Should Tom Brady Play for the Seahawks?

Tom Brady might have a few good games left in the tank. The Seahawks have a great receiving corps without a quarterback who is good all the time. Geno Smith had a fine half a season in 2022, and is 31 years old and is likely to resign with the hawks for less than the sort of bundle than Russell Wilson got. Tom Brady may have a few clutch performances remaining for the right team (and that may be Seattle). There is likerly to be salary room for Brady and Smith to share the job if Coach Carroll would like to use that situation.

Some people would like to throw a Wilson league bundle to Ravens QB Lamar Jackson who might be looking to camp in a different nest and look offshore for new pickins, yet Jackson is a runner-passer rather like a big Michael Vick and that style tends to be shorter lived before fumble-itis sets in after as many hits as running backs take. Passes become more wobbly and knee injuries recurrent. Lots of cash involved too, although jackson might put the Seahawks in the Super Bowl directly.

With the 6th pick in the 2023 NFL draft the Seahawks could draft a greaat developmental prospect from Florida Anthony Richardson. No one better to train the young QB as an example than Tom Brady. There isn’t anything wrong with being loaded at the QB position; that worked for the 49ers with Joe Montana and Steve Young and probably remains a valid paradigm for winning.

Its great to have a great edge rusher too. Yet it might be easier to find one than to have a great quarterback with a decade in the tank of stellar play. The Seahawks are strong enough that with a surfeit of 2023 draft picks to reinforce their defense and offense they can afford to pick a quarterback of the future who doesn’t need to play right away. If Brady can be a non-kicking George Blanda who plays now and then to charge an offense in a slump, and mentors Anthoiny RIchardson for three or four years, Geno Smith may start week to week and find relief fron Tom Brady when he is less than 100%.






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