Russian-Ukraine Peace Deal Land Swap Might Work

It might be a good idea to consider unconventional approaches to bringing peace and prosperity to Europe-Asia and the United States since the usual indignant bullhead sort of approach might lead to nuclear war within a year. Russians are alright people, and Ukrainians might be too although they have been indoctrinated in some shaky western sports of things I would guess. Even so, it should be possible to get some sort of peace deal involving swapping land for Ukrainians and Russians.

Ukrainians could be given title to 2 acres of land in Russia- even Siberia, and vice versa, for free to start with. Citizens of each nation would own some real estate and could build a geodesic dome there if they choose. The border region would be made like a chessboard of agriculture and wilderness reserve lands owned by each nation, and Russia would keep 70% of its present occupied areas in return for which Ukraine would be given a 100 year lease on select areas of Russia of equal area to develop as they wish non-militarily with an assured direct travel corridor to the land.

The administration wants to win things through war rather than negotiation with creative thinking. Force is an effective tool in a mindless sort of way on occassion. Withn lots of weapons and proxy soldiers that’s an easy chpoice to make.

When Ukraine was set up during the interregnum when the Soviet Union died and before Russia could be fully re-established lands were taken that Russia would forever regard as its own with a right to own, Unfortunately that circumstance led to the present conflict. To settle that conflict short of nuclear war and return the world to a more normal political state of affairs asap (get on with reducing global warming already) some very intelligent and innovative leadership will be required to make a land adjustment.

All those former communists really should have some land of their own to worry over; ending Cold War 1.0 did not assure that all people would have an equal start with some property in their possession. Obviously some oligarchs and mafioso globally had an advantage at taking things in the vacuum of power. Too bad Henry Kissinger isn’t available to sort things out.

Euro-tail Wags the Biden Admin Barking at Russia over Ukraine

 Listening for days to the media jingoism for war with Russia over Ukraine it seems evident the  administration is in the pocket of the 1% that desire a little more land and wealth east of Europe in to traditional Russian land. With no-brain U.S. political leadership European and former Pentagon general officers swell up like a lynch mob to take on the easy-peasy Russians in a show down over Ukraine.

With the least bit of diplomatic skills and negotiations the United States and Russia could have prospered dividing Ukraine along the Dnepr River. Ukraine could be a demilitarized free trade, tax free zone east and west. Apparently President Biden and the State Department minions learned nothing from the Cold War and division of Berlin and seek to repeat and improve on historical errors of the past. Ukraine isn’t part of N.A.T.O. at any rate. Ukraine isn’t even near the North Atlantic.

The United States isn’t a weak girly nation that needs to get all the girls together to take on Russian bullies because little Europeans are frightened and want to drive Russians back to Siberia where they belong with the U.S. Army and Air Force in a blitzkrieg  on any Ukrainian areas with Russian speakers or autonomy and political self-determination (what’s that?). The U.S. can cut a deal with Russia directly to stabilize matters- even stationing troops in Western Ukraine and get on to good and full diplomatic relations with Russia.

The United States likes to paint itself in a corner with interminable hillbilly conflicts and always  needs some place to invade to war for a while and exit with deficit spending being the victory to bring home. If U.S. leadership wasn’t so stupid it could find peaceful, prosperous ways to arrange international affairs. Not very difficult at all. Especially with Russia.

Plutocracy reduces free enterprise

Society has become so obsessed with money and material things that good sense about mankind being better off if people work for the social good as well as themselves is being lost. If the masses can’t see the wood for the trees and political leaders aren’t able to comprehend what can make a nation better off in pursuit of their own, existential position, civilization can decline.

There are two basic forms of government for humanity these days; those that seek to concentrate wealth in a tiny minority and make slave laborers and happy work minions of everyone else, and those that prefer free enterprise and democracy with limits to capital acquisition. Plutocracy threatens the integrity of elections and enterprise with monopoly.

Simplistic atheists attack philosophical diversity

Atheists tend toward reduction of philosophy to the field of natural history including philosophy that is regarded as having entirely physical, evolutionary causes. In a sense those that virtual worship natural history to the exclusion of objective conceptualizing of philosophical concepts for-themselves, to be consistent, need eliminate rational thought as meaningful since that is physically deterministic phenomena. Philosophers can consider natural history inclusive of evolution paradigmata, yet also consider modal logic paradigms of an infinite supreme being (God) in regard to possible parameters of construction of infinite Universes and the how an eternal being spins off temporal universes while being omniscient –i.e. do all Universes always exist and subjective minds experience them as temporal journeying through ( ref. Tegmark’s Level 4 Multiverse).

I.M.O. proper theology belongs in a spiritual site, as anti-spiritual atheism belongs rightly in some Satanic theology site. Philosophical consideration of infinite being in relation to the temporal is simply another interest of philosophy; atheists proselytizing on philosophy sites trying to prevent philosophy that does more than consider natural philosophy sectarian bores.

Why does God let evil exist? A philosophical account differs a lot from a theological opinion. For one thing, humans have free will. The Bible differentiates between evil (natural disasters) and wickedness (the evil men do) said J. Vernon McGee. Humans also have original sin and per Aquinas are totally depraved, and per Calvin need be saved by the grace of God for they have no merit and can’t help themselves. The Universe in my opinion is a thermodynamic containment facility for beings ingesting energy and inclined to get rough to get the energy and blimp themselves up physically and socially; wickedness happens. A philosophical explanation is quite a bit different and too much to consider here.

Concerning Infinity Multiplying Itself

Infinities are useful in constructing philosophical paradigms that can become dialogue in science fiction. Here are a few paragraphs on the topic of cosmology that I wrote.

“Quantum field theory; Q.F.T. describes some of the characteristics and strengths of quantum fields. Advanced Q.F.T. relates the behaviors of fields mathematically in relation to other fields occurring in four dimensions of space-time allowing fractional changes to the spin of constituent energy packets after they are converted into just numbers. One dimension points may be inducted with virtual fields and built between quantum field values with charges that adequately mirror quantum field objects; bringing into four dimensions and with higher maths and dimensions, virtual quantum fields.

“If numbers are fractions of a whole or have meaning only in relation to a series of numbers; infinities as it were in all directions except as arbitrary sets are delimiting paradigms Laura, why are numbers not infinite in quantity and size in every position and each dimension without any sort of delimiting structure at all? How can trans-finite series, as Cantor discovered, have any real or unique identity that would make them greater or lesser than every number that exists is an infinite continuum for all possible dimensions?”

“Victor, I would guess you wonder that because if numbers are the true foundation of all energy and mass, and gravity exists as well as thermodynamics in each universe, then obviously there is a process for changing sets that exist within the continuum of all possible numbers, at every possible location. Why would numbers develop temporally finite sets like squalls across an infinite sea? Are they echoes from the passage of an idea from the deity?

Why do numbers draw other positions together within a continuum that has infinite numbers at every location? What makes for an increase or decrease of value anywhere, if anyplace may as well be nowhere? 

Why would a spatial field; perhaps a field of charged virtual particles, upsurge like a hernia driving apart space-time, and appear within fields of a universe as elements with cardinal or ordinal differentiation in no-space? The quantity is infinite at every location, so the relative scalar difference of magnitude causality could be explained with dimensional intrusions.”

Dasein, Heidegger and Romanticism

Wki has a good description of da (there) sein (to be). Heidegger didn’t invent the term (Hegel used it too) yet reinterpreted it. To be (or not to be vis. Shakespeare) seems self-evident .

Heidegger may have considered criticism of social existence in a way similar to that of Kierkegaard criticizing 19th century German romanticism that followed Hegel. Socratic irony considered the superficiality of social existence as did Kierkegaard who regarded Socrates as having created a method of social analysis critical of ‘inauthentic being’.

Heidegger was initially appointed Minister of German education by the Nazis yet quit fairly soon upon discovering what a bunch of louts they were. He retired to a hut in the forest to work on philosophical projects and had the opportunity to think about inauthentic social existence and group think (Orwell later) or what Sartre might call the social dialectic and Nazi use-truths. 


Determined to Be (poem)

  Colors rise full with time
swept together in soft signs
that drenches nothingness
emerald forests wood shine

  Lines woven into new forms
universal circle norms
at the edges of ever
life is an advancing storm

  Moving on some pieces stay
when others go to new days
oceans spin drift young foam crests
fly to endless, restless waves

  Tides send infinity
a shoreline for being free
constructions saved by the Lord
were determined to be.

Determined to Be (a poem)

  Colors rise full with time
swept together in soft signs
that drenches nothingness
emerald forests wood shine

  Lines woven into new forms
universal circle norms
at the edges of ever
life is an advancing storm

  Moving on some pieces stay
when others go to new days
oceans spin drift young foam crests
fly to endless, restless waves

  Tides send infinity
a shoreline for being free
constructions saved by the Lord
were determined to be.

