Republicans positioned to win next three Presidential elections

 Republicans are well placed to win the next three Presidential elections. Democrats haven’t had a worse incumbent administration since, umm, before the Civil war. If the Republican Party runs a candidate with actual charisma, confidence, competence and natural born U.S. citizenship they ought to take the 2024 election and at least one more. If the Republican president has selected a V.P. from a state with a lot of electoral votes his VP could perhaps win a term or two for himself.

The Biden administration and Democrat party ideology has led to a protracted and devastating, completely rationally avoidable war in Europe, sky-high oil prices, gross inflation that makes food in parts of Alaska almost unaffordable and has continued piling on public debt.

As far as I know, great public debt usually leads to war. The Ukraine war could be the strategy of the Democrat party to conquer the world for the west with military pressure. Japan has also decided to go with the increase of public debt strategy and Germany has decided to rearm. N.A.T.O. will have the Greater East Asian co-prosperity sphere and Nazi formers on their side in reducing Russia and then compelling China through getting it to see the wisdom of not standing alone against the rest of the world. With a western market effectively owning the world market I would guess the public debt can simply disappear into accounting fictions of absolute power. Russia’s Siberian assets should be worth quite a lot to Wall-street and non-ecological economically minded, mindless consumers that function economics like termites after a piece of wet lumber.

I believe a Republican with a better approach is necessary to restore some balance to U.S. politics. Democrats seem to like race and gender polemics to drown out good sense on economic concerns nationally and internationally. California and the west seem to be more under the influence of dope, and like doped deer crashing into trees in flight from imaginary wolves or cats overcome by sensuality of catnip unconcerned with pressing mouse issues for economic upgrades the party moves without a rudder mixing its politics like blind metaphors senselessly slaughtering with assault weapons any semblance of orderly and inclusive economic progress for all. . Sky high oil prices demand intelligent fast alternate fuel direction rather than backsliding into the opiod addiction of oil.

A Republican candidate with ecological economic competence calmly leading the nation to energy independence through solar, wind and hydrogen fuel cell technology supported by domestic fossil fuel drilling back up could also try to restore peaceful post-Cold War I.0 relations with Russia and have a sane view of history rather than a polemical one suitable for the Biden-Pelosi-Shiff-Madler axis kool-aid fanaticism hating Trump. With a rational approach to restoring world order through peace and mutual prosperity comprehending that a team of any sort can’t go faster than its slowest members a Republican candidate could support basic income so every American has chips in the game and the ability to play rather than be kept out for life from competition. The candidate should win by a landslide over Democrats with their hateful, polemical rhetoric, false promises and divisiveness. Maybe the VP could pretend to support the constitution of the nation rather than serve as a klan-like spokesperson for party polemic drivel. That is, one need speak just within enlightened legal and constitutional parameters to discover how simple being a leader could be, even for Democrats.





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