Ja Morant Shows Gun WIth Grizzlies; Move toward the Lakers?

Ja Morant of the Memphis Grizzles brandished a pistol in a video posted on Instagram. Morant is something of a pistol himself-not like Pete Maravich, more like a young Kyrie Irving, so having a pistol presents a certain kind of symbolism. Yet in an environment of hip hop and possible juice it exhibited a recklessness one would not want for a Kobe Bryant level of basketball discipline. Plainly Ja Morant should seek to be traded to the Lakers in the next year or two in order to make himself a disciple of great Lakers guards of the past that rose to heights never seen in Memphis.

Almost anyone can rap and hip hop to a certain degree-probably even Donald Trump, yet not everyone can shoot from the inside and outside at the highest level on a basketball court. Mr. Morant should look to the west and the future and leave guns to pros in law enforcement and the Army. Guns for self-defense are reasonable, yet guns can be a danger to users too, especially in an urban and party atmosphere. In a social environment If one has a gun there is a good chance that things can go wrong in a way they could not if they were not present. Guns may be de rigeur to defend against grizzlies in the wild. Like driving a car, though, guns require sobriety to use. That is why in the old west some saloons would not let cowboys bring in guns- shootings over gambling tables fueled with whiskey decreased.






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