Darwinism is an easy support for anti-Christian moral and philosophical sloth

People have commonly the causality of issues of politics and religion over history. Some blame religion for various European conflicts rather than individuals within organizations as if individuals were not responsible; as if abstract beliefs compelled individuals to cause harm. If the religion doesn’t order injury to others, the fault lies within the people and not the stars Horatio. 

For the simple minded and unphilosophical it is easy to just take up Darwinism and leave reading the Bible and cosmology to someone else. Society is about a thousand from synthetic understanding of modern cosmology with deep Bible hermeneutics. Theologians and scientists together comprise ignorance of their own and the opposition force material more than a little. Yet average people have Darwin, television and automobiles and are content to leave things unexamined philosophically.   

from wiki-“In Hitler’s eyes, Christianity was a religion fit only for slaves; he detested its ethics in particular. Its teaching, he declared, was a rebellion against the natural law of selection by struggle and the survival of the fittest.
— Alan Bullock, Hitler: A Study in Tyranny “

from wiki- “However much Hitler on some occasions claimed to want a respite in the conflict [with the churches], his own inflammatory comments gave his underlings all the license they needed to turn up the heat on the ‘Church Struggle’, confident that they were working towards the Fuhrer…Hitler’s impatience with the churches prompted frequent outbursts of hostility. In early 1937, he was declaring that ‘Christianity was ripe for destruction’ (Untergang), and that the churches must therefore yield to the ‘primacy of the state’, railing against ‘the most horrible institution imaginable’— Ian KershawHitler 1936–1945: Nemesis[27]

Causality, Special Relativity and Cosmology

One may make certain assumptions regarding what causality is, or when it is, that may not be accurate. One tends to regard causality as an element occurring in time, or along a time line from alpha to omega, perhaps at some time omicron or whenever, and that might disregard the non-linear factors that coincide with an event that requires preceding ’causes’ or conditions to exist. That is causality may proceed from numerous, perhaps an infinite number of axis or vectors such as x or x and y or x,y, z axes through infinity.

So one has the question of what a particular point event on a single infinite line has as qualities that differentiates it from preceding events on the continuum of time materially flowing (if time actually occurs as relative positions among numerous or plural ‘objects’ rather than as a hypothetical abstract dimension for mathematical purposes.

Then one wonders how an infinite timeline without beginning or end has differentiable causes, perhaps such as material forms that comprise quarks, strings or humans, or maybe sentient though in-itself, as it develops through a Universe or Metaverse from eternity without beginning or end, yet strewn with countless Universes in theory that occur with some unusual relationship between themselves that some physical cosmologists speculate would exist like an eternally branching tree packed fractal like with infinite numbers of universes within and without itself because of the way ifninite dimensions can pack. That paradigm with quantum fields of some sort generating virtual particles that become entangled and locked into a steady state of matter that supposedly is a secondary quality of energy may not require causes to be.

That may seem somewhat sketchy, yet causality may be something humans think about because of the appearance of pluralism rather than monism concerning mass and stars etc. Yet particles pick up mass in the Higgs field from their normal two-dimensional condition as energy as they slow to sub-light velocity as get the appearance of a third dimension (in time). It could be that the existence of the quantum field at some deep level is eternal and the appearance of various forms and change of matter is contingent being. The pre-Socratics Parmenides and Heraclitus were concerned with similar issues. God is spirit. Spirit differs from contingent mass and energy. Foe humans though observing mass and energy in various forms and considering the temporal forms that it takes are great inquires and even rather sporting. If God wills things to exist eternally he could. Cosmologists tend to believe that Universes, big bangs and inflatons may occur infinitely too. Lorentz transformations are interesting ways to consider where things are in time from the viewpoint of different observers. One might develop a similar equation to apply to the Metaverse and decide if anything was really a cause of anything else or if it all was a thought of God’s without beginning or end in time or its temporal forms.

Time seems inseparable from thermodynamic change, that is from the particles and energy that comprise it. Time may be equivalence of motion of wavicles measured uniformly in a sector en mass. The Lorentz transformation is a formula used in special relativity to coordinate perspectives of two different observers concerning time. Changes in physical systems occur in a given system of physical values often set by the local strength of gravity and pace of motion. Time is a measurement or quantification of the rate of change locally.

Sure the Bible is True

Truth is a verification of a statement or proposition.Truth is relative and conditional except for One whom is everything in-himself (God). God precedes all contingent universes and fields, waves or forms. The One who eternally exists hasn’t a need to verify Himself or contingent facts He created, or is. Truth is for lesser beings with the possibility of falsehood, uncertainty and error. Here today, gone tomorrow in a manner of speaking, is humanity as a blade of grass as Solomon noted. All is vanity. The Bible, or Biblos meaning little books, is true in recounting that ti,me in Middle Eastern history. Most skeptics are searching for error rather than truth in it, and they tend to find that at least in misunderstanding it.

Jesus told Nicodemus that mankind need be born again, of the spirit. Mankind is born in sin, materially embedded in a thermodynamic field. All mass exists because 2-dimensional energy packets slow to sub-light speed in the Higgs field getting a 3rd dimension along the line of travel. Adam and Eve picked up those thermodynamic traits that exist for all in the Higgs field when they flunked obeying God’s instructions (sin) missing the mark of perfection required to be in the presence of God. Jesus Christ helps the elect with that, having shed His blood in atonement for the sins of people of faith in Him. Faith in the Lord brings one to spiritual rebirth, though still living in the thermodynamic, temporal field of being.

Demos’ Fake Insurrection, the Kaiser, Hitler and other European Invaders of Russian Ukraine

I think of the United States these days as led by the Invisible Empire Soviet of Plutocrats, or, The Soviet, and both major parties as mostly unwitting service units to consolidate wealth for the plutocracy buying the planet. Therefore the fake insurrection of January 6, 2020 was, in my opinion, simply another incident to control the inane political narratives that comprises the U.S. political system these days. The Soviet in buying the world (along with the Chinese Communist Party) shorts the American poor creating permanent repressive barriers to a good life while luring the middle class to support the present system concentrating wealth and devastating the ecosphere.

An insurrection rightly ought to be an attempted revolt, a phenomenon quite unlike the January 6, 2021 events at the national capital. Democrats have broadcast the events as an attempt at insurrection since they ran out of Russian collusion narrative material to control the political zeitgeist with extremely biased propaganda. Trump partisans that stormed the capitol believed they were trying to defend the constitution and democracy against hostile takeover comprising a coup by Democrat partisans stuffing the November 2020 election ballot boxes and machines with fake or ineligible votes and outright cheating. Rather than seeking to overthrow the government of the United States the ‘insurrectionists’ thought they were defending it and the constitution of the United States.

 The late historian of civilizations Arnold Toynbee observed that one of the prime causes for the fall of a civilization is the failure of a political economy to adapt to external challenges. Today the United States and global civilization faces several existential challenges to their economic methods they are failing to adapt to. Global capitalism has developed a rationale and belief to justify itself and its inability to adapt and change to ecological economic policies that reclaim environmental health and build social well-being. In error leaders compare Adam Smith’s 18th century political philosophy for the wealth of nations to Charles Darwin’s 19th century natural philosophy favorably; they believe that natural selection in  capitalism will evolve the optimal, necessary response to empirical adversity as a verisimilitude if evolution’s natural selection thus obviating the need for rational directed evolutionary political action and reforming thought.

 Political self-destruction is, in my opinion, an alternative mechanism for necessary political change that occurs for nations and civilizations when rational methods of adaptation are beyond the competence of political leaders. Paradoxically irrational social self-destruction may be construed as a civilization’s mass political sub-consciousness trying to express a positive adaptation to change that it cannot make consciously. The historical will of Western European nations to expand eastward into Russia actualizing in the present day via Germany’s will to annex Ukraine unto N.A.T.O. with U.S. support as the zeitgeist of plutocratic expansion may embody that latent trait to self-destruction developed because of the failure of select western leaders and politicians, media and minions to adapt successfully to the challenges presented by global demographics, environment and technological facts in-themselves. It is simpler intellectually to thoughtlessly continue economic expansion through conflict than to change and direct economic evolution toward planetary sustainability and capitalist egalitarianism and rebuild World War Two era alliances in new global ecological economic adaptations. Instead of inventing conflict with Russia, the United States and Europe should invent partnership and ecological economic partnership with Russia for progress. With an allied structure each nation should respect state’s rights to the maximum degree acceptable for social self-determination together with human rights.

  The U.S. plutocrat Soviet controls most of the nation’s wealth and receives most of the national income. It has outsourced and redistributed national production globally transforming the national economy into preponderantly a service and especially financial service economy reliant upon global plutocrat imports materially (with easy to inflate prices for the domestic consumer sector).

