"How should we preserve history when those who were there are gone?"

“How should we preserve history when those who were there are gone?”

Seems and odd question. I knew a lady named Ida Hoss with an Aushwitz stamp on her wrist, I don’t suppose I would ever forget that.

The DNC has a candidate running for the top named Roemer http://www.cnn.com/2004/ALLPOLITICS/12/14/dnc.chair/ . When Hitler was sent to infiltrate the German Workers Party by the Army, he was soon supported by another Army infiltrator that was a financial specialist named Roehm http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/GERroehm.htm .Together, Hitler and Roehm reformed the GWP and made the Nazi party out of it. Roehm led the murderous, radical SA with the butches that made the Nazis a popular German leading party cutting and slicing up Hitler’s opponents. The German Army became so afraid of the SA that Hitler had to purge them before being given the reins of Army power.

I find the Historical parallel interesting, as the Democrats in the U.S.A. are somewhat like the GWP, yek who remembers or conjectures about such egregiously superficial similar historical parallels?

Time is said to be the direction of entropy Universally. The complex dissociates into the simple, the molecules of ice sculpture break down into water evenly placid,or perhaps vaporized into clouds.

For a time interesting books such as my Waveform Politics; Equilibrium Pattern Volume 4 http://www.lulu.com/content/79435 keep tight collections of internet essays together even if few copies are sold. Ordinary recollections of an individual are edited and compiled into good reading and given an ISBN number and eventually a copy is sent off to the U.S. Copyright Office. Perhaps it will be out in CD and sent on an intergalactic space mission one day. I hope people remember, it is alcohol and broadcasting that could wipe out the persistance of memory, I think.

Creationism/Cosmology anew

Gary C Gibson – 11:41am Jan 22, 2005 EDT (#2 of 2)

Psalm 75:4 “and to the wicked, ‘Do not lift up your horns. 5 Do not lift your horns against heaven; do not speak with outstretched neck.'”

Inflation has passed the Big Bang as a likely cosmological origin in the present era I believe. Space-time is believed to have coexistentially expanded analogous to a balloon famously.

Many people make invalid dysjunctive propositions conclusive for themselves especially regarding Christian cosmology and scientific cosmology. It is like saying the dumpster at McDonalds or Burger King,when there was a third choice of eats perhaps without a dumpster at all.

The Biblical chaos preceding the spoken word to begin order is considered by some eqv to the pre Higgs field inflationary chaos of high entropy.

The Higgs field expansion of course accelerated space and time, and the gravitational force eventual brought some of the field to contract and form into galaxies etc eventually. After 6 billion years that period was over, the Universe resumed acceleration at 7 billion years-God rested on the 7th day, and cosmologists speculate that the present expansion toward high chaos/entropy (all the hills made low, the sun going red giant, more signs and shaking in the heavens) will continue until a state of highest possible entropy resumes.

2nd Peter 3:8 “8But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day. 9The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.

I think Peter was generalizing as best he could, the special theory was a bit beyond him at that date.

The cosmological constant, another Higgs field possibly, is thought to be the element pushing space-time outward as a sort of anti-gravity.

The Higgs field may be what give all the other mass-like particles a seemingness of mass…that is it is relation to how they interact with the Higgs particles.

Light quanta have no mass traveling at the speed of light. At the speed of light time does not exist at all. Time exists proportionally, maybe in ratio to the Lorenz transformation, to speed in any object. The faster one goes the lower the value of time one-object experiences within the special theory of relativity.

God of course isn’t subject to the time dimensional effects Himself unless he choose to, because He is a spirit and certainly not interacting with a primordial Higgs field to experience time or speed necessarily within a contingent cosmos of his creation…

Brian Greene phrased the way people experience sight in an interesting way in the 2004 book ‘The Fabric of the Cosmos’; he said (paraphrased) that certain waveforms (I interpolate of the M-Theory matrices strings or branes assortment) stimulate certain chemicals in the eye to give the experience of seeming to ‘see’ in the brain.

That interesting point should stimulate some theological and philosophical cells perhaps asleep to consider the phenomenality of the cosmos as a for-itself, as what seems to be, even within an ‘evolved’ paradigm, and even how ‘things’ seem to have ‘weight’ within a Higgs field and within one’s own senses within the Higgs Field and spacetime possible 3brane.

Some cosmological theorists point out that the entire universe could have been created from 20 pounds of ‘mass’ that was hyperinflated in a Higgs Field.

20 pounds and all this exists…not exactly illusory, yet relative and very temporal. In physics theories even time is reversible or isotropic. The problem is entropy…it is a statistically modeled exemplar chaotic distribution of everything toward disorder. Time can’t improbably assembly particles or mass from disorder to order.

At the beginning, somehow from extreme chaos and entropy, the Universe and space-time immediately came into being with the most concentrated possible order. The spoken word to begin, the order for the right strings and branes to vibrate or resonate, whatever God choose to will to be, and eventually human life too.

Posts while travelling/ecovering in January

Future of War on Terrorism

Gary C Gibson. – 12:24pm Jan 14, 2005 EDT (#68 of 443)

John 10:16 “I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen. I must bring them also. They too will listen to my voice, and there shall be one flock and one shepherd.”

It is very difficult to predict the ‘ war on terror’. The term is perjorative of course, the cost for the activity incommensurate with long term fiscal responsibility, and its effectiveness dubious at best. Certainly it can employ many Texans and oil field personnel affilliated with the Bush/Cheyney/Rice axis of enterprise.

The prophet Nahum wrote in the 7th century B.C. of the capture empire of Assyria reared behind a military genius to rule Babylon, Judah, Israel, Egypt etc. for a while … (Contemporary English version translation)

Nahum 2 Nineveh Will Fall 1Nineveh, someone is coming to attack and scatter you. Guard your fortresses! Watch the road! Be brave! Prepare for battle!

2Judah and Israel are like trees with branches broken by their enemies. But the LORD is going to restore their power and glory.

3Nineveh, on this day of attack, your enemies’ shields are red; their uniforms are crimson.

4Their horses [a] prance, and their armored [b] chariots dart around like lightning or flaming torches.

5An officer gives a command. But his soldiers stumble, as they hasten to build a shelter to protect themselves against rocks thrown down from the city wall.

6The river gates [c] fly open, and panic floods the palace.

7Nineveh is disgraced. The queen is dragged off. Her servant women mourn; they sound like doves, and they beat their breasts in sorrow.

[d] 8Nineveh is like a pond with leaking water. Shouts of “Stop! Don’t go!” can be heard everywhere. But everyone is leaving.

9Enemy soldiers shout, “The city is full of treasure and all kinds of wealth. Steal her silver! Grab her gold!”

10Nineveh is doomed! Destroyed! Her people tremble with fear; their faces turn pale. [e] 11What happened to this city? They were safer there than powerful lions in a den, with no one to disturb them.

12These are the same lions that ferociously attacked their victims, then dragged away the flesh to feed their young.

13The LORD All-Powerful is against you, Nineveh. God will burn your chariots and send an army to kill those young lions of yours.

You will never again make victims of others or send messengers to threaten everyone on this earth.

Nahum 3 Punishment for Nineveh The LORD said: 1Doom to the crime capital! Nineveh, city of murder and treachery,

2here is your fate– cracking whips, churning wheels; galloping horses, roaring chariots;

3cavalry attacking, swords and spears flashing; soldiers stumbling over piles of dead bodies.

4You were nothing more than a prostitute using your magical charms and witchcraft to attract and trap nations.

5But I, the LORD All-Powerful, am now your enemy. I will pull up your skirt and let nations and kingdoms stare at your nakedness.

6I will cover you with garbage, treat you like trash, and rub you in the dirt.

7Everyone who sees you will turn away and shout, “Nineveh is done for! Is anyone willing to mourn or to give her comfort?”

Nineveh’s Fate Is Sealed 8Nineveh, do you feel safer than the city of Thebes? [f] The Nile River was its wall of defense.

[g] 9Thebes trusted the mighty power of Ethiopia [h] and Egypt; the nations of Put [i] and Libya were her allies.

Gary C Gibson. – 12:25pm Jan 14, 2005 EDT (#70 of 443)

John 10:16 “I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen. I must bring them also. They too will listen to my voice, and there shall be one flock and one shepherd.”

… continued at Nahum 3:10(from the Contemporary English Version) 10But she was captured and taken to a foreign country. Her children were murdered at every street corner. The members of her royal family were auctioned off, and her high officials were bound in chains.

11Nineveh, now it’s your turn! You will get drunk and try to hide from your enemy.

12Your fortresses are fig trees with ripe figs. Merely shake the trees, and fruit will fall into every open mouth.

13Your army is weak. Fire has destroyed the crossbars on your city gates; now they stand wide open to your enemy.

14Your city is under attack. Haul in extra water! Strengthen your defenses! Start making bricks! Stir the mortar!

15You will still go up in flames and be cut down by swords that will wipe you out like wheat attacked by grasshoppers. So, go ahead and increase like a swarm of locusts! [j] 16More merchants are in your city than there are stars in the sky– but they are like locusts that eat everything, then fly away.

17Your guards and your officials are swarms of locusts. On a chilly day they settle on a fence, but when the sun comes out, they take off to who-knows-where.

18King of Assyria, your officials and leaders sleep the eternal sleep, while your people are scattered in the mountains. Yes, your people are sheep without a shepherd.

19You’re fatally wounded. There’s no hope for you. But everyone claps when they hear this news, because your constant cruelty has caused them pain. footnotes from Bible Gateway-Contemporary English Version ” Nahum 2:6 river gates: Nineveh was protected by a moat filled with water from the nearby Tigris River. Nahum 2:7 sorrow: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text of verse 7. Nahum 2:10 faces turn pale: Or “ashes cover their faces.” Nahum 3:8 Thebes: In 663 B.C., the Assyrian King Ashurbanipal captured this Egyptian city, which seems to have been built with protection similar to that of Nineveh. Nahum 3:8 was its. . . defense: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text. Nahum 3:9 Ethiopia: The Hebrew text has “Cush,” which was a region south of Egypt that included parts of the present countries of Ethiopia and Sudan. Nahum 3:9 Put: A region in Africa, possibly part of the present country of Libya. Nahum 3:15 locusts: A type of grasshopper that comes in swarms and causes great damage to plant life.”

Nahum was accurate. He’d of been a wiz at predicting U.S. Security if interested. Security futures of the U.S.A are tough cookies to schedule/predict; certainly the military is mercenary serving neo-Corporatist interests, the borders are porous and economic independence outsourced. America has some similarities to those of the late stages of the Roman Empire. etc. The taxpayers will pay for the securtity needs of Global Oil interests until they are so downsourced and replaced that chaos is cheaper, maybe.

