U.N. Security Council is N.A.T.O. vs. China & Russia (plus Sartre)

The U.N. Security Council isn’t terribly democratic. It is weighted toward Europe and the U.S.A. Shouldn’t it have a representative composition of the people of the world? Wouldn’t Chile, India and Egypt better reflect opinion from the majority populous of the world rather than exclusively those with nukes and high tech military? Isn’t the opinion… Continue reading U.N. Security Council is N.A.T.O. vs. China & Russia (plus Sartre)

Ozone Depletion (poem)

War and peace are thoughteach days end is fraughtwith things power’s taughthuman life is boughtfor a dark blend When the time is rightways merge into nightprospects few in sightdemocracies’ fightstructured ends. No ozone to grow greenbare worlds of dead geneslack cosmic ray screensdeath ending built dreamsshape more new lights Thermodynamicoriginal picksroiling and homesickfor social swift… Continue reading Ozone Depletion (poem)

Banning Select Library and School Books

For years conservatives have commented about left leaning social media censoring social media sites through a variety of ad hoc means. Outright deleting user accounts and burying politically antipathetic sites in search engine listings are just two of the methods commonly used. Thus it is somewhat amusing to learn of the left bellyaching about local… Continue reading Banning Select Library and School Books

Democrat’s War Funding is Consistent with History of Escalation

The Democratic party of the United States became the face of war through other means (foreign persons) with force it’s usual way of conducting business. They do not at all believe in Democracy through the marketplace of ideas- they censor that so far as possible via corporate partners and limit free expression to their own… Continue reading Democrat’s War Funding is Consistent with History of Escalation

Mass Shooters Prefer Visa and American Express?

Credit card companies VISA and American Express have decided to stigmatize gun purchases using their cards as potential mass shooters. I guess that is the political correct corporatist action to take that would be satisfying to Democrats interested in tracking Republicans. In my opinion though mass shooters probably don’t have good enough credit to carry… Continue reading Mass Shooters Prefer Visa and American Express?

The Moon Could be the next China (for cheap manufacturing)

Besides being a base for future missions to solar system planets the moon could be the next site for very low cost manufacturing of technology items for consumers. When the Artemis system finally gets people to work on the moon’s surface the logical step to continue the program’s development would be to make it a… Continue reading The Moon Could be the next China (for cheap manufacturing)

U.S. Foreign Policy may be the new face of fascism

Germany led the world in developing fascism and corporatism as two heads of the coin of government while ordinary people and democracy got the tails. Government may unite business leadership generally with itself and serve its policy advantages rather than those of the masses including middle and lower classes. It may develop a great military… Continue reading U.S. Foreign Policy may be the new face of fascism

Sect. Haaland Bans Offensive Place Names

The Sect. of the Interior’s plan to erase the names of lakes and other sites offensive or derogatory to Indian or aboriginal women is well intentioned yet also creates a concern for historians. History and culture appreciate names that are stable and record the past. When the names are sanitized and given to titles the… Continue reading Sect. Haaland Bans Offensive Place Names

China or Russia will have next World Chess Champ

Magnus Carlsen decised not to defend his title as World Classical Chess Championship this November setting the default stage for Ian Nepomniachtchi or Ding Liren to play for the title. Carlsen is the better player, yet like Bobby Fischer he has found some reason not to play; perhaps he wants to attend medical school or… Continue reading China or Russia will have next World Chess Champ

Labor Day; Union of the States

Labor day is a celebration of the American worker. A day of rest and reflection upon the year’s tasks before the seasons ahead. The nation was built with yeoman farmers and workers’ self-employed individuals engaging in free enterprise. Ingenuity grew with so many proprietor hands-on farms and shops. When mass production grew workers became alienated… Continue reading Labor Day; Union of the States

Consider the Ten Commandments Sometimes

It’s useful to remind oneself of the Ten Commandments and the will of God occasionally. “And he declared unto you his covenant, which he commanded you to perform, even ten commandments; and he wrote them upon two tables of stone.” -Deuteronomy 4:13 Jesus came to fulfill the law- not controvert it. Paul commented on the… Continue reading Consider the Ten Commandments Sometimes

Drones Are Making a New Kind of Vast Trench War Upgrade

One might wonder if the Ukraine-Russian war is more than a testing ground for new weapons. The United States, Turkey and other N.A.T.O. countries have supplied copious weapons to Ukraine including combat drones and Multiple Launch Rocket Systems like HIMARS that have changed the way wars are conducted. Drones and other advanced tech combat systems… Continue reading Drones Are Making a New Kind of Vast Trench War Upgrade