For some time, since the late Senator Harry Read was the Democrat minority and majority leader and Speaker Pelosi led Democrats in the House the Democrat Party has seemed to work toward one-party rule through any way possible. The party is itself a threat to Democracy equaled perhaps just b y the planetary plutocrat blue-blood wing of the Republican Party.

 Fake news of a partisan nature is in some ways a function of creators of media content interpreting and spinning social relationships and d events the way they want to hear them. Of course there are [plain fake news articles on content written or broadcast with the explicit intent to deceive to. Republican voters as well as Democrats have been swamped for a decade or more with partisan and biased news purveyed by corporate interests owned in past at least by plutocrats. The debacle of consuming the entire Trump administration with bogus accusations of Russian collusion to win the 2016 election helped Republicans and others to realize the proclivity to falsehood Democrat Party leadership supported. That in turn helped stimulate distrust in election results that were probably more or less accurate however.

   Maybe 30% of citizens will believe incorrect things from alien invasions or UFO visits to vaccines made to cause brain death. It is not illogical that Trump loyalists swamped with fake and biased news for years would turn out some that would protest the election results because of distrust of Democrats counting votes. To label those people as revolutionaries or insurrectionists was however m ore fake news narrative content from Democrat and plutocrat partisans that share many of the same objections, as the Democrat party is something like a corporate owned union.

Human beings migrated historical not simply for reasons of exploration or insufficient ecological conditions to sustain life, they also moved away from other humans and the natural human will to power. Migration to the United States generally saw humans moving away to a nearly unpopulated land with few natural human predators upon other humans. With the continent and nation ecologically full continuing immigration becomes counter-productive for long term occupancy. The U.S.A. may experience challenges such as that of residence becoming a revolving door as citizenship in the corporate concentration of wealth paradigm moves toward disposability; people are as disposable as products in the mass consumer society increasingly. Capitalist plutocrats will seek cheap labor and immigrant brain power to invent and produce products to further increase capitalist wealth. The situation may arise where retired citizens are encouraged to move abroad to live in Central And South America, Asia and India or China to free up living space and keep rental costs down. Perhaps for each U.S. citizen who emigrated permanently yet receiving a stipend monthly of $1000 two citizens of the receiving nation would be allowed to legally migrate to the U.S.A. if satisfying education and/or labor strength requisites. That kind of situation would be a fair human trade from the viewpoint of capitalist plutocrats, as American expatriates would bring spending and skills to poor countries while the U.S.A. receives an infusion of new brain and brawn.

Egalitarian capitalism with a purely free enterprise foundation would eliminate too big to fail corporate concentrations of wealth and are counter-productive to the good side of competition. When business ventures require large scale capital several companies could form ad hoc joint venture projects. Human civilizations on occasion experience implicit social challenges that require new institutional responses. Two striking examples are those of military and education. In the present world planetary, environmental, demographic and technological circumstance the new institutional challenge is to eliminate poverty nationally first with basic universal income, free walk in health care for the poor globally and environmental reclamation synthesized with business. The U.S.A. has failed those challenges so far and inertially plunges ahead with minion sycophants in support of tax cuts and hoary political philosophies of the past, lubricated with godless, senseless amorality beyond good and evil.

 Wealthy plutocrats like former President Trump comprise a small percent of the world population and wield a disproportionate degree of political power. It is somewhat amusing that the red state anti-Democrat decadence hero Donald Trump is a plutocrat himself rather than a blue collar politician up from the average like William Jennings Bryant pursuing rural political interests.

  Global plutocrats are a few thousand people that own most of the world’s wealth. As such they comprise somewhat of a behind the obvious ad hoc imperial empire. The major political forces of this era are stumbling g along toward forms of ad hoc imperialism globally supported by groups with historically imperial sympathies like Brits, non-Jewish Semitic tribes and so forth, as well as plutocrats and their collectivist employees of the corporate sector. Democrats in fact support the imperial movement against true democracy- one with financial egalitarianism and leadership, as much as anyone does, though unaware in most instances. American blacks historically preferred the Brits versus U.S. revolutionaries, and Hispanics with their culture too easily supported strong men dictators in plutocratic dress.

 American democracy may already be dead at the national level though it lives like a kind of zombie to vote for plutocraticly acceptable candidates. The broadcast media is a tool of plutocracy generally in support of interests that plutocrats favor such as homosexuality, abortion, trans-border trade and migration paradigms and low taxes on the rich while dumping public debt. Democrats fail to realize that ordinary people actually may dissent from those policies that they favor, and plutocrats are aware of how to manipulate the polity and divide the citizenry along racial issues of small economic meaning to the masses. Communist and other socialist and neo-socialist forms of collective economic behavior have moved toward supporting global elite rule too so far as to be able to merge to a degree with the economic goals and developments of plutocratic capitalist investors globally. This year the prospects for regulated free enterprise of an egalitarian sort with caps on the concentration of wealth or investments in more than three corporations per individual look as poor as the prospect of restoring a reasonable tax rate of 75% upon plutocrats.

Zarathustra’s condition in the pandemic

This morning when I awoke and opened the front door, I saw deer tracks leading to the front step through fresh snow and immediately wondered how Zarathustra was doing during the Covid 19 pandemic. Today is the beginning of the end of winter, or so one might hope with the weather forecast from weather radio saying that the high-pressure system over the Yukon and B.C. providing outflows that have kept the temperatures here well below freezing for some time are fading and being replaced by a series of low-pressure systems that will bring temperatures in the Southern panhandle to the 30’s and 40’s (along with flooding and high winds over deep, suddenly melting snow pack. Plainly this was the opportunity for a jejan evaluation of Zarathustra in the Covid 19 regimen since it probably is too soon for writing anything jejune or jejulian.

Are the conditions of Zarathustra’s (aka Nietzsche) being Beyond Good and Evil still in effect? Is the Covid 19 pandemic cull also regarded by people of a Democrat Party ilk as being beyond good and evil, good or evil, less than or equal to good, less than or greater than evil, or something altogether else? For that matter was President Biden’s Build Back Better paradigm beyond good and evil or beyond good sense?

Here in the dark winter NPR is the sole news station available in this place without cell phone coverage. That is something like being a mushroom grown in the dark fed a load of manure. On rare occasions I get a chance to read some internet data to correct the broadcast propaganda (insufficiently). This is what I got from listening to that frequency about national politics now…

The President said that a minority should not filibuster a Democrat Senate majority and let Democrats make partisan changes to voting regulations in Republican partisan majority states. The U.S. Senate is evenly divided so making it possible to mail in election ballots from Mexico, Moscow and wherever American voters are is considered to be a good way to insure integrity for Democracy and firm up the Democrat majority hushing up minority expressions of dissent. Muhammad and Vito from the union could collect ballots from their Chicago precincts and deliver them to polling places to save work for voters yearning for more free time to drink on Sundays. A future commodities market in mail-in ballots may develop with speculators buying up ballots from low country voters for ten bucks and a hamburger today for sign and release to be sold at a considerable proplit bearer ballots in the event of close elections to highest campaign contestant bidders.

One party systems like Democrats build cannot long endure; a free marketplace of ideas or political pluralism may be destroyed. Demicrats persuade their special electorate that Republicans make black people dehumanized and compelled to listen to country and western music ten hours a day. The President in a loving speech explained that Republicans are evil Jeff Davisonian, Bull Connerian, George Wallacian, booger and snail, puppy-dog tailed nasties that should be put under Democrat Party rule until muffled permanently. Nothing was said of equal protection of the law and state’s rights for political self-determination and pluralism as a way to prevent authoritarian tyranny by the federal government. Maybe proportionate, equal numbers of polling places per population is reasonable, yet dictating that states that want to close down bars and liquor stores and voting on Sunday should pound asphalt seems wrong. Sure as shootin, those dog gone Democrats may seek to panic black Americans (and those within several points on the html color code chart) and drive them to vote exclusively in union halls and Democcacrat party offices.

During these winter weeks I have considered the popularity of the late 19th and early 20th century philosopher of the eternal recurrence among certain Democrat portions of the American populace. Is the nearly eternal recurrence of Covid 19 variations confirmation of Nietzsche’s theory of eternal recurrence? Might one infer that the Universe and Multi verse, if it exists, recur because that is a more efficient way to pack an infinite number of Universes into a finite space? Or could it be that like Nietzsche who suffered from mind problems caused by advanced syphilis, that the eternal recurrence or sundry cosmology theories are the result of wrong inferences of spaced or warped cognitive paradigms? Will the Webb Space Telescope confirm or support the eternal recurrence of Covid 19 or resist it with proof better suited to a standard model of cosmology?