DOLLARBILL, “The Future of the War on Terror” #71, 14 Jan 2005 12:28 pm

The political objectives of neo-Corporatism and Global socialism, Muslim Empire and Globalist power all need to negate individual liberty and nationalism, or local political democratic self-determination. Environmentalism is perhaps the only necessary transnational political item. Broadcast power is an aspect of the conjunction of mass control. See Ortega Y Gasset’s ‘Revolt of the Masses for a pre-world war two security analysis, and possibly ‘Animal Farm’.

Bush’s Inaugural Address & Next 4 Years

GaryCGibson – 02:46pm Jan 18, 2005 EDT (#148 of 284)

Matthew 3:10 “The ax is already at the root of the trees, and every tree that does not produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire.”

This post is just a small notation for an experience I had recently riding from New Mexico to Texas. I’d made it as far as Socorro and was going nine miles farther south to turn off on 70/138 to Roswell. I missed the turn, went a mile farther downwind, saw the sign going in the opposite direction, crossed the meridian on I-25 and immediately a stretch tie came loose and wrapped around the inside back wheel. I fixed it and rode on to discover in San Antonio New Mexico that it is actually 158 miles approx. to Roswell instead of the 70 miles I’d believed it was. I turned around again to ride back to the freeway to go south to Las Cruces instead. 4 spokes snapped on the inside of the freewheel…end of the bike journey suddenly. The back wheel looked like it had been run over by a car.

I hitchhiked to Socorro New Mexico, and late at night, being hungry and broke, thought I’d try MacDonalds trash dumpster for food to eat. Having worked at Burger King long ago I knew that fast food restaurants toss out perfectly good food when it’s staging time is up. I looked for that bag and found it.

I ate a large hamburger patty and two french fry container fulls and walked to put up my tent some miles away. What a night! I cannot believe how quickly one can get food poisoning. Years ago I ate a too old can of spam and became quite nauseous and delerious in Houston while working at that Burger King. This time I must have vomited four quarts of material that had the nature of removing foul waste. Diarehha continued through the night (this is my food poisoning post). Then, about three am, after the copious emmission of bodily fluids and semi-solids was mostly done, the cold chills and headache and dizzyness began. It was quite a remarkable experience I hope not to do again. That was basically the only time I’d ever tried eating a non-boxed item from a trash container…it should be the last. Yet with the Bush administration around for another four years, its difficult to say.

Its so nice that they are spending 140 million on the inauguration, almost half as much as on tsunami relief. Its important to keep things in proper perspective regarding values.

I still believe that neo-Corporatism isn’t much different that any other sort of authoritarianism such as Fidel’s. Global Corporate and the Fawkers are too sides of a global coin that will pimp America to shape it’s maximum profits. That’s all that matters, perhaps the President will be rapsodic in addressing the wonder of the nation’s future during his second or .43 mag administration.

GaryCGibson – 11:38am Jan 19, 2005 EDT (#210 of 284)

Matthew 3:10 “The ax is already at the root of the trees, and every tree that does not produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire.”

William F Buckley has had a long and distinguished career writing from the right, or perhaps as a classical liberal supporting essentially the values of the founders. Notably, some of the lofty ideas that he and Condi Rice too, have expressed in recent days, coincide with the second inauguration of President Bush…

Thinking Out Iraq by William F. Buckley

I enjoy stratospheric and politically inspirational writing of course, yet the main point of political writing must be purpose A company like Forbes may be a but kisser of the wealthy, and yet disserve democracy. It is possible to lose sight of the sky because of oppressive occlusions of power.

Mr. Buckley in analyzing the Iraq mission concluded that withdrawing from Iraq would be dishonorable, and yet he also decided to venture the opinion that the withthdrawl from Vietnam was also dishonorable. He surely should know that Richard Nixon expressed the contrary opinion, and that instead it was a ‘peace with honor’. He could ask Henry Kissinger if he needs more proof.

Democracies work when individuals have real rights that aren’t violated by oppressive international crooks at the U.N., by neo-Corporatist ad hoc political structures that repress free speech and support a trans-national political structure in the United States, and when individuals are not massified and commodified through broadcast media into a classlessness because of stupidity. That is, their psychological conditioning is more important than external, empirical political facts.

In this last election, in which the Democratic Party nominated and ran a gentlemen that professed at one time to being a war criminal, and an hysterical doctor from Vermont/the homo state, the American public essential presented the appearance of being of weak character in not insisting that a better, and fundamentally more financially sound, resolute, intelligent leader run for the office. They elected the greatest nepotistic beneficiary in U.S. history I would guess. Hillary Clinton would be a tight second place finisher in that race if she is elected one day. In a decaying democracy, in which a trans-national neo-Corporatist neo-authoritarian is increasing its power, those sorts of things happen. Active, live, fervantly inspired politicians don’t run. They are brainwashed, and can’t comprehend that trans-national neo-Corporatist power structures effectively subvert U.S. nationalism, pervasively.

Mr. Buckley’s notion about Iraq was mistaken. The U.S. had a moral obligation in that it allowed Democide to continue while Saddam Hussein was in power and sanctions prevailed. Now the U.S. has no moral obligation to Iraq. It does have an obligation to provide some security for the Iraqi’s that have worked with the U.S. toward creating a ‘democracy’ in Iraq.

Ms. Rice’s opinion about Iraq seems prima facie correct-the U.S. will stay in Iraq until the Iraqi Government can provide its own security. Yet that is a long a twisted road perhaps, in expecting the Shia and Sunni to eixist within an elected way together. In Northern Ireland that wasn’t so simple even between Prots and Caths, in Iraq there are many more lunatics, with no comprehension of democracy, and with many military explosives stockpiles. A more realistic Iraq policy may be required to more directly allow the U.S. to disengage with a shorter time paradigm.

The political situation in the United States does not seem good. The populace is incresingly brainwashed by Global Coporate media, the small cities become full of trans-national Corporate stores, and the political issues such as national energy and transport independence are simply degraded as would be intelligent, nationalist political writing. Each party (D & R) is a flip side of a trans-national coin.

Modern power corrupts from a distance, nihilating independence

2005 Inauguration-Bush Agenda

GaryCGibson – 11:42am Jan 21, 2005 EDT (#32 of 88)

Matthew 3:10 “The ax is already at the root of the trees, and every tree that does not produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire.”

I amsomewhat disappointed that the SF station decided to remake ‘Battlestar Galactica’ instead of producing an original of ‘Alterwall Objectives’ http://www.lulu.com/content/52396. Yet freedom sometimes means fullfilling Global Corporate objectives, and individualsocial reality may be supplanted by celebrety reality.

It does seem dubious that an American Global Corporate concept of ‘freedom’ will inspire many of the muslim world to revolt for democracy, when Globalism is antipathetic to liberty in the U.S.A. as people are degraded,pimped and replaced by illegal foreign workers, when the last armed militia of Boston will have his right to own a rifle and freely assemble to repulse the inavading Chinese Commando Army from Mexico taken away…yet President Bush will seek to bring reform and ‘freedom’ to Iraq.

Something must be done with Iraq,certainly, it is as confused as the state of liberated women divorced from thee traditional society that to readily supports wrong causes and is too easily exploited. Yet what is the proper role? Can the happy go lucky ‘freedom’ of U.S. borrowed prosperity provide clarity to the region?

The United States can perhaps afford some more bombs and lives, yet it is very far into foreign held debt and isn’t likely to provide much in the way of largesse or bribes for the masses. Puiblicity and pr for the U.S. masses is best. Even social security for the young may be trimmed. The administration may want to get blood from the turnip to spend (thats it’s style), and diverting youth contributions to the private sector might free up some dollars.

The real problem with social secuirty is that retired workers have a median income 10,000 dollars higher than working people. Sure the world war two generation deserves it, but the following don’t. There needs to be a means test to the effect that social secuirty can be received only if it won’t raise the retired person’s income above 2/3rds that of working people. Presently social security has become like a Russian appanage Empire with succeeding generations getting a smaller piece of land each-as did the princes of Kievian Rus when they became too numerous.

GaryCGibson – 11:43am Jan 21, 2005 EDT (#33 of 88)

Matthew 3:10 “The ax is already at the root of the trees, and every tree that does not produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire.”

… Iraq’s prospects for ‘peace’ are of course the main point of the second term of the administration, beside carpet bagging oil profits where possible and schilling for expanded OPEC power along the Asian littoral. Not since Angor Watt was a Phallic Cult Temple in its prime has an administration been so devoted to causes against its best interests, perhaps naively.

The first Arabian state began about 2000 BC in the highlands of Yemen, so the almanac reports for this brief commentary about interesting facts of the Middle East that the administration may want to consider for its second term.

Yemen of course claims Abraham as its founder, I seem to remember reading. Os Bin’s family is also from Yemen originally.

Later on, in the first century, Axum http://www.wsu.edu:8080/~dee/CIVAFRCA/AXUM.HTM was founded by Arabs from the Yemen region in Ethiopia. It became the first Christian civilization in Africa and was the important Red Sea power until its demise in 1100. It was very influential in Yemen. The expansion of Islam cut off its ties with Byzantium.

Until the end of the Ottoman empire Iraq was subject to Sunni rule that was the official religion. The Sunnis were draconian and enslaved even even Christians for military service. After the Turks were done. the British moved in, and provided a paternalistic royal guidance until various aborted starts at Iraqi independence.

Saddam Hussein was a secularist Baathist that sought simple to use terror ala Stalin to create a secular state.

There is a vast, historical schism between Shiite and Sunni in the Middle East. The Shiia of course demand a ruler descended from Muhammed, historically. The Shi’a are also historically affiliated with Iran. Persians, Parthians and Sassanians have ruled Iraq or southern Iraq for much of its history. To change the political orientation in Iraq is to affect the region from Pakistan to Africa.

I haven’t much time left for this outline.

One must wonder if the Kharjirites might been historical model for adaptation by Iraqis http://www.answering-islam.org/Gilchrist/Vol1/9d.html.

Certainly the association of Sufism with Sunnism has had important consequences in the formation of terrorist cults and radical political movements, I should think. Is Al Zarqawi a Sufi, does Os Bin twirl about like a dervish sometimes when in need of inspiration?

Would the Almohad’s dynastic structure be a goal for the Sunni terrorists http://www.bartleby.com/65/al/Almohads.html in Iraq? Does VP Cheney know or care that part of the Iranian reason to develop nuclear weapons is the 1980 Iraq attack upon it and the ensuing casualties?

Cortez liberated a vast portion of North America from the human sacrifice cult of the Aztec’s in 1519, yet was the ensuing ‘freedom’ beneficial for North American people’s?

The truly liberating step the administration could pursue would be to replace oil with solar and wind generated electricity for home use and electric power for cars and pov’s. It would work against the expansion of Muslim oil influence around the Asian rim, that can buy allegiance of kneeling to Allah five times a day for a tank of gas.

Maybe Europeans have a prejudice against Kurdish State formation because Saladin was a Kurd. Yet a nagid-or charismatic leader, may be what some Iraqi’s want to lead their country through the chaos ahead. Charismatic leaders are usually only go for-themselves-historically speaking, and they cannot implement long-lasting reform. King David, Solomon/Rehoboam and the breakdown of Israel was an early example.

