Somalia’s Drought Crisis Needs Saudi-American Desalination Project

A desalination project using simple new evaporation/condensation capture methods should be funded and installed across the nation of Somalia. A Muslim-Christian cooperative project might alleviate concerns of Islamic terrorists that decadent western godless social values would infect any western investment that would draw the wrath of radicals to destroy the project.

Somalia is an idea country to try out simple yet vast methods to pump seawater uphill and let it slowly trickle downhill in canals that have an inverted v shaped transparent roof that would capture fresh water evaporating from the saline water of the inner canal. With African heat and mild slopes the solar-energy cost to pump seawater uphill in pipelines should be far less than that required for an American project pumping water to the continental divide along the Mexico-U.S. border.

Simple techniques and be cost-effect and easy to maintain in a war ravaged social environment. Even Islamic militants ought to value drinking and irrigation water at large scale. Thew drought is dangerous and deserves a lasting remedy. What if the Democrat’s lame duck congress control actually got anything done besides homo legislation?






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