Should US Exec Air Drop Relief to Afghanistan?

When the Taliban decided to ban women from working for foreign non-governmental organization such as help with food, literacy, health etc it handicapped opportunities for those marginally surving to continue to exist without hardship or at all. A theocracy interpreting political economy on the foundation of religious and cultural ideas- mostly cultural in this instance, the Taliban are obstructing the vital economic interests as they have an eye on the afterlife.

The afterlife is important; everyone goes there as sure as a tossed coin will drop to one side or the other unless floating in space or wherever. To help witrh life on Earth in Afghanistan after the ban and the exodus of so many foreign aid organizations that rely on women employees to a substantial extent, the Biden administration should consider air-dropping food, books and mittens all over the nation during winter, and maybe ventilated Make Afghanistan Great Again baseball caps for the summer season.

With millions of free paperback books translated to Pashtu including the U.S. Constitution, how to books, history books and science fiction novels the poor will have someething to entertain themselves with for free. Maybe some sort of literacy program would be required for Afghans to enjoy philosophy books like Russells ‘A History of Philosophy’, yet we learn from Sartre’s short story ‘The Self-Educated Man’ that it is possible to learn outside college of college course material- at least in history.

Air-dropping solar cookers in Afghanistan’s clear skies could reduce the need for burning combustable materials . Portable tents that won’t be destroyed by sunshine would be useful, as might portable bicycles. Random air-dropped acts of kindness would show that the U.S. can donate more than thousands and thousands of millitary weapons to that nation.






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