Yes, vague talk about ‘freedom’ for Global Corporate profits is a nice thing, and lots of soma for the masses! Yet it is a troubled world, and the leader means well. Good luck, and balanced the budget while reducing the federal debt and staying out of ANWR in the second term!

GaryCGibson – 06:22pm Jan 21, 2005 EDT (#71 of 88)

Matthew 3:10 “The ax is already at the root of the trees, and every tree that does not produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire.”

More time for Persian history research could bring out more of the nation’s current political psychology perhaps. I just recently had food poisoning, and partial airway blockage that still continues. Evidently aspirating vomited French fries can be a substantial airway difficulty. I am not that expert on the airway. Food is meant to go down-not up.

Now, if I knew I might be in a vomit producing environment, I’d eat foods like applesauce that could not become serious lumps in the nasal or lung regions. Perhaps doctors can rinse out such passages with water, yet I’d not stick my head in a bucket and breathe some upside down to try.

At any rate…Persia…

I believe that Persians ruled Southern Iraq basically for about a thousand years from Cyrus in maybe 549 bc through the Sassanid until the end of the Parthian Empire in 650 or so, when I’d guess they became Muslimized.

That’s a serious national history broken by Alexander the Great’s military invasion of course, yet it was a time of immense cultural identity. The Persians were the Aryans of yore. The Medes and Persians were probably the invaders of the Indus civilization that established the caste system lasting until the present, sort of. Yet glory fades…

While the Umayyad people still ruled in Spain, the Abbasid established itself at Baghdad. The Shi’a schism arose. Between 700 and 1000 approx. Iraq has a somewhat more mixed history, yet in 1100 very approx. the Seljuk Turks invaded.

I believe the Turks and later the Mongols then again the ottoman empire ruled Persia right up until a Shah staged a coup in 1921 while the Brits had defeated the ottoman power in Arabia. The Turks had been Sunni’s, and while Persia had been occupied, orientalized and such it was the Shi’a faith that had given the people a sense of national identity, such as they had.

I would imagine the Shi’a infrastructure had developed quite a loyal following amongst the legends of the people. Perhaps the nation would have evolved further political egalitarianism in the 20th century if it had been a kinder century…who knows.

The United States of course supported a revolutionary son of Shah later on perhaps snubbing the popular opinion. As the Iranians had already had half a millennium approx of oppressive foreign rule, perhaps that created antipathy toward another foreign power that sought to oppress them so they thought, and perhaps second rate their popular Shiism with foreign secularism.

When the United States lost in Vietnam in created lots of changes. In 1980 or so the Iranian revolution brought about the hostage taking at the U.S. embassy. In Libya Khaddafi had helped engineer the 72-oil embargo, which was the second major financial world shift of the century (or third economic revolution) with nationalization of the oil fields. He believed Muslims should retake Sicily and Spain.

When the United States supported Saddam Hussein in his 1980 war with Iran that caused millions of casualties, it must have enhanced Iranian distrust of the U.S. and perhaps Sunni too. Now VP Cheney with no thought of Iranian oil fields probably, is concerned about the Iranian nuclear threat. Proliferation of nukes is definitely I danger, yet its worth knowing why Iran might want nukes to help express their political ‘freedom’ from foreign ‘tyranny’.

One may hope the forthcoming Iraq elections will find a popular Iraq Sunni-Shi’a democracy emerging, without anarchy too long or a renewed Sunni hostile posture to Iran’s Shi’a perhaps supported by administration pro-oil sentiments. Life and history could be better.

A commentary on Habakkuk makes interesting reading.


Gary C Gibson. – 06:42pm Jan 21, 2005 EDT (#72 of 88)

John 10:16 “I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen. I must bring them also. They too will listen to my voice, and there shall be one flock and one shepherd.”


UTLAKE, I have another thought on the subject.

Of course I’m not a supporter of the young pioneer Stalinist brainwashing sort of education in America, and especially not at adult university level. Yet it it would be fine if more non-western history were taken by people that don’t read much history anyway. The history of non-western violence and cruelty is remarkable. It is not as utopian as some seem to believe.

The Bible has solace for the believer.amidst a human history that demonstrates people are well accomplished at evil in many traditions.

Food Poisoning and Broken Spokes

This post is just a small notation for an experience I had recently riding from New Mexico to Texas. I’d made it as far as Socorro and was going nine miles farther south to turn off on 70/138 to Roswell. I missed the turn, went a mile farther downwind, saw the sign going in the opposite direction, crossed the meridian on I-25 and immediately a stretch tie came loose and wrapped arouynd the inside back wheel. I fixed it and rode on to discover in San Antonio New Mexico that it is actually 158 miles approx. to Roswell instead of the 70 miles I’d believed it was. I turned around again to ride back to the freeway to go south to Las Cruces instead. 4 spokes snapped on the inside of the freewheel…end of the bike journey suddenly. The back wheel looked like it had been run over by a car.

I hitchhiked to Socorro New Mexico, and late at night, being hungry and broke, thought I’d try MacDonalds trash dumpster for food to eat. Having worked at Burger King long ago I knew that fast food restaurants toss out perfectly good food when it’s staging time is up. I looked for that bag and found it.

I ate a large hamburger patty and two french fry container fulls and walked to put up my tent some miles away. What a night! I cannot believe how quickly one can get food poisoning. Years ago I ate a too old can of spam and became quite nauseous and delerious in Houston while working at that Burger King. This time I must have vomited four quarts of material that had the nature of removing foul waste. Diarehha continued through the night (this is my food poisoning post). Then about three am, after the copious emmission of bodily fluids and semi-solids was mostly done, the cold chills and headache and dizzyness began. It was quite a remarkable experience I hope not to do again. That was basically the only time I’d ever tried eating a non-boxed item from a trash container…it should be the last. Yet with the Bush administration around for another four years, its difficult to say.

Its so nice that they are spending 140 million on the inauguration, almost half as much as on tsunami relief. Its important to keep things in proper perspective regarding values.

I still believe that neo-Corporatism isn’t much different that any other sort of authoritarianism such as Fidel’s. Global Corporate and the Fawkers are too sides of a global coin that will pimp America to shape it’s maximum profits. That’s all that matters, perhaps the President will be rapsodic in addressing the wonder of the nation’s future during his second or .43 mag administration.

Theology and Humanity #2

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It is difficult to associate worldly disasters with the will of God. Each human being has a difficult enough time trying to do what’s right for themself if they have the wisdom to try.

The Prophet Amos did bring to society some concept of God’s vexation and wrath with social conduct periodically…for example…

Amos 1:3-2:16 (King James Version) King James Version (KJV) Public Domain

3Thus saith the LORD; For three transgressions of Damascus, and for four, I will not turn away the punishment thereof; because they have threshed Gilead with threshing instruments of iron:

4But I will send a fire into the house of Hazael, which shall devour the palaces of Benhadad.

5I will break also the bar of Damascus, and cut off the inhabitant from the plain of Aven, and him that holdeth the sceptre from the house of Eden: and the people of Syria shall go into captivity unto Kir, saith the LORD.

6Thus saith the LORD; For three transgressions of Gaza, and for four, I will not turn away the punishment thereof; because they carried away captive the whole captivity, to deliver them up to Edom:

7But I will send a fire on the wall of Gaza, which shall devour the palaces thereof:

8And I will cut off the inhabitant from Ashdod, and him that holdeth the sceptre from Ashkelon, and I will turn mine hand against Ekron: and the remnant of the Philistines shall perish, saith the Lord GOD.

9Thus saith the LORD; For three transgressions of Tyrus, and for four, I will not turn away the punishment thereof; because they delivered up the whole captivity to Edom, and remembered not the brotherly covenant:

10But I will send a fire on the wall of Tyrus, which shall devour the palaces thereof.

11Thus saith the LORD; For three transgressions of Edom, and for four, I will not turn away the punishment thereof; because he did pursue his brother with the sword, and did cast off all pity, and his anger did tear perpetually, and he kept his wrath for ever:

12But I will send a fire upon Teman, which shall devour the palaces of Bozrah.

13Thus saith the LORD; For three transgressions of the children of Ammon, and for four, I will not turn away the punishment thereof; because they have ripped up the women with child of Gilead, that they might enlarge their border:

In reading a little book on the minor prophet Nahum (there were 12 ‘minor’ prophets in the Old Testament of the Bible) in which Nahum prophesied the destruction of the Assyrian Empire and the liberation of the Jews from Captivity (that followed a few decades later) the point was made by the exegesist that God expects humanity to have trust in him. That means that even large disasters may be intended to bring about plain, blind faith in God.


Theology and Humanity #1

Poemland Security; archival entry /03/03 ©2003GIBSON

The General of Wrath led the tribesmen

unified in submission to God

like a desert Constantine beneath a vision

north, south, east and west to conquer

lands Alexander and Caesar had owned

sending his ships with the faithful warriors

debarking on Spain, Italy, and Anatolia’s shores

Faithful to the One true God

like a John the Baptist transported back in time

wandering in the Sinai of Moses they had not met Jesus

Son of God, co-eternal with the Spirit

Three persons of One True God

Lord to all the people of His Creation

The advance stopped at Tours France

The invasion stopped at Sicily and Tenados

A Catholic Crusade reconquered Iberia

and sent Richard the Lionhearted to Jerusalem

While Constantinople endured until 1450

The Muslim advance over the anti-Taurus mountains

and recultured Anatolia from Troy to Trebizond

Until the Ottoman rulers were stopped at Wien

People of faith met at the waters edged

the Sea of Marmara to the Strait of Gibralter

encountered ideas of people allegiant to God

or the political ideas of semi-theocratic states

that continued as the protestant reformation and nationalism grew

with a renaissance that sent Catholic explorers

to discover new lands followed by pilgrims and puritans to develop a new world

as the north shore lost faith,

and the south shore slipped without Christ.

It has been written in recent cosmological theory that the Universal expansion may have started with an initial 20 pounds of matter extremely compacted. At that point, within an existing space-time matrix perhaps, or within a non-spacetime background that is unimaginable, quantum uncertainty ‘jitters’ within a virtual Higgs field paradigm of quantum probability wave, an expansion or hyperinflation of space-time began producing the Universe.

In a version of cosmological theory in which strings and no-branes arise to create a ten-dimensional ‘Universe’ of which the experienced universe is a three-brane within a 10 dimensional string and no-brane matrix, the Universe emerges from primeval chaos or a high entropy condition. Time is the direction matter statistically passes in going from a highly ordered to a maximally disordered state.

At the beginning and end of the Universe (in a trillion years or so if inertia proceeds as it is naturally) a high entropy or maximum disordered condition exists (chaos), with a word it is organized into a Higgs Field and space-time expansion. Transition time epochs occur (such as the resumed Higgs Field cosmological constant Universal expansion rate after 6 billion years from time zero). The Higgs Field is a sort of primeval Universal ‘ocean’

Genesis 1

1In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

2And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

3And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

4And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.