Can one rightly deny that the Covid 19 cull is evil or that stopping that would be good? Or are the terms of good and evil superfluous or exterior to the facts of mortality for-themselves as vaporous as words in comparison to objects? The word of God is meaningful, yet what else could be said to be so substantial as the facts of material, temporal objects in a thermodynamic stream of appearance that become, are and then fade away into the past with all things, like grass?

I suppose that the advantage of choosing to take up a beyond good or evil moral paradigm (with or without an eternal recurrence) from a subjective perspective is that evil can be done yet be exempt from being labeled evil. Good would be an irrelevant non-sequitur for those beyond good and evil of course, and for those that prefer evil works, of little concern or loss, except perhaps as they might not receive public recognition for whatever good they do to offset their evil works nominally. In the political realm being beyond good evil could have tremendous value for politicians who would be relieved of public expectations that they accomplish good works and criticism for perpetrating evil public policy.

Covid reminds me a bit of that science fiction movie of the 1980’s I believe it was, about a UFO that appeared over a panhandle logging town and lifted some trucks and people into the sky (no it wasn’t The Rapture for those that might wonder). It reminds me of that former Canadian logger from British Columbia who clandestinely chain sawed down a great white spruce tree held in reverence by some of the people of the Queen Charlotte Islands (also known as Haida Guai {it means the people}) one night who became charged with some criminal offense for the felling of the tree that he did for some reason who then became lost at sea paddling to the mainland during a storm in a kayak. Covid 19 is a perennial challenge to modern science and the responses economically and socially sometimes seems inexplicable, enigmatic and less than optimal in some respects demonstrating the problems that average people working and living with mass organizational approaches to everything can have in adapting well to novel challenges.

If people themselves working through mass organizational structures become beyond good and evil in-themselves with social reality setting forth what is good and evil, and that usually meaning compliance with organizational norms and not venturing to stick one’s neck out from the manure pile lest the Supreme Soviet of Plutocratic global term setters cast one out, or the group daily hate land upon oneself, can solve challenges with common effort, they can also repress solutions,  good adaptations and individual productivity with the coercion of social pressure to conform. Yet one may ask; what is good or evil when the values are determined by collectives? To me, they appear to be nominalist moral terms for those without faith in God. Collective use-truth values of mass social narratives are surviving, even permutating infectiously, in 2022.

Covid 19 med prep could have been better

Since the Obama administration debate on what shape national health care should take I have periodically advocated free health care for the poor provided directly by medical staff on U.S. Government payroll. That is the most efficient way to include everyone and skip layers of bureaucracy and pay to middlemen insurance people. My suggestion was that the Veteran’s Administration hospital system could have been expanded greatly and combined with community service clinics to cover Veterans and the poor with a large surplus bed capability that could be ramped up in case of national emergency to provide auxiliary service to all Americans after the beds in regular hospitals systems not part of the V.A. hospital/community service clinics. Covid in the Omicron era could have easily been supported without undo strain on civilian, non-government hospitals.

This post isn’t intended to be an I told you so note. The purpose here is to reiterate the point that the nation is not prepared to provide quality walk-in medical service for 100% of the nation’s poor residents and citizens or for all Veterans either reportedly. Neither would it be able to handle a real, more lethal pandemic that has a fair chance of occurring sometime in the future because the entire world is packed with billions of souls, millions of biologists and transportation that allow same-day movement anywhere on the globe. If some sort of a serious genetically engineered pathogen or even another natural one from the usual suspects in Asia U.S. experts and medical capability, not to mention the economy so reliant on imports to exist, would go belly up as quick as a grizzly bear would eat a box of jelly donuts given the chance.

The next pandemic event may kill billions of souls indirectly via mass starvation when the heavily dependent on global supply chains economies break down. People are not as clever as they sometimes believe they are, so preparedness might be considered something akin to godliness, especially if it serves the meritorious purpose of relieving the poor of suffering created by the maladaptation of the national political economy to existential challenges presented by the shrinking of the world and population increase on the planet.

Could Omicron’s fast action make the pandemic end quicker?

If omicron confers immunity to more lethal strains of Covid like the original formula and delta the pandemic might find it hard to continue after most unvaccinated people are infected. If Omicron doesn’t cause death easily that could be a natural way for the media of virus to be muted.

Quantitative Earth System Easing (Keys)

 With the failure of creative imagination and scale as well as finance lately in Congress; namely the Biden/Pelosi BBB plan, a new green infrastructure plan of a Spartan yet forward thinking nature need be added to the roster of tries of the continuing, dwindling days of Democrat-led House, senate and Presidency. A legacy of zero-green global warming legislation is likely to be regarded as unacceptable to intelligent voters…

Democrats may need to trust in the adaptability of Democracy to raise taxes on the rich and the plutocrat class of Americans without becoming socialist. Democracy can and should support directed free enterprising favoring global and national ecological economic synergy rather than conflict or war. Planetary ecological economics include the moon and items like the new Webb Space telescope beyond that would benefit from service investments in an increasing moon base budget in a Keys bill for long-term development.

The Keys bill could be limited to three trillion dollars of initial spending with half of that directed immediately toward phasing out fossil fuel pollution and bringing as many homeowners as possible to off-grid solar power energy production. A national environmental reclamation project could receive continuing support and investments from future administrations trying to modernize national energy and environmental infrastructure; probably through taxing the rich. The bill would include a Mexican border desalination canal that through evaporation and collected roof-over-canal condensation made millions of gallons of fresh water for drinking, farming and transforming the American Southwest into a verdant, greenbelt defrapping ground solar heating in the process.

The Eisenhower administration stated construction of great reclamation projects in the west that changed land use. Farming in the state of Washington greatly expanded with the new Grand Coulee dam. Eisenhower also started the federal interstate highway system that changed the way Americans get around the nation. A new era of federal reclamation projects could start that build on well-known technologies, science and engineering to create vast fresh water making, hydrogen gas via electrolysis and liquid hydrogen cooled super-conducting power lines in pipelines.

The United States today has a lack of intelligent political will that could adapt to the challenges to democracy and viable ecology including atmospheric heating that arise. Not one percent of Americans are philosophers or political philosophers and perhaps few of the latter have really thought about the nature of political systems and political economy to the point of comparing and contrasting them. Instead people rely on old off-the-shelf theories like Marxism and unrefined capitalism as default substitutes for their own thinking. Ordinary people pursue narrow self interests and allow that the policy is good universally leasing unfortunately to plutocracy, aristocracy and several structures the founders revolted against in their will to have egalitarian nationalism without superior social classes. The alternative to capitalism in the simpleton’s viewpoint is socialism or communism- collectivism against repressive minority rule. Such a paradigm is a consequence of an absence of intelligent political philosophy reinforced by censorship of social media in communist and capitalist societies; oppressive minorities invariably find ways to repress dissent and the expression of non-conformist ideas (ideas not conforming to those of the repressive minority). The lack of intelligent political philosophy reinforces plutocracy and common living from paycheck to paycheck with the material paycheck and common use of fossil fuel vehicles and expansion of existing physical infrastructure regarded as solid and rational ways of political economy. If energy and paychecks are generated by a satanic troll in the infernal regions of hell burning coal that is o.k.

Democrats went over to the dark side of the environmental force when the Obama administration twisted the party’s arms to make Bush tax cuts on the rich permanent. Only Republicans are worse at environmental management and couldn’t care less about it since it is an externality to corporate profit. Republicans probably will take over Congress because of the Biden administration failure to get a pure green energy bill passed.

Republican are so bad at running able Presidential candidates Vice President Harris could win the 2024 Presidential race on the foundation of a robust federal reclamation

project featuring water, hydrogen and clean energy making. Red state Republicans- the populist wing of the party, have little chance of winning a campaign because of their resistance to Covid vaccinations and mask wearing. The omicron variant may eventually become the true herd immunity deviant closing out the more lethal forms of the disease, yet Red states Republicans also tend toward being environmentally illiterate global heating IQ. challenged that will buy electric vehicles only when fossil fuel ones are phased out by the manufacturers. The 2024 race looks like a race to the bottom. To win, Republicans would need to run someone resembling Robert Redford in Downhill Racer with a strong and real green reclamation bill. Democrats probably hope Sen. Ted Cruz is their opponent so they can begin Cuban communist collusion hearings against the foreign-born Canadian-Texan.

A green energy reclamation project could serve political economy well. It might also be advanced because it brings in support of diverse elements from red state voters that want an end to illegal immigration and blue state voters that would like green energy and jobs. The bill could include ten billion dollars of solar panels for central America to help their economies that ought to be paradises instead of gang lands with killer politicians on the left and right. A green reclamation project could serve as the basis for a recovered American economy with progressive taxes on the rich funding free community college education for all means-tested Americans. Independent voters might like a mirror project desalinating salt-water built across the border in Mexico bring the vast Mexican deserts into farmland (keeping Eco-reserves desert for wildlife adapted to deserts of course). They might like the super-conducting pipeline to branch off at El Paso to continue along the Interstate 10 corridor to Jacksonville where it would meet a Federal highway one pipe traveling to New England.

