Adapt Passive Earth Heating/Cooling Tech to Desert Homes

 The Earth is constant regarding temperature. Not far below the surface the temperature remains the same regardless of extremes caused by climate change. Desert homes built in the exuberance era of Hoover Dam’s online status that rely entirely on electricity for comfortable heating cooling highlight human designing flaws in adapting to the terran ecosphere. Rational politics would adapt to the change and reduce desert heating costs by at least half.

 There may always be more demand for power than can be produced or that is neccessary for heating and cooling of well designed structures. Costs rise with demand always shuffling out the poor from new deals. Las Vegas could adapt to increased global heating by requiring some ordinance that new homes be at least 50% cooled from passive Earth technology that bring down high temoeratures and bring up cold with little electrical use. Retrofitting structures should also be considered, and public spaces that don’t need electricity to stay within a survivable range should be considered for emergency preparedness.





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