Conspirators and Collusionists to Charge former Pres. Trump for January 6 Chaos

The partisan January 6th committee will recommend charges to the Dept of Democrat President Biden’s Justice Dept. today against former President Trump. The Jan 6th committee probably will want Mr. Trump charged with conspiracy, obstruction of Justice and insurrection among other items. Because Republicans were not permitted to place a single member on the panel it was entirely partisan though a pair of Republican defectors to the anti-Trump crowd were selected by Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

There is no question that President Trump acted somewhat churlishly after his election loss. He definitely was recalcitrant about sending force to quash the pro-Trump protesters of January the 6, 2021. In my opinion the protest never rose to being an insurrection nor was it ever close to being so. A tiny minority of protesters bum-rushed the capitol building and ransacked it with unfortunately, a few police officers were crushed or harmed by the mob. Real insurrections are better planned and of more scope and competence.






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