The far west coast could have a pipeline one day to consolidate energy transmission in a super-conducting power line that solar, wind and hydrogen fuel cells could deliver electrons to. People looking just to paychecks don’t have much time for political philosophy or innovating leadership ideas that should arise from an intelligent political class. When they fail the nation fails to meet common existential challenges.

A good green contemporary reclamation project would have a somewhat different meaning than that of the Eisenhower era when conservation of the natural ecosphere was not foremost in the mind of the President. A good green reclamation project should reclaim ecospheric health with the adaptation of modern technology to problems of sustainability made by over-population and technology and living design ill-suited to the contemporary world social and physical ecosphere. It could serve as a template for African, Asian and South American transitions catalyzing energy and healthy ecospheric sustainability. Free enterprise need be free of plutocratic domination and repression and that requires enlightened democratic governance (inclusive of smart leadership as one might expect in a Republic even though it isn’t there today).

Republicanism is a democracy’s method of bringing intelligent politicians (an oxymoron) to political leadership. When republicans select environmental and vaccine IQ. challenged and elitist rich insiders they elevate inferior leadership and deservedly lose or should lose elections. Democrats have their own issues of course that uniquely developed with the Obama administration enlisting the party to support Bush II tax cuts on the rich, support an avoidable civil war in Syria, conflict with Russian interests in Ukraine and homosexual marriage instead of making a new social structure that left traditional family structures uncorrupted.

If Pres. Obama had a policy initiative G.W. Bush he would have got Americans to invade Syria in support of liberating rebels to bring Sunni leadership and the tyranny of a repressive majority developing prosperity for-themselves. Perhaps Lebanon would have fallen to the Sunni too and today Lebanon and Syria would be as prosperous as Dubai. Obviously the new Sunni states leadership would have lacked royal imperialism and been destined to foist theocracy upon the masses. Russia could have been an American ally and been assured of continuing port facilities in Syria with a long-term lease. Democrats of the future would have lacked the hatred of Russia and tragically have lost support for an intifada of accusations of Russian collusion regarding President Trump’s 2016 election victory.

I note that my own policy preferences would have been abstemious concerning the tragic and avoidable Syrian civil war. I preferred constructive engagement with liberating social networking technology and patient commercial integration and transcendence of sectarian and class supremacies. The Obama homosexual policy of grafting homo-couples onto marriage made a U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan requisite since the Taliban would have resisted forever a butch military domination of their territory. Countless retards, women and children would have been dragooned into service as suicide bombers to blow up hospitals, schools and etc. by the Taliban until. Troops withdrew. President Trump had a rational estimation of long term Afghan discontent apparently.

I stipulate that on most social moral issues I side with red state ensembles. Red states may be deficient of support for high-end intellectual thought and expression of ideas however, equaling that of socialists, collectives and others with elitist one-party rule latent desires. On economic and environmental issues I support actual egalitarian free enterprise within rational ecological legal parameters preventing destruction to environment or environmental ecosphere loss or decay and preventing oppressive levels of concentration of wealth. Owning of public stocks should be limited to investments by any individual to three. Networking wealth led to the U.S.A.’s wealth distribution being equal to that of Mexico today.

Engendering tribalism in politics defaults political power and concentration of wealth to elites owning corporate shares too big to drown under the onslaught of anti-intellectual, anti-political philosophy sentiments of pure materialism paradigms for short-term proplit. Broadcast media collectives with anti-political philosophy, anti-faith values drive voters toward self-preservation identity politics down the broad road to environmental and moral devastation. Not only does democracy fail with tribalism party values under collective media conditioning reflecting plutocrat-positive spin, so does the ecosphere.

Solar heat absorbing asphalt combines with heat absorbing structures to make numerous hot urban micro-climates that are unpleasant to live in an require extra air-conditioning often provided by dirty energy production. A million miles of asphalt highways around the nation should be resurfaced with solar heat reflecting composition developed by federally financed research. Those heat absorbing and releasing at nigh roads might even by converted into low efficiency solar energy production surfaces with efficiency improvements over time as material efficiency increases.

Salt water from the Pacific might be piped to the drying up Great Salt Lake with solar power to make evaporation and condensation collecting areas producing fresh water for locals and people downstream. Obvious Eco-reclamation projects of large scale too large to be locally or even state-financed should be addressed by the federal government. Special interest groups may include those that are the world’s best at developing worst-case scenarios for-others. New reclamation projects can be on a best-case scenario rather than the automatic lethargy lines in support of worst case.

Metaphysical Uncertainty (a poem)

Dissipating fog passed over
spent shell casings of judgment
concerning land flowing below

Turned sideways, ontological perspectives
screen inferences about quantum reality in-itself
for-itself embedded in the Higgs field

That Higgs field with line branches of words
shapes thought of ideas for tomorrow
when sunset illumines birds with gold

Mystic regard for warmer things share
a common border; vacuum energy of space
describing fortunes of five hundred states of being

Like music of smoke and mirrors
collusion of collision cancels cultures
ram in the thicket, doubts.

Democrats Apparently Place $500 Billion Value on Global Environment

The Democrat’s present Big Big Really Big spending plan has set the value of environmental problems including green habitat loss, species extinction and global atmospheric heating at $500 billion dollars. They could force through any amount they want, for example %5 trillion dollars and a pack of regulations such as new zoning laws that conserve vestigial wild spaces, yet are more concerned with day care so three-year-olds can be properly indoctrinated. They boast they can save $5000 for couples struggling through life on $100,000 annual income while aspiring students and others living on fewer than $8000 income yearly get nothing including free community college tuition.

 The Democrats recalcitrance to make good on serious environmental economic reform after raising election hopes in 2020 should be remembered. It was largely a ruse concerning environmental issues. They conceded just enough to wrest votes from Republicans. Real concerns of Democrats may be reduced to a couple of important ones.

 Democrats use a one-party approach style of politics. One shouldn’t misunderstimate their intolerance or hidden agendas.  That could include a desire to have a dual Lesbian dictatorship not only in America, but in Afghanistan too, in order to liberate women from oppressive male subjugation. Another Democrat plan could be to unite California and Sinaloa into one province- a free intermediary province, that could provide a pathway for takeover of the American Southwest by the Sinaloa Cartel that would have its leader as Governor of all the Californias from coast to coast below the Mason-Dixon line moving farther north every year with the snow level retreating toward Canada.

The Founders Were White Nationalists ( not whites only)

George Washington was white and a nationalist, therefore he was a white nationalist. Muddying logic works quite well to serve the concentration of wealth socially with any dissidence to globalism and plutocratic interests disqualified in some way or other as a racist or general foe of the placid democrat persons in the corporate acceptable set for receiving views or even publishing in mainstream social media.

 Democrats have served to divide and conquer the electorate for the benefit of corporate plutocracy and trans-nationalism. The left in pursuit of global socialism; the policy of Trotsky rather than Stalin, long ago decided that nations were anathema to global socialism, and the concept of one-world utopia presumably with a dictatorship of the proletariat and some sort of administration class was the apple of their eye.

Nations should be the laboratories of democracy independent from invasive trans-national economic controls. Nations should be places were a sovereign citizenship not undermined by illegal migrant trans-nationalists politically determine their own use of natural and public resources, set tax standards and social organization of political economy. Nations should be as independent as George Washington and  other founders envisioned America with liberty and justice for all that did of course require time to develop.

The United States presently seems to be developing in a way that self-destructs sovereignty over its own borders making a farce of efforts for zero population growth to conserve natural resources. It is something like the Club of Rome’s situation as one of the original zero population growth organizations that was working in Italy as that nation had negative population growth achieved before the EC arrived and a flood of legal and illegal migrants arrived.

Nation s did not cause the 20th century of war. The first world war (the one to end all wars) was a war of imperialism and aristocratic rulers. Because the Kaiser was given a golden parachute to live in Holland and the war wasn’t fought to a conclusion instead ending with an armistice with bad terms for the security of France among numerous reasons, the second world war followed. The second world war has been called the last battle of world war one.

The balance of the rest of the 20th century wars were fought because of global communist Neo-imperialism of the post-Stalinist era in the Soviet Union, and western powers that stood against it. Additional wars were a consequence of the end of colonialism or to end colonialism, and over leadership of post-colonial rule often conflating revolutionary movements with international socialist war against the west during the cold war era.

Nations are comparable to cells in a body that is the Earth and its economic demesne (including the Moon and Mars too perhaps). The cells need meaningfully secure cell walls (borders) to keep themselves free from adverse viruses, and to internally function. Lysing the cell integrity with various adverse forms of migration and transnational finance  can subvert the cellular function and kill democracy globally. One then gets some form of dictatorship of an imperial kind.