5And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.

6And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.

7And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so.

8And God called the firmament Heaven. And the evening and the morning were the second day.

… continued

Theology and Humanity #3

. From just 20 pounds perhaps the entire Universe was created. The cosmological constant or underlying Higgs ‘Ocean’ may be what all the strings or particles interact with to seem to have mass or ‘weight’. Human beings accord themselves tremendous substance in some ways, and importance too sometimes. They will say such quasi-theological points such as “if God were real he would not allow sufferring in the world, evil would not exist and one could drink vast quantities of the ale for free with no time lost in recovery from hangovers”or ” “If God were real little children could not suffer” . Yet God created the entire Universe in one physical theory, from just 20 pounds. He can let any phenomenal evil occur, allow his creation to become corrupt attempting to go it’s own way from the initial Satanic rebellion, and still save those whom would trust Him.

Certainly humanity should have peer values to recognize fundamental democratic rights of individuals. Governments should not wreak evil upon poor citizens trying to help themselves in the free market. Governments should not utilize cheap-shot labels such as ‘menshevik’ to eviscerate social earnings opportunities.Governments should not be Satanic.

God has the power to know what it is each human being experiences, of any age, within this bootstrap epiphenominal Creation of a Cosmos, and still bring the Indians/Natives/Created over the goal line of salvation as it accords with His purposes.

Physicists generally find no physical necessity for field theories to have a direction of time…that is it can run forwards as well as backwards with equal ease. It is simply a statistical course of events that the singularity or membrane at which space-time began its hyperinflation was extremely well ordered to start with. The Universe could randomly dissociate itself from the lowest entropy status of origin over billions of years toward higher entropy (more disorder) and spend some order on the existence of humanity on the way toward absolute disorder in time.

Time is the hour glass of order to disorder…the bottom hald is broken and lets everything pour away. Trust in God is the way, Jesus Christ is the truth, to associate with God instead of the material phenomenon of the cosmos that eventually brings everyone to a wave of surrealistic dimensions.

Insulation and Cosmology

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Some insulation installers just stuff the material in and perhaps hold it in place temporarily with string. Alternatively a plastic vapor barrier can keep insulation in place until the sheetrock or whatever goes up.

Most insulation installers don’t use tin foil backed materials. If the width is cut rightly it will also stay in place until the wall material is completed.

Incidently, there is a good new book by Brian Greene from 2004 named ‘The Fabric of the Cosmos’. It reviews the special and general theory of relativity following a review of Newton’s classical mechanics, it goes on to string and brane theory and even loop quantum gravity.

One of the interesting points in recent speculation is that space-time may not actually exist. Cosmological theories generally require a ‘background’ of space-time in which the mass and energy happen. In some of the newer theories such as holographic cosmology what seems to be space-time may be just illusory.

I appreciated the parallels of some of the inflaton theory of creation to the order expressed in the first couple of chapters of Genesis.

Big Bang theory is now basically obsolete. It seemed like a bang in the late 20th century such as might happen in empty space, yet now it seems more like a ballon that inflated fast creating space-time with it simultaneously. After 7 billion years it was mostly formed, and then a fast cosmic accelleration resumed.

God of course rested after 6 days/time periods.

It is unknown what happened before the inflation…some believe a little corner of space-time experienced quantum jitters and a Higgs Field occurred (let there be light following the spoken word). It could be a Higgs Field that is again accellerating the expansion of the Universe. Or it could be that the Universe is just a 3-Brane appearance within an 10 dimensional Universe, and that vibrating stings or zero-branes carry the tune. God knows the score.

Perhaps if some aspects of developer greed had not pushed dwellings so close to the beach some lives would have been spared in the tragedy of the tsunami. If people lived a mile inshore perhaps the main force of the wave would have been spent before reaching the tourist ghettos.

"And is there a general trend in the way the U.S. approaches incarceration?"

Gary Gibson’s other weblog is at… http://www.Lulu.com/GaryCGibson

“And is there a general trend in the way the U.S. approaches incarceration?”

Someone mentioned that Wackenhut runs prisons all over the world for profit. I would imagine that some trend might be that toward switching around prisoners from nation to nation in order to conform to the torture designs an administration prefers to utilize, or to minimalize the traditional legal tools of habeus corpus and right to a speedy trial. Bringing for-profit prisons into a neo-Corporatist trend of governance seems a logical step toward corrupting the democratic society.

The trend toward mass-marketing prisoners in an era of mass-marketing goods and mass-marketing politics through broadcast brainwashing again seems reasonable enough in that one should anticipate those creeping, coinciding trends of corruption to develop as social identity of the individual is mass-marketed to be formed for the use of business and government.

A late Texas Poet wrote about the duplicitous nature of mankind and government. Even Commercialized ‘Christianity’ may be redesigned to accomodate all into the fold of state requirements…

Eighth Air Force by Randall Jarrell

If, in an odd angle of the hutment,

A puppy laps the water from a can

Of flowers, and the drunk sergeant shaving

Whistles O Paradiso!–shall I say that man

Is not as men have said: a wolf to man?

The other murderers troop in yawning;

Three of them play Pitch, one sleeps, and one

Lies counting missions, lies there sweating

Till even his heart beats: One; One; One.

O murderers! . . . Still, this is how it’s done:

This is a war . . . But since these play, before they die,

Like puppies with their puppy; since, a man,

I did as these have done, but did not die–

I will content the people as I can

And give up these to them: Behold the man!

I have suffered, in a dream, because of him,

Many things; for this last saviour, man,

I have lied as I lie now. But what is lying?

Men wash their hands, in blood, as best they can:

I find no fault in this just man.

Since the earliest and perhaps best efforts at rehabilitation in Pennsylvania prisons the success rate has declined perhaps, and instead mass production in creating an underworld and off-line populist underworld/working class synergy with incarceration has brought society into a more malleable status regarding neo-Corporatist transnational political management-worker policy.

With the national unemployment rate at approx. 5%, and the underemployed rate at perhaps 20%, with another 5% that have become discouraged and stopped looking for work, President Bush’s plan to make 8 million illegal aliens lawful workers is itself virtually criminal. Pimping the value of U.S. citizenship is of the least concerns for a prosperous, aloof trans-nationalist though.

It would be difficult to provide better prison rehabiliation training than the poor and homeless can afford for obvious reasons of justice. With such subversion of the U.S. poor by President Bush it is unlikely that prison education can improve much either. As Texas prisons run toward transnational ownership increasingly, pay and not sentence guidelines are whats meaningful to the wink-torture administration I’d guess.

A Tabloid Artiste’s Approach to P43’s Mag Administration

The transition of PGWB’s 43 administration into a .44 Mag administration makes some waves for the political analyst. The first term was reoriented with a national disaster to set the agenda, while the second term has been inaugurated with an international disaster visited mostly upon low-lying Muslim coastal areas.

Certainly the administration has a larger than life qualify of straining credibility about it. It’s international relations policy was led in the state department by a former General familiar enough with international corpses to survey the recent tsunami regions and provide astounding comments and relief coordination. It is uncertain that his successor, NSA Rice is sufficiently experienced at international death to provide a diplomatic posture equal to that of Secretary Powell. Adviser Rice was bloodied a bit in the confusing World Trade Center disaster of course, yet it is hardly in Secretary Powell’s league.

Thus I shall use a Tabloidist’s analytical approach in considering the administration’s possible role in causing the tsunami to make a wave surge to get through its first year in the second term…

Does the technology exist to enable big evil empirical political disasters that stretch public credulity so far as to be in the Loch Ness League? Could a neutron bomb primer have set off the tsunami-causing earthquake in the Indian Ocean?

Arab newspaper od/eds reported that the U.S. Government did cause the earthquake that brought about the deaths of 160,000 people so far. Secretary Powell and the State Department team is veteran at death and blackop/bops of course, yet they may be entirely innocent and only acting as apologetic buzzards circling over the fields of bodies.

It could seem to some fundamentalist Muslims yearning to overthrow their corrupt governments allied with OPEC/AUTOS/BUSHES that the U.S. is a Satanic power seeking to subsume all individual liberty beneath techtonic plates of transnational corporate power. In the United States even, political dissent from transnational rule is apt to bring one into the focus of broadcast media and oil sycophants as an ‘Indian’ or some other disparaging appellation. Transnational Corporate power demands political fealty for promotion and prosperity in any nation. In fundamentalist revolutionary movements the U.S.A. is ordinarily credited with being the source of transnational or Globalist political power unfortunately.

Was the Captain of the U.S. San Francisco that ran aground in the Indian Ocean recently, actually struggling with resistance against transgalactic alien body-mind control directed by the covert former Loch Ness Alliance and present Ogo Pogo Klan members working with the alien film production center in Los Angeles?

Does former President Bush-41 continue to secretly meet with giant squid deep beneath Kennebunkeport in a subterranean lair providing clandestine access to the Atlantic’s deepest reaches? Are those meetings with Ogo Pogo Klansexttraterretrials that are not made available for public review under the freedom of information act the true cause of the tsunami-generating earthquake coordinated by work affiliated with the U.S. San Francisco submarine battle group?

Has the administration opened the gates of heck in order to avoid have rotten peaches tossed at them by the Congress?



-Next Feature…Fishing for Giant Catfish at nuclear power plant with Ford SUV on 10,000 pound test cable.

Theocracies, Democracies and clearings.

I read an article in a recent issue of Foreign Affairs that illustrated the virtues of withdrawing from Iraq sooner rather than later. I tended to agree with the points of the article, that were analogized in an example of Spain circa 1800 and later Italy in which the peasants rejected an offer of democracy and liberation to support their ecclesiastical and feudal overlords. Race and culture prevailed over liberation. people get ignorant and vote aginst the foreigners and for the local demogogies, or vote by associating in the pack-mob with explosives and Kalashnikovs.

One of the false assumptions about democracy is that people will vote for it de novo. I believe that is incorrect. They will revolt de novo perhaps; yet not establish a democratic society. A democratic society needs some sort of elite to guide it through a Republican phase (no reference to the U.S. federal sort intended, it has gone to the seed of neo-Corporatism). Britains democracy took 600 years to evolve to the point of reaching ordinary people much. Iraq hasn’t had 600 years although the Stalinist-Saddamite meatgrinder eliminates tribalism quicker than that.

Iraq has no sponsoring elite to guide it. Some might say that socialism is a preparation for democracy, yet I would say that socialism is more of a preparation for neo-Corporatism than for individuality.

The nations around Iraq will fear anarchy and civil war, and will intervene to force some sort of authority. It is notable that fundamentalist terrorist will fight Americans simply because they are Americans and wear expensive perfume the Arabs don’t like.

The U.S.A. would suffer fewer casualties by invading every few years if a terrorist government forms than by camping in Iraq to wheedle oil from a puppet regime.

