Pres Biden hints Democrats may control weather in the future

POTUS replied to a press question in Kentucky that the government can do something to recover from weather damage even if it can’t control the weather now. The inference is that Democrats may be able to control the weather in the foreseeable future. After that maybe controlling the tides is next on the party agenda. I believe the irrational exuberance of the Democrat party over passage of the biggest bill in decades or something to that effect said Senator Schumer, is evident.

In the 2020 Democrat Presidential primaries global warming response was a big topic that elicited plans from all the on-stage candidates. The most expensive ran north of 50 trillion dollars and the cheapest was Joe Biden’s 3.5 trillion dollar plan. The great ‘Inflation Reduction Doublespeak Bill” allocates about 350 billion to slow global warming a little. That is 1/10th of the cost of the most minimal plan; not exactly a success.

My belief is that intelligent regulations and laws could eliminate greenhouse gassing, habitat degradation and mass species extinctions faster and better than any spending bill the Congress might pass. Those bills are invariably loaded with pork and are poorly planned to the extent of being ineffective at improving the ecosphere. Jacque Cousteau and James Lovelock each expressed the opinion that mankind has about 200 years of a livable planet remaining. I believe the ballpark figure now is about 170 years. Humans are just over-consuming and overusing natural resources with inefficient and ecospherically mal-adapted technology.

Democrats have managed to restore the Cold War version 1.0 to a full 2.0 status. Sending ten billion to the Ukraine government for weapons to kill Russians might have some unintended negative consequences for the U.S.A., yet like the global warming problem, government leadership tends to ignore the challenges and even increase the potential scale of disaster. Maybe it’s premature in regard to the Democrat’s new world order schedule to think about how normal relations could be restored with Russia and China, yet I will indulge that point a little.

Democrats have piled on every sanction and penalty they could imagine upon Russia. That will make it difficult to end conflict with Russia or to end sanctions short of some kind of complete surrender by Russia even though the U.S.A. and N.A.T.O. aren’t technically at war with them (though Democrats might wish they could be).  If the U.S. weapons can kill so many Russian soldiers that the Russian military withdraws to areas the United States government considers their legitimate reservation it could not end the sanctions without that Russian surrender; if it did that would be like ending sanctions on Saddam Hussein after General Schwarzkopf and the military coalition drove the Iraqi military out of Kuwait and back to Iraq. So long as Russia is regard as belligerent and on the wrong side of the Queer Curtain (like the Iron Curtain except lavender on the U.S.-N.A.T.O. side and red on the Russian peace couldn’t be assured. Maybe it would evolve like the DMZ dividing the two states of Korea and the western forces would stand ready to war against the Eastern forces for a half century or more.

I believe intelligent people tend to see more and deeper than people less intellectually gifted. It may also be that people believe their own intellect is fine and they understand things as they are. Even the most intelligent may be wrong- Einstein for example believed his cosmological constant was a blunder. Maybe it’s a variable; if it was less a few billion years ago than it is now it might have accelerated some-space on the way to terminal velocity. Democrats seem content that their attitude toward Russia and Ukraine is intelligent and the best outlook. They also minimize or ignore dire possible consequences to global security as a result of the war. Too often they declare they are defending another democracy when factually the U.S.A. has evolved into plutocracy with nominal democracy. Wealth has concentrated, the broadcast media became special interest social fascists fanning racial politics and Democrats legislate special interest bills with one-party votes and a majority of one in the Senate. Neither party seems interested in building a better world that eliminates poverty in the U.S.A. first and then that of the world while returning the environment to health.

 With free enterprise and limits to capitalism good legislation can move in the direction of a healthy world. God told Jeremiah that everyone knows Him and they simply forget who he is. Democrats not only lose reverence for God or even awareness of Him, they also forget about campaign promises to pass substantial legislation to slow or reverse global warming instead dumping ecospheric tokenism into their synthetic fascist information media to prop up November re-election trimes. Alaska’s next election later in August has weighted candidates where one is supposed to rank choices, as if any substitute product was acceptable to one a voter believes best. If federal elections had ranked choices indicating that just insiders are ranked and eligible  they would need negative ranking choices (less than zero) to realistically capture voter sentiment.

Democrats raided Former President rump’s FLorida compound Monday and sent another billion dollars of ammunition to Ukraine. Busy week for Democrats yet 11 billion to Ukraine doesn’t fix global warming. Can Republicans war as good as Democrats and ignore global warming mostly- is that’s what voters want to know?





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