The world does have numerous challenges including global warming, over-population and mass migration. The most efficient way to solve those problems would be with the rise of good national policies supporting secure borders and ecological economic policies that are economically sustainable. If the United States for example had good national policies of efficiency and sustainability with a balanced federal budget it could then be an example to other nations including poorer ones, especially to its south that have a long tradition of dictatorships, government corruption and in Mexico, mass drug trafficking in support of sales to corrupt U.S. consumers. 

To repair the inefficient economic practices of one country could be a sourdough starter to repair or develop other nations on similar sustainable lines. Global plutocracy and imperialism of elite Neo-aristocrats work directly against that. Even the United States government has basically laid down clueless as covert crypto-currencies build a stronger, more secure currency for the rich that might have a way to survive with fortunes intact a possible decline and fall of the U.S. dollar because of the vast public debt of the U.S. government. The Democrat Party in recent years has been to concerned with legalizing dope and teaching homosexuality in public schools to be concerned with  dangers to democracy that are clear and present. It spent the entire four years of the Trump administration chasing a fiction about Donald Trump as a collusionist with Russia, and the Steele Document turned out to be a product of a Clinton campaign operative. Homosexual marriage was forced by the left and Chief Justice Roberts further dividing the electorate. That was unfortunate and avoidable for if marriage had been left to itself a rational institution and homosexuals started legislation for themselves to secure their own communal interests realistically the conflict could have been avoided for the U.S. electorate probably would have tolerated homosexual contractual behavior as a principle consistent with self-determination and privacy.

Homosexuals likened themselves to repressed Negroes during the Obama era an irrational device to enlist public support and self-righteous termination and oppression of expressions of dissident options about homosexual marriage.  Along with the rise of concepts of hate crimes and hate speech the conflation of homosexuality with black in the leftist-corporatist lexicon of repression so far as to make the terms interchangeable have made it child’s play for plutocrats owning the broadcast and social media to divide the electorate on completely non-economic grounds and to marginalize dissidents that don’t support homosexuality or deficit spending policies from Washington D.C.

A politically segregated social media is another tool for global plutocrats to buy the U.S.A. Some people of course are in favor of that.  Some Americans would like a classless society ruled over by rich plutocrats that asked nothing of them and expected no political dissidence or opinions about how the rich manage political affairs. Imperialism does command some regard from those that might enjoy the role of being comfortable subjects with no moral boundaries or political self-determination responsibility.

It is the tax rate of the rich that should be the real political issue for Americans today; it is far too low. If homosexual marriage laws were reversed and the masses of Americans were prosperous and clever enough to eliminate poverty most of the substance of race issues would fade away.

Crypto Currencies; the right tool to flim-flam U.S. Dollars and Government Policy?

 Since the Reagan administration began running vast federal deficits under the Rubric of Lafferian supply-side economics the dollar has developed a dubious, curious nature of being valued on the basis of the full flim-flam of the U.S. Government that relies on the wealth of public and private resources to give the dollar value. That is, since the end of the gold standard in the Nixon administration the dollar has value simple because people believe the government can make good on it through taxation if it needs to. Taxation on the rich though has progressively been reduced since 1981 having the effect that wealth is concentrated like unto that of the gilded age before the great Wall Street crash of 1929-30.  Crypto currencies are an alternative to the dollar. Crypto values may be set by the market.

 Rave speech demotic by the broadcast media has served to subvert perceptions of integrity of broadcast media and neo-government for a few decades. The present social ethic is that power works and that real constitutional rights are those of pragmatic power rather than those on paper. The public accepts passively the slide of financial power to 1% of the people of the United States and chronically porous borders that allow subversion of the labor wage values within the U.S.A. The gradual closure of internet free speech emasculating dissent and subjugation of politics to  policies of interest mostly to global plutocrats have been assisted bite the unanticipated rise of the era of global crypto-currencies that are already a favorite for global computer hacker-extortionist ransoms.

  It is ironic that in an era where terrorism and asymmetric war may become the sole effective means of communicating dissent to repressive government policies fructified in one-party rule, that anonymous use of crypto-currencies to create a new infrastructure for the rich for the new world order the potential for a free marketplace of ideas in social media to communicate dissent with less violence is the first free media gutted through leftist, neon-fascist corporate controls. Violence is a form of communication. Violence is a muted, dumbed-down, unintelligent form of expression unsuitable for intellectual and/or artistic messages. Sometimes over the course of history violence was the common language an establishment shared with the poor.

 Christianity and faith in the Lord is a completely different ethic to that of worldliness. It largely negates the utilitarian calculus of war as politics through other means familiar to Clausewitz.  Civilians as elements of economics that use war as an economic tool are not considered as such. Instead they are regarded as sinners unless saved, strutting about on a comparatively meaningless temporal stage.

    I would like to comment here about the rock, paper, scissors nature of the broadcast media power to control or shape public thought; the zeitgeist, in support of their interests of reinforcing the increase of power and wealth for special interest classes as they interact to repress dissent and alternative directions of development of the political economy of the U.S.A. including that of ecological economics. Rather than using perpetual revolution the broadcast media organs of the rich utilize perpetual propaganda or deconstruction dissimulation for effectuating repression. The endless sort of social strife generated as everyone pursues narrow self and special interests increases in the U.S.A. as the ideals of the founding philosopher-warrior political class is deconstructed over-much. Each generation of the 21st century need become as wise as serpents and be spiritually as gentle as doves to pursue the necessary ideal political economy, as ideal as that envisioned by the founders, if it is to adapt the national and world economies that has far too many people using the planet’s finite natural resources in a very inefficient system ecologically speaking.

     Relying upon blind chance evolution of an ideal temporal political economy through concentrating wealth in an ostensibly free market of global corporatism owned primarily by 1% of the people probably is the path to very dystopian futures with civilians and all people being legitimate targets of war by insiders and outsiders as everyone is an element in a self-destructive global system. In war a legitimate target is one that well supports victory. That is, utilitarian principles guide a government’s conduct of war at the core (e.g. fire-bombing of Dresden, nuclear incineration of the civilians of Hiroshima and Nagasaki), including public relations consequences and propaganda choices.. Utilitarianism can have an abstract object group it seeks to benefit or bring the most good to; that is it could be the greatest good for the richest, most powerful or revolutionary. Utilitarianism can have a moral relativism and implicitly has subject-object variability.

     A factor exacerbating determinative social fatalism is false eschatological beliefs held by some Christians, Muslims and godless atheists (they believe pre-tribulationism is the essential rather than just a popular Christian eschatology) alike that an apocalypse lies ahead. That apocalypse occurred in the first century A.D. with the destruction of Jerusalem. The Lord Jesus Christ will return in his own time perhaps after the maximum numbers of people possible are saved (an indefinite time paradigm).

    Crypto-currencies are private and secret and appear to be a solid alternative to the dollar. Early in U.S. history the U.S. government expropriated the right of banks to print their own currencies and the U.S. government became the sole entity with the legal ability to issue currencies of legal tender. Without legislation they government has relinquished that right and has stepped aside to give crypto-currencies the inside position as a reliable substitute for the dollar that may be able to survive possible deflation of the dollar that could arise as confidence in flim flam deficit spending policies, accumulated vast public debt, great tax cut  for the rich support of the Obama and Trump administrations and networks of secret crypto-currencies serving rich plutocrats like a global invisible empire of a plutocrat Klan arising to degrade U.S. dollars to the status of slum dollars for those holding the bag of public debt.

 Like the vast mass switching of allegiance that is exemplified in the prisoners and diner’s dilemmas the dollar may at some future time experience a great exodus from the public perception of it as a potential slum currency to the more attractive realm of crypto-currencies backed by the market . Full faith in the invisible monetary empire of plutocrats buying into crypto-currencies like Elon Musk may make the trickle become a flood stimulating the collapse of the dollar. It wouldn’t be too surprising to discover that plutocrats like Warren Buffet or Bill Gates buy into or start crypto currencies themselves. Crypto-currencies of solid value that rise in value like gold when the dollar collapses might let the 1% that already own more than 35% of national income and control most of the other entirely purchase vestigial independent elements of the private sector if the dollar collapses. Crypto-currencies without borders relying on market values and with the full faith and credit in the worldly rich holding it could be an excellent tool to subtly accelerate the decline and fall of the value of the U.S. dollar.

 One might wonder if Vladimir Putin, Bill Clinton and English royalty have bought into crypto-currencies, or if Belarus has a high cost of living. The U.S. government to remain solvent may need to invest dollars in crypto currency speculation. Alternatively some future administration may need to relocate the U.S. capitol to Belarus after the Washington D.C. capitol is sold off for crypto-currency with other U.S. public properties like Mount Rushmore to pay down public debt.