Yet of course, the present Iraqi election and government should be given U.S. military assistance and support for some 6 months or so as a draw down occurs. Integrating Iraqi military forces with a populist Iraqi Government should be the main objective for some time. An orderly withdrawal of American forces over the next year at a regular pace would help to convince the people of Iraq that the U.S.A. presence isn’t an occupying power but was instead a liberating Army.

Democracies that formed spontaneously and without corruption would require a human nature that is beyond earthly ability. Each individual would need to meet with the others and recognize the fundamental inalienable human rights of the others; in fact that sort of Utopia never happens associated with a particular geographic region.

Another requirement of Democracies are that they must be exclusive of some others. In ancient Athens there was a very limited enfranchisement. Some few citizens that did vote equally enslaved the remainder basically. In the modern democracies enfranchisement is limited or conditional, or the nations are isolated, remote, militarily strong or in the process of failing. A Democracy is limited to a specific class of individuals named citizens that have full decision-making power over their geographic region, or it is not a democracy. Vast influxes of illegal aliens over porous borders, aloof Globalist rulers and etc. are not supports for a democratic society.

Autocracy, neo-Corporatists Globalism, Communism, International Socialism, borderless capitalism, a royal power or secular ecclesiastical governments with a catholic inclusion are each inimical to a self-determining democratic society in several characteristic including those of going over-the-borders of individuality and law. The borderless broadcast media is an essential corrupter of individual and civil rights of democrats.

The Roman Empire was definitely not democratic, although the populism of bread and circuses for the mob or middle class effectively satisfied some of the popular restiveness.

In the United States some of the Christian Commercial broadcast media seems virtually a sycophantic tool of Satan’s broadcast media phenomena in that they do support entirely worldly political policies that have no relevance to the Bible at all. At some point quite early real Christian ideas and work separate from politics and worldliness, yet the broadcasters always return to political spin and even social terrorism.

That isn’t a new phenomena. The Catholic Church in the dark ages became too worldly and political and it continued until a downhill slide began a few centuries ago. The Bush Christian commercial sympcasters seem to choose out whatever sermons will support their Patron or attack his political enemies, and that is the trouble. Even if Bush supported a couple of Christian values, he also opposes political values such as environmentalism and economic rights of poor Americans that are of meaning to many Christians not enfeofed and nurtured by the Republican Party.

It is a paradox that some Commercial Christian Broadcasters may lead some to faith yet themselves be lost to worldliness. I now begin to understand why Senator McCain took that turn away from the Virginia Beach crowd in the 2000 primary, rather disastrously before the SC run. They have gone overboard in moving toward a false Christian political alliance with Globalist political forces.

Christians can assert their political values plainly, yet they must do so in a non-partisan way. They cannot afford to sign off like idiotic blank check party ticket voters thus rubber-stamping approval of all sorts of daft and evil policies they cannot understand. It is an unfortunate thing that some commercial Christian are too loud spoken on political areas, perhaps using extracts of the Bible to support their political points, because they are not political scientists, competent historians, liberal scholars of western civilization etc. in many issues simply sabotaging progress and human rights that have been paid for in blood over the millennia. They have the cold-blooded arrogant political idiocy to attack liberlaism to the point of nihilation instead of trying to rescue it from the sewer through which the flag has been dragged in recent decades of homsexuality, drugs, prositution, socialism and so forth.

Instead of daft party support Christian broadcasters should just support issues they are comfortable with and hope for candidates and parties that will include those within a moral context.

If the Republicans ran a candidate with a surgically altered blue forked tongue that was against abortion but was pro-logging and for drilling ANWR, would Pat Robertson support him? Christian commercial broadcasters need to express moral and Biblical issues, yet remain unaffiliated in order to avoid being manipulated by worldly forces into simply supporting the rich and most powerful and all times as they do seem to do presently in parts of the U.S.A.

The political choices in America are not legally limited to just debauchocrats or Globalist republicans as the sycophant broadcasters seem to believe. Expressing objective opinions about politics instead of Partisan ones can allow other political developments to occur that might be consistent with the nation’s constitution, democratic history and other economic advantages in addition to the protection of moral values. Commercial christain broadcasters in being so worldly, conniving and political extreme in association with Globalist Republicans put a lot of pressure on real Christians relying on the Bible instead of broadcasts that should not occur.

I hope that the blood lust of many commercial Christian broadcasters to follow the Bush administration and annex Iraq onto Global oil’s branch of neo-Corporatism will not produce a blind-lust for extended deployment of American forces in Iraq far beyond the upcoming Iraqi election.

The potential to restructure Iraq with international intervention should the new government fail to defend itself and a civil war ensues exists. A new international support structure could follow. I do not know why anyone believes that it is in America’s best interests now to maintain a large military presence in that nation. Iraq probably will move ahead as a commercial nation that will want freedom to travel, trade and prosper for its citizens. The U.S.A. cannot force it and should not try even if some misguided sycophants of Global Oil believe it must.





I am Mr William Wei,Bank Manager, Bank Of Overseas Chinese North Shyn LinDistrict, Taipei, Taiwan. I have urgent and very confidential businessproposition for you.On June 6, 1999, a British Oil consultant/contractor with the Chinese SolidMinerals Corporation, Mr. David Abel made a Fixed Deposit of the sum ofUS$10,000,000.00 (Ten Million United States Dollars) which accumulated to thesum of US$20,160,176.00 (Twenty Million, One hundred and sixty thousand, Onehundred and seventy six United States Dollars for twelve calendar months in mybranch.I sent a routine notification to his forwarding address but got no reply.After a month, we sent a reminder and finally we discovered from his contractemployers, the Chinese Solid Minerals Corporation that Mr. David Abel diedfrom an automobile accident. On further investigation, I found out that hedied without making a WILL, and all attempts to trace his next of kin wasfruitless.I therefore made further investigation and discovered that Mr. DavidAbel did not declare any kin or relations in all his official documents,including his Bank Deposit paperwork in my Bank. This sum of US$20,160,176.00is still sitting in my Bank and the interest is being rolled over with theprincipal sum at the end of each year. No one will ever come forward to claimit.Consequently, my proposal is that I will like you as a foreigner to stand inas the next of kin to Mr.David Abel so that the fruits of this old man’s laborwill not get into the hands of some corrupt government officials. This issimple, I will like you to provide immediately your full names and address sothat the attorney will prepare the necessary documents and affidavits thatwill put you in place as the next of kin.We shall employ the services of an attorney for drafting and notarization ofthe WILL and to obtain the necessary documents and letter ofprobate/administration in your favor for the transfer. A bank account in anypart of the world that you will provide will then facilitate the transfer ofthis money to you as the beneficiary/next of kin.There is no risk at all as all the paperwork for this transaction will be doneby the attorney and my position as the Branch Manager guarantees thesuccessful execution of this transaction. If you are interested, please replyimmediately via the private email addressabove. Upon your response, I shall then provide you with more details andrelevant documents that will help you understand the transaction.Please send me your confidential telephone and fax numbers for easycommunication.Please observe utmost confidentiality, and rest assured thatthis transaction would be most profitable for both of us because I shallrequire your assistance to invest my share in your country.Awaiting your urgent replyThanks and regards,Mr.William Wei.”

Dear Mr. Wei; yes, certainly I would be happy to receive 20 million dollars or whatever moneys you have to get rid of, if there are no laws against theft or embezzlement in Taiwan and international laws do not preclude the transaction you proposed. I am sure I can find something to do with it.

I recommend that you first purchase a few thousand copies of my books at http://www.lulu.com/GaryCGibson and distribute them to your friends in Asia so they may learn of the political and spiritual situation in the United States. The webpage and books have all the information you may need to transfer your wealth over this way. The state of Texas may be three time losers in delivering a photo ID card to me so I can get a job (they should issue it directly in the office without trusting the U. S. Postal Service), but my books above internet store have it all. If you prime the pump with some book acquisitions, I will open a savings account in Texas that you can send the money to.

I should let you know, Mr. Wei, in all confidentiality, that I once was employed by a company that was later bought by Mr.Cheyney while head of Halliburton.

I have a few development ideas about manufacturing aluminum 4 wheeled ‘bikes’ that could have a low wind profile and high average speed with shocks for use in Asian nations, they could be manufactured in China.

Best wishes,

Gary G.

Comment on selected Social Security Reform Criteria & Public Computer Structures

President Bush’s 4% solution for social security private sector investment failed to mention more than one substantive criteria; the necessary condition that the private sector investments could not be spent before retirement age, and then within a rational, scaled withdrawl quantity.

Poor and middle class Americans will spend their private sector inestments before retirement age thye first time they are unemployed, and then the state will face the additional burden of replacing those lost investments eventually to meet the basic reasons for having social security to start with.

The rich and well-to-do in the administration seem to forget that easy, long term stock investment security and growth strategies fail for the unemployed that need to spend the money for food, housing or for the middle class, a bigger SUV than their neighbor, or a 30,000 dollar plasma TV.

I will leave off this subject at this point.

Regarding public computers.

The maintainance costs of public library computer networks and their upgrading might be increased, I will venture to guess, by eliminating so many individual computers and replacing them with wirless dumb terminals enabled to connect to a few or just one quality computer maintained by the library.

Perhaps a rack of disk drives associated with the specific terminals would be useful, as might flat screen vdts.

The public library assisstant Igors or quankearls that make the hardware malfunctions of public computers and corrections 50% of their feudal turf domain leverage would be more restricted from spamming online time with offline ‘advice’ if wireless terminals and the remote compyters were streamlined into a reduced technical configuration that is more trouble-free. Sometimes public computer usage resembles that of a bad a bad hominid encampment wherein a motivated ape raves too much for ego reasons instead of a modern American environbment

Breaking free of evil and retarding social structures is of course one of the perennially difficult challenges that an American citizen may encounter. of course one wants to eliminate inhibiting social factors fom the public environment so far as possible when they negatively impact the fundamental social strcutures that are implicitly an elements of the United States constitutional parameters.

President Bush with his personal Igor nominee for Attorney General now being reviewed by the in-house inquisition review board has exemplified the negative national drift toward a fundamenatal disrespect for human libert. The evasive and disingenuous answers of the nominee toward questions regarding totrure seemed more appropirate for a wise guy with the training of a consigliary than for an Attorney General.

A forthright candidate for Attorney general should have answerd plain questions honestly and directly. The training for evasiveness may serve a criminal attorney quite well, yet it is not appropriate for a gentleman seeking to represent the legal interests of the people of the United States at the top of the Department of Justice. Plain speaking and integrity should exist in the government at least at the executive level.

The trend toward disingenuity in a new era of politics may negatively impact American plans to schedule a withdrawl of forces from Iraq in an orderly manner after the election. Iraqis will need to have the will to take up their own security or their own civil wars, perhaps we should assist the Kurds toward autonomy in that event, in the near future.

Cosmology and Creationism etc.