L.A. Lakers should stay cool; let Westbrook play out contract

The L.A. Laklers shouldn't try to find an instant winning player able to catapult them to a championship...that simply isn't going to happen. Russell Westbrook has one year to go on a fat contract and since he tended to fail to meet the expectations of those who engineered his trade and the Lakers are rather… Continue reading L.A. Lakers should stay cool; let Westbrook play out contract

Can Republicans (Reds) Fulfill L.B.J.’s “Great Society” Dream?

After not listening to President Biden’s partisan rave continuing the “I hate Donald Trump” narrative in a major speech from what was known as Independence Hall from the City of Brotherly Hate I have given some thought to the idea of making America a Great Society again as L.B.J. attempted in his major agenda programmatic… Continue reading Can Republicans (Reds) Fulfill L.B.J.’s “Great Society” Dream?

Carpet Baggers Decided Russia Wouldn’t Own Zaporizhia Power Plants

 Just to get the facts straight; The Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station was built by the Soviet Union and perhaps Russian engineers between 1985 and 1989 and an extra unit was added by occupiers in 1995.  The non-nuclear Zaporizhzhia thermal power station was built between 1971 and 1977. Carpet Baggers gave it to Ukraine in 1994. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zaporizhzhia_Nuclear_Power_Plant… Continue reading Carpet Baggers Decided Russia Wouldn’t Own Zaporizhia Power Plants

Relocate Forsaken Afghan Exiles to Revised GITMO Training Facility

Guantanamo Bay should be converted to a Job Skills Training Center for thousands of Afghan exiles that were loyalists serving the United States during the last war there. It is unconscionable that they are presently languishing in a detention facility in the desert of a nation that is not their own. If Guantanamo Bay isn’t… Continue reading Relocate Forsaken Afghan Exiles to Revised GITMO Training Facility

N.O.A.A. named to Drown Out Belief in God?

The National Oceanic  And  Atmospheric organization isn’t at all Christian or Jewish and has obviously borrowed or expropriated an important Christian/Jewish name for itself to disrespect it, expropriate it and obfuscate the spiritual importance. It is the federal equivalent of the Washington Redskins or Cleveland Indians names that were offensive symbols to actual Amer-Indians. N.O.A.A.… Continue reading N.O.A.A. named to Drown Out Belief in God?

Another Cash (and loot) For Clunkers Presidential Race in 2024?

The U.S. electorate should pick a President the way George Steinbrenner picked players for the Yankees. He always got the best available. When a player isn’t at the top of his game with great ideas vote him or her out of office directly. The nation needs a succession of intelligent Presidents with great new and… Continue reading Another Cash (and loot) For Clunkers Presidential Race in 2024?

Democrats build up Perfect Economic Storm

The United States economy is heavily invested in foreign production; especially in Asia.  China’s emergence after the Cold War 1.0 into being a major trading partner of the United States was fomented by its vast market demographics, low labor costs for productivity and people culturally trained first in Confucian then Maoist ethics evolving toward mixed… Continue reading Democrats build up Perfect Economic Storm

Transpuckic Journalists Punk Mass Extinction

Contemporary broadcast journalism in the United States evolved from neutral observer presentations of the 1960s and 70s to adversarial journalism where-imp journalists interviewed and pieced together stories to prove points of narratives with transpuckic broadcast shots on the goal of reinforcing and advancing power to benefit special interests. Transpucktional reporting is adversarial, builds narratives with… Continue reading Transpuckic Journalists Punk Mass Extinction

Book ends justify the means of Demo plot construction?

The end of a book; the conclusion, can justify a lot of plot twists when it’s good enough. Fiction narratives and perhaps Democrat party narratives with the logger’s flummery sending lumber racing downhill in water chutes like bobsleds have linear and simple force with nothing to the sides. Novels nearly never have unintended consequences such… Continue reading Book ends justify the means of Demo plot construction?

Pres Biden hints Democrats may control weather in the future

POTUS replied to a press question in Kentucky that the government can do something to recover from weather damage even if it can’t control the weather now. The inference is that Democrats may be able to control the weather in the foreseeable future. After that maybe controlling the tides is next on the party agenda.… Continue reading Pres Biden hints Democrats may control weather in the future