Inflation Might Just Be Good for the Richest

 I should have been an economist and learned all about ways to make money with theory and speculation.  Inflation could just be good for the rich, including economists. The entire topic of what prospers the rich while seeming to be harmful to the poor and lower middle class isn’t as simple as finding a diamond ring dropped into a muddy lake .

 Inflation drives up prices. The rich own the things being sold and pass on the costs to you. Real estate goes up in value, and the rich own those rental builds that working people try to pay for. Lesson one; it is better to own a building rather than renting an apartment. The rich collect rents from about everything besides owning stock shares that might increase in value along with inflation (that is a challenging topic to consider).

It seems to me that if 50 million Americans take home less than a half of a percent of the national income that inflation can be a pretty effective way to skim that 1/2 percent back to the rich. People need to have enough income to work and the rest I suppose is targeted for return to the rich through a variety of means. It might be better to have an ideal society or at least make some progress toward building one rather than just letting everything go in the most loose, stupid version of neo-capitalism the society can tolerate while it is fueled with theoretical dollars backed only by the full flam credit of the U.S. Government (not exactly the same as the gold standard) or planetary plutocrats. I wonder if Congress will charge more people with contempt of Congress since contempt is almost a common opinion regarding the quality of that August body’s works in regard to public debt, social egalitarianism, border security and so forth.

There are many things to capture one’s attention if they attention to news. I live in a place that hasn’t cell phone service, and hence no internet, electricity or whatever (or a road to a store) so I value the news somewhat objectively when I encounter it, and it seems rather stupid so ordinarily that I am concerned that writing about it might give the impression that I believe that everyone making news is stupid- and that isn’t the case at all. Instead I believe that society is uncoordinated rather like the L.A. Lakers when Lebron James is injured, and that people have some erroneous notion that capitalism builds or evolves the best social environment willy nilly without need for competent government and good ideas. Alternatively maybe the politicians and media regard everything that passes like water under the bridge is good retrospectively, simply for being past.

It was said of old Russia that when the Tsar was having troubles he would send someone to foment a pogrom against Jews in some regional capitol. I have wondered if inflation causing incidents aren’t also used to keep democracy down and under the thumb of the rich. No one wants to talk these days about raising taxes on the 1% when inflation and Covid 19 are on fire. It doesn’t seem like a good idea to be concerned with abstract economic situations that might make the too big to fail Corporate 1%ers think about relocating somewhere else to build their widgets (like China or someplace that is really loyal).

Social Media as Corporate Bulletin Boards and Varieties of the Nature of Conquest

War is a continuation of politics through other means. War is not generally a sport with fixed rules of engagement, declarations of intent etc. It needn’t be said they are less desirable means than intelligent responses within democracy that address all of the concerns of various parties involved as protagonists. The founder’s Declaration of Independence was a succinct statement concerning the right of revolt of oppressed masses. It should be remembered that real material, spiritual and social interests in addition to natural resources should be protected where possible rather than destroyed. If the United States for example does not need a kinetic war to improve the situation, and if the war could not actually resolve the problem and would make matters worse, then other means should precede and supplant kinetic conflict.

One concern I have is social media. Quora is a good outlet for free expression though it too may have limits.

Social Media; Utilities or Corporate Bulletin Boards?

The freedom to use social media including blogs for personal and creative constructions require the media to be less flimsy than anti-global warming arguments. Writers don’t want their works to disappear when a web site goes black. To invest a lot of time in developing a product to then experience search engine listings being cut off by Google blogs after one criticizes N.S.A. or Google policy is consistent with the blog as a corporate bulletin board rather than a public utility. It is the nature of a public utility that is apparently necessary for security of free expression.

Since the first Obama administration I have experienced every place I write either disappearing, or I have been banned for using politically incorrect language occasionally. With the new Democrat administration Google managers felt it appropriate to zero my blog listings so they cannot be found. In my opinion that was noteworthy.

The concentration of power and wealth historically occur together. With the social networking of Wall Street and the support of free money loans from the Federal Reserve to the rich who then can mint their own e-dollars nine-fold for each dollar deposited concentration of wealth has occurred in the United States. Wall Street is global so a global plutocracy may be far advanced in development. They invest in China. Warren Buffet probably has a second home their. Plutocrats own social media in America.

Social media is used to express political opinions as well as sundry other thought and product sales. If it is a corporate bulletin board the content need be satisfactory and in effect subordinate to corporate goals and mission. Anything else could be degraded in search engine listing or deleted altogether. Corporatism spells the end of democracy and rise of plutocracy with happy minions. It might be useful for the government of the United States to create a social media site maintained by the Library of Congress that would allocate one space per registered citizen to write as much as they want without fear of it being deleted, censored or degraded in public search engine listings. Democracy of the United States in the modern era cannot exist without free speech and free speech unsubject to corporate plutocratic criteria for normal publication.

Without honest competition that won’t disappear and that isn’t biased against some social element, social media will simply become entirely owned and controlled by plutocrats. Individual writers can afford to tilt against the windmills of deep pockets of Google for less than a pico-second. If Verizon now owns Yahoo and it can delete one’s web site for using corporate defined hate speech can’t it also listen in to everyone’s Verizon phone calls with technology and censor any language it deems hateful? A democracy entirely filtered through corporate owned social media and mass communications is one that will become a complete farce. That former democracy will be nothing more than a sham maintained to keep somnolent masses contented.

Would the founders of the United States have been satisfied with rich British corporations owning all social media and communications venues? I believe that after the revolution they would have certainly permitted social media owned by corporations like the Hudson’s Bay Company or East India Company, yet they would have considered independent free speech including hate speech (which should be subjective matter of opinion) vital for democracy and therefore would have established a government operated public social media for citizens to use as a free, necessary defense against British Corporate power.

Maybe the Department of Defense should operate a social media site for American citizens that isn’t flimsy and won’t disappear the first time anyone writes something like stop the queer government or criticizes the lack of revenue sharing by corporate owned blogs. American defense asks of its servants they be sworn in to defend against enemies foreign and domestic. The oath isn’t to defend against foreign enemies and lay down for domestic enemies or to roll over for global corporations. Domestic enemies of the past were fairly plain and overt unlike today. Corporate and sedulous cults may readily take over the government, pass laws limiting free speech and put a muzzle on democracy in order to accomplish not only particular social class hegemony, but to channel the concentration of wealth as well. Adequate defense requires vigilance against KGB-Tass synthetic public broadcasting media and other agencies of socialization such as social media. Government operated channels with completely free, stable public social media outlets for the use of citizens might be necessary in order for true opinion to be found.

Dialectical Evolution of Money to Realize Itself in History

I was informed recently by a friend who is a professor of the philosophy of economic comedy about developments in the field of the dialectical progression of money to self-awareness through history. Evidently the Reagan administration realized for-itself that with a free-floating dollar the Federal Reserve could simply issue low or no interest loans to big banks and with the federal requirement that banks keep 10% marginal reserves on obligations such as cash deposits, the rich that own the banks could in effect electronically mint 9 times the loans to their friends and compatriot rich people. The custom of enabling the Federal Government to in effect give trillions of free dollars to the rich did not really get started in a large way until the financial crisis of 208-9 wherafter it has issued through the marginal reserve multiplication nine-fold of zero and low interest ‘quantitative easing’ dollars, about 200 trillion dollars. I should ask Dr. Mojoke, my professor friend about it, however I believe the world income annual is about 99 trillion dollars, so 200 trillion over a dozen years is a fair amount of easing.

In the process of unbalancing traditional economic relationships with quantitative easing the federal government accelerated the concentration of wealth since they were not issuing trillions of dollars of free money to the poor and middle class who in any event had now facilities for multiplying zero-interest federal loans nine-fold. A different approach to restoring economic slumps that was fair and balanced with equal measures of free money going to citizens equally was required and that would have overstretched the meager economic intellectual resources of classical economic theorists. It was with that realization by Dr. Mojoke seated in a lotus position under an apple tree had his great insight about not only the invention of new cash multiplying structures in federal social security accounts that would manage and loan money to qualified, stable borrowers with professional class investment fund managers, the doctor also foresaw the rise of Bic-coin as a self-aware monad evolving to realize itself through monetary policy over history.

Dr. Mojoke foresaw that electronic currency trading would evolve to self-aware monad of Bic-coin that would as self-aware units be non-counterfeitable and useful in-themselves as well as in electronic trading. Bic-coin in larger clusters would have an increased capacity for artificial intelligence and intelligent thought. A billion units of Bic-coin thinking together would be very clever and in fact able to optimize structural designs for human biological living such as waterless microwave sewage processing in deserts ( I asked the doctor how he found that example and he informed me that he saw the value of propane or electric powered Incinolet toilets used for off the grid structures). Cluster of Bic-coin would become standard units of exchange able for-themselves to organize assembly of planetary materials for print-on-demand lunar and Martian structures or form transport vehicles able to rise from dust and transport Americans along electronic in-line highway grids made of solar photon absorbing and storing materials with a high albedo.