With more time available for reading than earning, I have ventured farther into some of those fields of interest to virtually anybody, but restricted to those with practical opportunities for research.

Here are a few ideas about some of the contents of the articles and reports I noticed.

1) On the notion that 3-foot tall homo erectus creatures living on some remote Indonesian isle until just 18,000 years ago (discovered skeletal remains in a cave last year); it seems credible to me. Those creatures with brain cases of 400 cubic centimeters compared to homo sapiens sapiens 1500 cc (I hope I got that right and didn’t down size the volume signs a lot) must have been utterly fearful of the brute, killer homo sapiens and have been motivated to hide out as far as possible from the encroaching people. With the fundamental intelligence of sort-of-humans they survived 30,000 years after the sapiens sapiens began arriving on the island. The Homo erectus would have been a sort of mini-Sasquatch species not finally exterminated until fairly recently. It’s interesting to note that mankind’s human nature hasn’t changed much.

2) On the still indecipherable Indus ‘Language script’ (Science 17 Dec 2004 page 2026). I will provide by own interpretation of what the symbols mean (of course I could be wrong having only read the article for background and using just the few pictured examples as a data base). The Indus civilization symbols are an early effort at symbolic logic. I am not surprised that later Indians invented the zero. It is basically a math-group recognition pattern given by the royal authority (or cluster authority) to various tribes or groups. On page 2028 the symbol for three is pictured in five or six different configurations if I recollect the article accurately. The inventive beauty of one of the three’s results in a Venn diagram verisimilitude the center oval being smaller than the larger two. I would guess that the location above a bull for instance, would represent alliance or time priority. Notably, since all of the script is found in dumps evidently, its use was pragmatic and probably utilized in trade. The structure of the civilization seems to support a clustering of free enterprisers with a business rather than a literary or spiritual orientation such as might develop a language.

3) This one is about the 7 billion number significant in Cosmology and perhaps significant in theoretical creationism too. Reading Brian Greene’s book ‘The Fabric of the Cosmos’ partially, I’ve encountered a description of a theory regarding the origin of the Universe in what might be called a post-standard big bang model theory, or a revised standard version of the big bang perhaps.

The Big Bang was postulated the last third of the 20th century to have been a physics explanation of the origin of the Universe. People tended to believe that a large clump of matter blew up tremendously, long ago flinging particles all over empty space that later were drawn together by gravity into stars galaxies etc.

Now the better theories are that the Big Bang wasn’t the beginning, and that instead of vast concentration of mass being blown apart initially into empty space, a small amount of material-perhaps 20 pounds of it, initially in a very, very small size scale, experienced some sort of quantum probability phase transition that made a Higgs Field (read B. Greene’s book) hyperinflate creating space-time and matter eventually.

Yet to utilize brevity, onto the 7 billion number. The inflaton happened at the 10-35 time period (that’s ten to the minus Thirty-fifth). It had a Higgs Field that produced repulsive gravity that had inflated the Universe. Yet after the initial expansion gravity resumed its usual dominance and the particles did clump into galaxies etc, the expansion of space-time slowed. Yet after seven billion years a cosmological constant, or residual Higgs Field reaccelerated the Universe. It is now increasing expansion based on observations and theory.

Scientists haven’t got an accurate enough idea of what existed before the big bang or inflaton, perhaps it occurred from a fringe of pre-existing space some theorize.

Genesis in the Bible posits the Word as existing and stirring the waters, the word is given to let there be light…etc. and the Universe is finished in seven days.

Considering only event parameters, I compare those of cosmology and Genesis creation similar in a logical sort of way…an original prime mover, a work of creation/inflaton, completion of project in seven time periods. If the Petrine value of a day to God equals one thousand years is used for Usher’s genealogy from Genesis literally one arrives at the time of the creation of the earth at about the moment science postulates.

The 7 days of creation are just representative symbols for the comprehension of primitive mankind I might guess. With special relativity demonstrating that space-time is a fact of individuality, to God a billion years might be nominally represented by a day.

From creation elements to final destiny being flung outward into higher entropy states its interesting that cosmology and interpretation of ancient documents in reflection of increased archeological and anthropological investigations have permitted a harmonization of meaning elements in Christianity and Cosmology. I never was much of a schismatist between science and Christianity since I have confidence that God’s word is true, and it would not deceive, and that especially the natural history of the Universe would not be in conflict with the word of God.

The trouble with scientific cosmologies is that they are always incomplete and impartial, seeing through a glass darkly, as it were. One cannot rely upon scientific theories to explain the few paragraphs of Creation data in the book of Genesis.

7 is an important number in other Biblical areas besides Creation, the Temple was destroyed in 70 ad forming a nice parallel between the ending of the old order of the world’s way of temple worship and the ending of the Universe’s way of gravitational subjugation since the inflation or big bang to one that features a resumptive Higgs Field outward repulsive gravitational force. Jesus prophesied the destruction of the Temple. Its all quite interesting. The indeterminacy of translation affects many areas of ancient scholarship and comparative studies I’d venture to guess. There are many other instances of 7 being used in the Bible.

Perhaps I should mention, for the benefit of some of those familiar with Babylonian creation ‘myths’, that are more rightly understood as primitive efforts at scientific or existential cosmologies, that right through Enlil and Tilman to Gilgamesh, that Genesis is remarkably without error, embellishment and so forth when one uses time paradigms that were appropriate for the comprehension of those of that era.

To many of the peoples of the ancient world, the concept ‘entire world’ meant as far as they could walk in three days, or everything in the region. Some ancient peoples and even moderns as recently as the 20th century had no time concepts for the past at all…that may be a difficult thing for moderns to understand. If God was explaining what 7 billion years of creation to primitives, wouldn’t seven ‘days’ do well enough to get the point across, that he was powerful and laid down the Universe in a right and proper order, resting on the seventh and letting the Higgs Field cosmological constant do the rest?

I believe it is only after the entry of Abraham that the Bible has nearly entire literal meaning though it still has deep prophetic and representational values. Adam or adamas (brown dirt) might have referred to a genre of individuals, the four Cherubim guarding the gates of Eden might have meant the four space-time dimensions of existence for pre-scientific, primitive mankind. The flood of the entire world of Noah might well have been that of the tale of Gilgamesh retold in that language somewhat differently of course. Ancient storms and rains with a higher sea level might well have drown a primitive civilization entirely…a horrific fate that a faithful shipbuilder with a will to do what God said could have escaped being blow up to the mountains of Urartu (the Jews transliterate that Kingdom’s name into Ararat from which later mountains in Turkey were named) somewhat northeast of the Euphrates/Tigris lowlands.

The Jewish exodus was perhaps eased by the withdrawal of the Red Sea for their passage returned as a tsunami upon pursuing Egyptian military forces in a possible explanation for the parting of the waters described in the Old Testament.

The subject of scientific cosmology and Biblical Creation is one that can provide many opportunities for learning.

An Anecdotal Cold Weather Commentary

Perhaps it’s the time of year to write about cold weather, having lived in a 3 foot high tent in the 48 contiguous states for about 8 of the last ten years, and before that maybe 15 years in Alaska (not in a tent all the time), the subject of maintaining adequate internal body temperature out of doors is familiar.

This will be a brief sketch of some elemental experiences instead of a definitive portrayal of cold weather effects as perhaps one might find in a U.S. Army survival manual. Army rangers in training have actually experienced hypothermia in Florida while training. It is possible to develop hypothermic body cooling in any combination of conditions that lower the skin and eventually body temperature.

Cold encroaches from the extremities such as the feet and head in many instances. There is, incidentally, probably nothing worse than starving and freezing at the same time. The prisoners of the Gulag Archipelago really had it rough.

Water is 300 times thicker than air and will remove body heat 300 times faster. If one’s sleeping bag and clothing becomes wet, in some case, especially if the temperature subsequently drops to near or below freezing, it may be difficult to avoid hypothermia.

Most Americans have indoor lifestyles complemented by mechanized luxury wheelchairs to flit about the continent, and are essentially clueless or even disdainful of notion about how to conserve body temperature relying upon one’s own resources. Karl Castle of NPR News today spun such a trim-splice onto a report about the plains snowstorms not realize that it is better in tenting to have dry snow over one’s tent than near freezing rain saturating everything including one’s clothing. All those people living indoors anywhere in the north perhaps spend less time depending on their own warmth resources in a lifetime than homeless people may encounter in a year.

There are many ways of experiencing cold weather injuries. Once in Alaska I traveled through streams and deep wet snow before becoming lost, praying, and finding my way to a trail leading to a road. Yet packing one’s feet in water slush for a day caused them two or three days later to swell perhaps double the girth. I purchased some larger, wide tennis sneaker to wear temporarily.

Of course regular frostbite, a different injury though similar perhaps in causing sensation and circulation in the feet and an increased susceptibility to cold weather injury, is simply a consequence of direct dry cold most often with the extremities simply freezing thoroughly. A rogue Soviet Colonel used to freeze dry the arms of captives for interrogation upon the roof of a five story building in Mongolia by outstretching a bare arm and pouring water on it. Then the Colonel, if dissatisfied with captive responses, would just snap off the arm.

The nose is most easily frozen, especially the tip. One should have a fur lined underwear if male in extremely cold weather. If one does not cover the ears, they will freeze very easily, if it’s not too serious the thawing out experience is something like having a firecracker blow up in one’s hand. In Fairbanks I bounced off the walls of a building lobby in which I was looking to rent an apartment when my ears suddenly began thawing out.

Of course staying away from water, and remaining healthy is important in cold weather. Water is fundamentally, death. Regardless of it being the 32 degree waters of a stream through which one may plunge through the ice or offshore in the ocean. Bailing water is cold weather is especially hazardous. Colds, flu and other illnesses may give one chills and ill-feeling is good weather, in cold wet weather it becomes a worse experience.

Something people forget is that starting warm from the indoors, putting on warm clothing and shoes does not remove any body heat initially when outdoors. Putting on freezing boots and clothing, or cold wet boots and clothing, requires the body heat be used for drying out the garments as best they can; a energy investment the body cannot in some circumstances afford.

There were once two hitchhikers just outside the city limits sign of Rock Springs Wyoming that were overcome by a whiteout/blizzard that suddenly blew up. Being unable to find their right sense of direction and return to town they froze to death, the story goes. Many modern clothing articles that have better waterproofing that isn’t harmed by folding and emplacement in a rucksack have been produced in recent years and occasionally make their way to thrift shops and the homeless. The iron filing air combustible personal heat warmers are available at two for 88 cents at Big Lots Stores. They are invaluable in dry cold in burning for more than 7 hours in and inside shirt pocket.

Hands on bicycle grips become a notable difficulty in cold weather. Gloves are very useless, unless they are arctic gloves perhaps as I would guess were worn by a student at U.A.F. once in riding to college all winter (I walked). Mittens are much better, especially gore-tex mittens that resist water a bit. Abandon cotten socks firstly if travelling to a continuous sub-freezing environment, or one that is cold and wet conducive to hypothermia. Repairing flats is much more difficult in cold or wet conditions, imagine the heat indoors at some distant Federal Studio and do the best you can.

