia too. Russia may become a midway for trade and business between China and India. Roads and pipelines may develop, especially if Russia’s Muslim population finds itself able to coordinate friendly trade relations with corridors crisscrossing shared borders. The United States is somewhat irrelevant in that scenario except as a military threat.

Democrat have partnered with Wall Street to compel immoral choices upon the nation.  It was better to take a Singaporean approach to homosexual marriage than the Obama-Roberts, for Singapore recognizes the cultural values of others rather than just one side preferred by wealthy elitists. Democrat assumptions that the core of the U.S.A. will remain a constant while they as globalists can compel global culture to take up Democrat Party values are wrong.  When corporate wealth awakens to the India-China market and relocates its wealth abroad including intellectual capital, in pursuit of profit; while the U.S. economy falters and millions of poorly educated workers relocate here, and while public debt increases the U.S.A. will still have a vast nuclear arsenal and modern military. The world will not be a safer place divided as global warming changes accelerate and myopic politicians strive for a better standard of living based on conventional economics and dwindling natural resources for their patrons.

In dividing the world economy in order to try to force conquest of Russia’s valid historical claims to Ukraine the Democrat Party has imperiled the global economy at a time when it should be providing leadership to transition to sustainable ecological economic policy instead of classical economics that have existed since the Industrial Revolution. Russia did invade Ukraine, yet they already owned it in a sense.  Russia may have been like an absent vineyard owner returning to throw out predators that had killed his caretaking son and claimed the breadbasket and vineyard of Russia for-themselves. The Democrat Party never gave Russia any chance to use legal remedies as alternatives to war since the Clinton-Yeltsin paper took Ukraine away from weakened, vulnerable Russia in 1994. The Democrat Party has substituted hatred of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump for economic reason. Besides failing to take adequate steps to halt the ongoing mass extinction that may lead to the end of human life too, they are f’ing up the classical economy and setting the nation on course for recession, depression or break up.

The United States has millions of boomers leaving the economy forever and drawing on public retirement payments. Not all want to retire either. Some were put out of work by Covid closures and others are too poor not to need to work into their 70s. Obamacare did nothing for retirees; if one gets the minimum $500 social security check they would still need to pay at least $200 to $250 for Medicare plan B medical coverage. Realistically if Americans have fewer than $15,000 annually to live on full Medicare benefits should be free. Dividing the global economy and throwing the United States into recession will just make it that much harder for older Americans to get work in an economy that would rather hire young illegal aliens and discriminates against the elderly anyway.

The U.S. government so mangled up by Democrats may not be able to bail out failed U.S. business not big enough to not be allowed to fail. The big companies can simply relocate to Asia and let the United States enter a lasting slump. Senior benefits could be reduced or lost entirely if there is war domestically after a time of chaos. Public education may collapse; government may be reduced to minimal infrastructure vital services costing just a fraction of the present.

Without much credibility the dollar may not be trusted enough to allow full faith and credit in doubling the public debt to bail out the economy with a flood of Keynesian permanent priming. Basically there isn’t a way to make stupidity work efficiently, and new methods and styles need be developed to create a healthy national economy and ecosphere.