Mojoke said that he didn’t mind the rich loaning out money they’ve worked for, that it was just the Federal Reserve dumping trillions of interest free electronic cash in quantitative easing that was a fowl kettle of fish. Apparently Mojoke believes that the U.S. Government and Federal Reserve should not serve a tiny minority of the public and render everyone else peons of globallists.

I suggested to Dr. Mojoke that the new Biten administration might invest in the development of Bic-coin and innovate better and more egalitarian methods for stimulating the U.S. economy diverging from the evolving history of offering up free trillions to a global plutocracy wishing they would trickle down to Americans and not just runt the government with so much compiled capital. The doctor said; “That’s a laugher”.

The Marginal Reserve with Quantitative Easing…

Fried Chicken, Stimulus Checks and the Marginal Reserve with Quantitative Easing…

(Quantitative Easing gave trillions and trillions to the Uber Rich)

It seems that Republicans don’t understand how the political economy has changed since the 2008–9 financial crisis so they have a preponderance of people that still believe in anachronistic ideas concerning money supply and the rich. President Nixon took the U.S.A. off the gold standard and President Reagan first realized the potential of using easy money to promote economic growth without causing inflation- the rich get the easy money and buy everything on the planet with it or hold on to it as leverage over the government.

During the 2008-2009 financial crises the U.S. Government stepped in to stop the bleeding on Wall Street. It provided a vast loan package and continuing support with trillions and trillions of zero and very low interest loans to wealthy financial institutions. Big banks are free to issue in electronic loans nine dollars more or less (I am not a banker-the marginal reserve requisite is 10% perhaps) for every dollar they have on deposit so those trillions (maybe 16 trillion) allowed big banks to produce from thin air 90 trillion dollars. The total amount of free money to plutocrats enabled by the Federal Reserve could be as much as 200 trillion dollars. Fortunately Senators like Rand Paul are concerned about the $600 dollar direct payments going to Americans in the present financial stimulus observing that ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ (as if it were the Tongass National Forest the administration would like to strip log with clear cuts). Preventing ordinary Americans from getting fewer than a half of one percent of what goes to the rich from the Federal Reserve incentives vigilant Republicans; the poor or their proplits cannot be allowed to increase.,deposit%2C%20referred%20to%20as%20reserves.

When money was based on some valuable commodity like gold the value of a currency was tied to its relative scarcity. If one printed out many dollars each would become worth less if the quantity of gold remained the same. When President Nixon took the dollar off the gold standard the dollar had nothing besides its value to none in particular to determine its worth. In an age of general relativity that isn’t too unreasonable; the dollar is a commodity used as a tool for economic exchanges after all instead of something valuable in itself.

Still, the idea of giving the super rich trillions of free dollars to keep their Wall Street index value from crashing below 10,000 is difficult for many Americans including myself to understand very well. The treasury prints out paper dollars and the Federal Reserve loans out electronic dollars. Most financial transactions are done electronically these days and there actually isn’t too much cash as a percentage of all of the dollars in circulation. Why doesn’t inflation occur so dollars buy less when so many are being made to keep banks and big business afloat and to send $600 direct payments to Americans that earn fewer than $75,000 annually? Why haven’t Starbucks coffees reach $100 dollars a cup yet one wonders. The answer may be that all of the cash that Wall Street got from the Federal Reserve wasn’t put directly in to circulation. The original loan amount goes back to the Federal Reserve so the Street had just the paltry sum of 64 trillion dollars to play with. With that they could buy up Wall Street- or the one percent could, and the inflation occurred in the indexed rise of Wall Street shares to the point that the DOW is now over 30,000.

Just because the rich are much richer and Wall Street much more costly it doesn’t mean that Wal-mart needs to charge more for groceries although they might anyway. There is a difference between real goods, physical corporations and such capital and dollars. A brick is still a brick if is priced at $1 or $100 dollars. So long as Wall Street average share prices rise more or less together there need not be too much of an effect on the over-all relationships toward production and corporate welfare. CEOs can still get 5000 times the salary of an average worker (just guessing).

The tremendous hyper-inflation of Nazi Germany before the war occurred not because Hitler had too many Reichmarks printed; it happened because there wasn’t enough gold to back up the Reichmarks value proportionately. The dollar though is on an economic relativity foundation. With so many ought in to the corporatism kickback loop it is wrong to leave anyone who is poor out of the benefit. A Guaranteed minimum income and free health care for the poor should be something Senator Paul should think about the next time a Pat Paulsen imitator of Darth Vader says to him; “Rand, Rand- I’m your father; money doesn’t grow on trees.”

In the free-floating currency of the dollar context money supply may not be as important as the real material and intellectual properties that can be counted as capital. Money supply need be adequate to allow the flow of trade and commerce and tight money could be a problem itself. It is possible that avarice in the owner class could prompt corporate to raise retail prices to consumers if consumers have any money to spend in order to have all of the money they possibly can. Political economy managers need to be concerned with such matters as well as for keeping the real capital based on sustainable environmental parameters.

One of the problems of civilizations that bring them to fall is the tendency to develop a particular economic model until it crashes from over-use. The physical infrastructure of a civilization may grow to be inappropriate and destroy the human spirit of workers and designers in addition to building mass species extinction and environmental collapse. It may be the case that those most invested in the present economic system would be the last to know and most resistant to rational realistic transition to a new economic continuum.

The 2008-9 financial crisis and decade of ensuing issue of free money to the rich was the wrong way to keep the economy of the U.S.A. Functioning. It was an opportunity to direct coalitions of the willing businesses to participate in ecological economic reform and sustainability. The daft policy of throwing zero interest federal reserve loans to the rich rendered democracy somewhat defunct and put plutocratic global corporatism into ascendance. Intelligence was required in governing and idiot technocrats dumping cash to the rich was what followed. NPR has often called the Covid 19 pandemic the ‘pendemic’. Repression of free speech and democratic free expression is quite normal during the rise of dictatorships and oligarchy’s of sundry sorts. Some of the broadcast media believe economic exogamy is the be and end-all for existence; self reliance and independence however are not necessarily economically endogamous and strong nationalism can lead in new directions such as ecological economic reform. Coupled with Darwinist inspired atheism and Nietzchian philosophic inspiration an existential abandonment of moral norms and nationalism seems necessary for a brave new world order wherein for Americans the sole economic survivors are plutocratic supermen. The hubris and deceit inherent in the view that enables irrationality to overcome reason and fake populism to alternate with corrupt elites to manage the ‘herd’ of citizens ought to give some a realization that the death of democracy won’t end well for ordinary people.

Plutocrats of the modern era are far more sophisticated and subtle in defeating in detail democracy, potential rival political economic trends and independent innovations of individuals. So long as the populace is stupid, drunk, doped, deceived or misled into unintelligent political economy there are no political issues to trouble the rising minority powers of plutocrats.

My Second Constituent Survey from U.S. Rep. Don Young

I received my second e-mail with a constituent survey from Alaska Representative Don Young recently. For the second time taking the blind-to-the-result-when-taking the-survey poll I scored first place with the majority of Alaskans that after looking at the lengthy roster of issues the Congressman asked most concerned the constituency, took the last option; ‘other’ (aka none of the above). 

The poll results highlight what most Americans suspect about the Congress- that it is out of touch with social reality.

I looked at the numerous options including increasing military spending and making America energy independent (we already are the world’s largest producer of oil). Many Americans actually would like to be independent of fossil fuels for energy. I found nothing mentioning global atmospheric heating or ecosphere decay. Ocean acidification is another element of the whole destroy the ecosphere coordination of industrialized and post-industrialized nations. One might wonder if U.S. dentists sending impressions to Chinese dental labs have risk of receiving novel coronoviruses contaminated dental constructions in return- perhaps in saliva or germs upon dentures, crowns etc. What does President Trump know about that, and when did he know it?

The Congressman provided no opportunity to mark those as concerns they would like President Trump to address. In fact there is no space for a suggestion for better questions on the Congressman’s next poll. An amusing Congress.

At least Democrats are working to bump out U.S. workers and keep down wages with illegal aliens when they aren’t cutting taxes on the rich. Right; restoring a progressive tax rate that reduces the concentration of wealth and pays down the national public debt might have been useful question concern options for the Congressman to ask.

With Rep. Young one has a Hobson’s choice of supporting his policies of destroying the forests, oceans, waterways and increasing atmospheric heating or voting for godless atheist policies of Democrats. It is better to abstain in some cases from voting for either party and its lackeys.