The fundamental problem with poverty camping in the U.S.A. is that for safety and other considerations it must be entirely cold camping in which one cannot improve one’s tactical situation at all- no fires, no lean to’s over the tent, no mud brick manufacture to construct arched and vaulted ceiling in the desert. The indoor people have a world and social reality of their own that provides a definite context to the outdoors individual.

The Fabric of the Universe by Brian Greene

I’d like to give a partial review of Brian Greene’s 2004 book on physics and cosmology named ‘Fabric of the Cosmos’. If this one doesn’t win a Pulitzer Prize I can’t imagine what will-it won’t be my book of poems ‘A Place for Faith I am sure.

The entire history of the cosmos is reviewed, as are the special and general theories of relativity, Higgs Fields, hyperinflation, quantum entanglement, the cosmic constant, the scale and size of the Universe and so forth. While the Elegant Universe was a brilliant book on popular physics that narrowly missed the Pulitzer Prize, this one probably goes over the top.

I developed some science fiction ideas after reading 300 of the 494 pages. One could have gluon drive perhaps that would remember the quantum elements of the spaceship while converting it to a massless form. I believe the special theory of relativity principle would classify photons and massless particles as not experiencing time when at light speed. Yet for science fiction speculators, I believe that actual aliens would travel by quantum wave probability superposition and remote entanglement if possible instead of through clunky material spaceships. Of course quantum wavefields may be subject to interdiction by God I should think, whom could observe all of the probability waves, know there position and velocity and not interfere with so. It’s hard to say.

Yet Brian Greene’s book of course hasn’t much science fiction although it’s rather wittily put together. This is the best primer for cosmology available I would think.

Some Southwest Times

I cannot believe how hostile some of the Hispanics are in New Mexico, purely upon a racial basis. Evidently they will use any excuse possible to publicly harass and threaten any time they feel the time is opportune. I’d like to say it’s rare, yet it is very common.

Their expanding numbers blimp their self-opinions so far as to train them to be very aggressive in specialized circumstance. Of course the aloof Bush administration wouldn’t have a clue about that. They have grown in privilege and ignorance.

I feel the trend of Hispanics toward intersocial terrorism (not of the Al Qa’eda sort-it isn’t necessary) will continue as the absence of intelligent political authority drives the United States increasing under British management authority as an aspect of global Corporations. The British and Global Corporatists need an increasing working population malleable politically for transnational corporate expansion. The Hispanics of course abuse poor whites, deriding bikes as ‘trikes’ while they, with their idiotic educations dedicated to pure fossil fuel autos and producing children, will do their best to frame up a white guy for legal trimming. They should find out how nice a bike is compared to walking. The state of Texas and the post office could not even deliver an ID card for me in 5 months last year and this. It is quite malodorous…and that is in the coldest and wettest, darkest days of winter, while one is enduring colds and tenting. Their hate training does effectively increase their feelings of power, what can one do politically?

I remember in the late 60’s and early 70’s the British had more products, they were more productive industrially than today it seems for the export market. After the conclusive loss of their empire they seem to have restructured migrating into international financial and corporate markets to replace their former colonial revenue producing investments. If one compares Japan’s material productivity to Japan’s, the Britain’s unfavorable balance is especially remarkable. I believe Britain makes a lot of money through manipulating, or perhaps that’s too strong a word, through investing in American companies and transnational companies as they have historically. Britain makes money on the capital market.

With the paucity of competent U.S. political leadership these days the nation is suffering a number of financial reverses with no end in sight until 2008 perhaps. With 3 million Hispanics annually migrating to the U.S.A. jobs can be created and filled, wages drop, while the deficits increase satisfying Global Corporate much more than U.S. interests. George Bush is a lackey of Global Corporations and the Brits in particular my theory goes, yet we did help the Brits out in world war one and two, after they’d burned the capital in 1812 in reaction to our burning some provincial capital in Canada perhaps, so understandably we owe them quite a lot.

It must be a convenient thing to for Global Corporate to have a U.S. President that will support Global interests more so than U.S. domestic interests. He will seek to plunder ANWR and make the nation forever dependent upon foreign and frequently OPEC oil when it is quickly tapped out. I find it amusing that anyone believes the oil companies would not in some future time tighten the drilling screws again to penetrate every remaining area on the North Slope when the price is right. The public is so malleable and gullible, or more accurately indifferent too much.

The administration will support every wrong, backward and inefficient industry possible while corrupting the environment to help the Global Corporate velocity of money increase. Since it doesn’t go to me specifically, I have little motivation in supporting the outsourcing of my own capital acquisition opportunities to just anybody else the administration feels is acceptable to the elitist clique’s designs.

Well, the inauguration of the goons will occur once again, so the nation can rest assured that sunrise industries, green and U.S. energy independent industries will be buried under a pile of coal and crude oil designs.

Cold fusion was shown to have remarkable practical chances more than a decade ago, and I don’t mean the Pons/Flashman phenomenon that gave it all an aura of speciousness. What happened to that for electric power lines in highways applications?

There are even some safer conventional nuclear reactors now that can’t melt down, yet with a federal choice to increasingly indirectly support alternative energy startups the nation could work its way out of the international power drain sometime sooner rather than later.

Without border security the federal government’s work is a farce. Any Al Qa’eda infiltrators with gps routes can bury bio or tech weapons for use anytime, including of course explosives. Later an Al Qa’eda commando can follow gps coordinates to a car and again a map route to select explosives and drive directly to a target…Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles etc. Any prime economic target could be affected. The economic terrorism the administration is accomplishing on poor Americans is itself remarkable.

Broadcast media corruption…

The pervasively corrupting role of the broadcast media and its relation to the state and state authority can be considered from a point of view that would include the analysis of broadcast commercial ‘Christian’ programs and their political affiliation. The bible noted that Satan is a spirit of the air; quite possibly it was a reference apropos for waveform broadcasters and their extreme direct social power to influence public opinion.

Commercial Christian program content of course does vary from sect to sect and location of production. Probably some do have a true faith and retain a desire not simply to talk about tithing or enhance their financial social and political standing, but to convey the word of God as well.

The word of God however is a fairly basic and non-troublesome message to communicate to the masses. If one must venture into the satanic realm of broadcast power in order to increase the range of one’s ego fulfillment simple readings from the gospel can be sufficient for themselves. I believe that many broadcast Christians have been consumed by the worldly rave spirit of evil and may allow it to permeate their messages and corrupt their role as enablers of a true message to be heard.

Are the commercial Christian broadcasters sometimes wolves in sheep’s clothing as the gospel pointed out? Is it possible that sycophantic emulation of popular conservative political spin even to the extent of particularizing attacks against individuals regardless of their Christianity in one instance at least is a prevalent mode of broadcast method?

Such implicit corruption of the Christian message is as a barium test to the targeted souls. That is, they know that the message is wicked and unsound biblical doctrine. Christians do not publicly attack other Christians particularly, nor do they inhibit the writing or financial efforts of individual American citizens. Christians have a certain meekness that is fundamental tolerance of the right of others to go freely about their lives/ Christian broadcasters would seek to disassociate themselves from worldly terrorist practices common in the broadcast media for the last 14 years.

An old soldier once told me ‘don’t try to make anyone else’s life difficult, each has their own battle to fight. Christians too, in the U.S.A., may experience vicissitudes and challenges at variegated and personal rates. It is importunate for political motivated Christian broadcasters to seek to assert a direct political power in the United States through corrupt public influence that would be more appropriate for 16 the century Spain than the United States of America.

The late Senator Moynihan noted that of the nations existing in 1914, only eight has not suffered a violent change of government. Democracies are not common and the broadcast media is not necessarily a beneficial influence on the establishment or perpetuation of a democracy. Individual rights are of paramount importance in a democratic context. Iterations of public abuse or derision with that inestimable power of which every citizen outside of the microphone wielding broadcasters is dumb simple perpetuate gang-banging industry standards of cowardice and evil that is too common now.

The prospects for a democracy in Iraq taking hold are improbable perhaps, yet it’s worth a try for some time. The AP would not seem like a terrorist agency to people beset by people blowing themselves up occasionally. The broadcast media in the U.S.A. has taken a radical lead in shaping the course of real political developments the nation experiences simply by the fact of their pervasive and domineering power. They can outsource the practical political sovereignty of the people sufficient to render the nation a little more suitable for Global Corporate profits. It is, conversely, practical and appropriate for a nation to keep sound borders and for individuals to seek their own financial advantage before those of Global Corporations.

About an Internet photo morgue for victim identification

In case no one else has suggested this yet, it would be a good policy in the event of large scale natural disasters or other agents of mass human loss of life to have municipalities photograph the face of every casualty before burial and post it on a central global internet web page to help expedite the identitification of the victims. I know that Polaroid seems to have a brilliant new camera that uploads digital photos via telephone line-so a pc isn’t necessary. It would be a fine thing if someone could provide those cameras in quantity to susceptible locales.


Some ideas about neocorporatism and experience

Because this is a blog and time for reflection upon the past year perhaps, I’ll add a few non-biographical entries about the social situation in the United States in 2004.

What I will write will not be as remarkable as a report that quantum probability waves really don’t exist for quantum and instead the course and destiny of a quantum particle is grounded in a field of micro dimensions that enable an appearance of quantum uncertainty to appear in the standard dimensions…that is the ‘uncertainty’ is the gaps in the standard four dimensions created by the extra dimensional support for quantum particle strings. I haven’t the technical ability to make such a remarkable report though the idea did occur to me in reading a popular book on physics.

The pervasive effects of the broadcast media and corrupt government are simpler to realize yet not to control. The corruption of each is far beyond legal remedies which need to be actualized by law abiding government officials that have been incompetent at least since Al Gore’s famous ‘in the absence of legal authority’ statement while Vice President of the United States. The corruption I refer to is not a categorical description of either as corrupt; instead it refers to the role of each in repressing civil rights of some American writers to enjoy an untracked, unhindered, unbiased social life with free economic opportunities.

The Constitution of the United States was in its inception not nearly as technical as the periodic table of the elements explaining how each social element might reasonably combine, or a programming language with specific rules of syntax and logic that could not be altered. The Constitution was written without exact logical structures for society given, for several reasons…

If the Constitution had been so specific it would have also been inflexible and unable to change as society changed. The Constitution was after all a document written to encode the guidelines for liberation of mankind from oppressive social and government forces, it was written to recognize basic structures required to prevent the tyranny of any group of people over individuals. Yet it did have some specific paradigms necessary to describe what social and government structures of conduct would be required to protect the rights of individuals. The Constitution is essentially a document written to protect the rights of individuals from corrupt powers.

