Repubs Opt for Lying Drag Queen for Space, Science, Tech Committee

Democrats are up in arms over N.Y. Rep. George Santos election and placement by House Speaker McCarthy’s steering committee to a couple of low burning committees. Santos who lied on his campaign qualification resume to help get elected recently also has been named as a fierce competitor in Brazilian drag queen competitions several years ago and a leading homosexual power player. That he is being reinforced by Speaker McCarthy is mildly surprising, that Democrats are attacking Santos is far more so. Santos’ actual resume as a lying drag queen should make their guy. Post-modernism in politics could be said to be personified by lying drag queens of the Democrat Party allied with feminazis to form a political majority.

Rep. Santos has denied ever being a drag queen as reported an hour ago. Yet he could be lying about that as well as killed politicians do.

There are other charges that have been made against Rep. Santos including one from some New Jersey veterans that he absconded with money given for surgery on a dog that could have saved its life. I recall when old Americans were said to eat canned dog food to stay alive some decades ago. Today some people pay more for cans of dog food than people spend on canned human food. If Santos did redistribute money meant for surgery on a dog some people couldn’t care less except for the deceit, for dogs are animals and on the menu of some people anyway.

It is good to know that the nation can be confident in their political system with Democrats and Republicans moving closer together in the effort to provide corrupt, queer leadership supporting escalation toward nuclear war to create nuclear winter to end global warming and bury the national public debt under the mass confusion of political collapse and a debt-free Phoenix like reorganization. Maybe dogs shall be included in Medicare for everyone and cats can pay the bill. Maybe the nation needs a new, non-drag queen party.






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