The Broadcast media has virtually unlimited powers of corruption through disinformation and mass malinfluence unforeseen by the founders. Taking the premise of free speech in print media to a virtually irreproachable extreme with pure technological power, they have become a perennial political party for themselves. In the last election Michael Moore and Hollywood celebrities were a huge part of the Democratic intafadah since the 2000 election. Such commercial powers negated a rational development of numerous solid political issues from developing into a coherent party platform. It is not the overt and obvious aspects of mass broadcast media and consolidated political power that I am concerned about in this blog post however, it is the power of a corrupt broadcast elite, commercial advertising producers, actors and corrupt government broadcasters and apathetic government officials to use mass communication technology to devastate the livelihood of targeted individual writers outside the regular establishment channels of promotion.

The corruption of the mass broadcast media and government willing to invade the privacy of individual and vulnerable Americans to make rave chattel sport of publicly persecuting and denying equal social opportunity is a natural outgrowth of the vast and restricted technological power of the broadcast industry, the protection of a first amendment designed in an era when print media opinions were actually accountable, and the networking of ad hoc powers. The persecution of a Christian writer of the prose poem ‘Footprints in the Sand’ for decades in the United States is not much different from a Soviet era persecution of an involuntary dissident by the KGB. The Soviets would of course simply have taken the writer away with a knock on the door in the dark, while the U.S. Government and broadcast industry simply kill with a million small cuts never ending, collaterally brainwashing the public speech patterns into rave lexical forms that are puppeteered into serving the exploitation policy of the broadcast and government powers.

The technical progress that allows ad hoc racketeering by the broadcast media is served by the non-locality of broadcasters that cross borders and boundaries with electron waves. It is abetted by ad hoc racketeering coalitions that willing ape the speech forms of the broadcast ‘elite’ that outlast any political candidate. It is amplified in power by serialized domestic ‘terror’ tools found in broadcast stations in every state. It is helped by the vast wealth and power that finances the ‘cool’ exploitation, the bunk and disinformation ‘filler’ placed onto regular information communiqués. It can be assembled in a thousand deniable pieces permutating of time that present more difficulty as targets for legal remedies or litigation than stealth fighters do to radar operators. They also have the vast established power of simply declaring any targets to be delusional, with a psychiatric industry probably willing to make some profit off another body if it has the opportunity. You gotta eat-I gotta eat.

The trend to rave, disinformation, lies, and social terrorism on some few specific targets coincides with a consolidating world economic networking of Corporations. Some economists have written that neo-corporatism, which is a diluted form of the Corporatism that the Italian Dictator Benito Mussolini conceptualized in which a fascist state and corporate union would rule society, would require a power by government or media to control the right of free speech of individuals to politically express dissent.

Mass communications, mass consumerism and production, owned and guided by a centralized power may find intellectuals and dissidents inconvenient rivals to their absolute authority. Hence neo-Corporatism in the upward stages to Corporatism would practice targeting individual American writers, poets, Christians or whoever had expressed themselves as a sort of social barium test of control capability. In the neo-Corporatist state, which can be an ad hoc phenomenon in the developmental stage without a central ‘new world order’ planner, a gradual co-opting of any non-conformist political or economic challenge would occur incidentally. In the persecution of the writer of ‘Footprints’ since the end of the cold war era in the mass broadcast media, and before in some popular songs since the 1980’s, the broadcast business has served to intimidate many alternate economic scenarios from developing I should imagine, and minimally have served to putsch through a social zeitgeist that is compliant with a neo-Corporatist and Globalist agenda.

Individuals that are not paid to be celebrities cannot afford publicity good or bad. The entire nature of business exchanges occur with privacy and proprietary interests as implicit, necessary components. In fact many people are afraid of publicity and the potential to be targeted by the public, shunned, victimized etc in a million unforeseen ways. While the broadcast media is always in comfort with heating, automobiles waiting, paychecks and so forth, their targets are not. While the broadcast media is raising families and glorifying themselves for doing so, their targets may be broke, isolated financially for years, unable to afford to date.

Litigation against thousands of broadcast criminals each supplying just a few deniable pieces of the persecution or terrorism paradigm present a virtually Teflon coated criminal phenomenon beyond legal review. The Government has a limited budget, and cannot invest law enforcement dollars to obtain evidence of such a vast and skillfully administered criminal phenomena that has only one or a few targets, in fact the government broadcasters are themselves full accomplices in the criminal activity.

A constitution and laws can’t be forced upon people; they must individually be willing to comply with laws for them to be practical. A super-wealthy broadcast industry that is so dishonorable, cowardly and plain damn evil as to persecute one broke American writer, was perhaps unforeseen by the nation’s founders. The broadcast media have such a tremendous financial supremacy upon the poor struggling to just earn enough to get the things needed to live in the U.S.A., and to earn more, that they should rightly not hide behind subterfuge and slight-of-mouth techniques apropos for crooks and con artists. As newspaper editors of the electronic era did, they should say what they have to say in the public sector forthrightly and stand behind it as honorable super-rich Corporate types, and allow the courts to decide when and were they have transgressed the law.

The evil side of humanity is pervasive, yet it is a bad thing to experience such a quantity of it for-oneself.

Quantum wave probabilities would not help an individual author to know when or why corrupt and coordinated elite will choose to strike and victimize some individual going about his writing business. Yet there are of course some qualities of an individual that might differentiate one citizen from another as a prime target of opportunity for corporate terror in the United States.

The individual should first of all have some sort of intellectual production in the public sector. He or she should be a writer of something that some elite might oppose in principal politically and deem worthy of exploiting. The individual should have few relations and not be integrated well in any academic and peer setting that could provide a basis of support and recognition of persecution by the Corporation racketeers. The individual should have some class characteristics that would make him or her a marketable commodity by anti-class politically antagonistic groups. The individual should have intellectual products or qualities that could enhance corporate profits and prospects, and perhaps serve as a markworthy class enemy.

To a certain extent Corporate and Government broadcast terror can simply produce lies about the individual and market them as factual, the shear quantity of broadcast power will push through a public onion or pattern recognition that will vastly overpower the efforts of the individual to improve his or her own economic and social circumstance.

Individuals without intellectual activities or publication will not attract the attention of broadcasters, their simply isn’t sufficient quantity to exploit. Instead the non-writing citizen earning an average wage just going along with the flow of neo-Corporatist management is an ideal subject.

I should write something about the political environment in the individual citizen-victim may encounter in the neo-Corporatist or neo-authoritarian state. Like Saddam Hussein, the government and broadcast media may falsely associate a target with a political enemy of the people. The enemy may be real or imagined. Saddam Hussein had public trials for Jews as spies, and Hitler had a crystalnacht, while Stalin had anyone he felt like deleting killed, exiled or imprisoned.

A neoCorporatist development will tolerate some dissent, co-opt some, and yet try to finesse all economic development subtly into its own snare. Outright authoritarian governments will simply liquidate opposition. The neo-Corporatist phenomenon will enshroud its corporate activities with patriotic colors, and suggests that rival free enterprise efforts sympathize with the enemy.

An example might be the auto and oil lobby national loss-leaders that produce annual trade deficit operating losses specifically. Alternative energy and transportation start-ups that could replace the reliance on obsolete industries are derided and set back in a variety of ways, with some even suggesting that support for such would necessarily be socialist or fascist.

False political labels on competitive yet comparatively disadvantaged rivals to specific industries are a way that the broadcast propagandists have of deleting competition and consolidating power. In the United States it is difficult to say that there is a rival political party to the Corporatist state. A rival party would support free enterprise and advantage for the nation, would conserve the ecosystem and national forests instead of plundering them, would demand a national industrial and social infrastructure that operates efficiently as a maintenance base at a low cost, would protect the nation’s borders, would promote the values of individual citizenship and so forth in fact.

A Democratic Party that wanted bring about a rectification of political goals might select Rep Gephardt as its leader of the DNC. It might strive to generate a social security plan of its own that is coordinated with the other main social service financial elements a citizen might need in a stable society including unemployment insurance and medical coverage. It should invest some of a citizen’s individual account in mutual funds, indexed with the market, in order to reduce the long-term tax burden and free-up money for private investments.

A Democratic party seeking a solid and comprehensive free-enterprise economic platform would not seek to impose extreme changes on traditional social moors and folkways forcibly upon the public as a price of representation. Instead it would recognize that the real economic interest of the middle class and the poor of the United States is in creating new and newer sunrise industries that will lead America and the world in clean and renewable energy and environmental resources, and promote national deficit reduction and federal and states policies that attempt to place the interests of Americans first. It would adroitly sweep aside specious arguments for or charges of isolationism and simply comply with international trade agreements while indirectly pursuing the creation of free enterprises in the nation that would economically advantage the citizens.

A Christmas eve blogpost from New Mexico

Some trouble editing my author page homeblog today at www.lulu.com/GaryCGibson, its a cold day too. I can’t access the repost commands in order to make changes for some reason.

It reminds me somewhat of sailing in back of Tybee Island Georgia in the bayous or whatever they call those channels that flood with the tide, when a squall arrived dark and gusty. It wasn’t possible to get the boat to respond to the rudder changes. I decided that it was caused by a lot of seaweed clumps blown off the tops of the submerged islands gathered around the swing keel (that was in a up position). With so much lateral blockage or drag the rudder is comparatively meaningless.

Its was a happier climate than that of New Mexico today. Here is a recipe to simulate homelessness in case actual homelessness ever occurs. One, sleep outside when its five or ten degrees with a sleeping bag not suitable for that temperature. Two, shiver occassional at night, yet think about remaining warm. Three, at five am put on boots that are at five degrees over cotten socks, and allow your feet to remain semi-frozen or whatever until 10 oc’clock. Ride a bicycle at dawn in a wind that pushes the wind chill down a bit after defrosting the seat, have a couple flat tires that need to be pumped up every mile, allow the wind to keep the feet and hands suitably cool etc.

Anyone should realize that at altitudes over a mile their is far less humidity in the air, and that cold winter high pressure areas may drift in to put a bite on the balmy 40’s. Yet it is such experience that allows one to comprehend to a minor degree what the inmates of the Gulag Archipelago experienced such as Alexander Solshzenitsin wrote about in his volumes 1,2 and 3 on the subject.

In the Kolyma region of the Soviet Union inmates might be packed in a transit house with a fenced yard and of course no insulation or heating in the slatted board building while temperatures plunged below zero. Of course the inmates were not provided with adequate or any winter clothing, wearing threadbear arguments and so they arrived at a tough choice regarding lunch/breakfast/dinner served once a day…Take a small peice of bread or some salted herring.

The ones that chose the salted herring got thirsty and drank the only water available, at 32 degrees or so. That water lowered their body core temperature sufficiently to make them incapable of warding off the cold enough to remain alive. The bodies were stacked like cordwood outside the fence of the transit camp it was written.

Actually the short yet substantive New Mexico cold snap reminds me of old times in Alaska when I could go outside and freeze anytime if serious precautions were not taken, and sometimes in spite of them.