School Mass Shootings Appeared a Generation After the End of Swats

Corporal punishment in American schools mostly ended in the 1980s I believe it was. Before the rise of the new permissive education ecosystem there were few or no school shooting and zero mass shootings in schools. That makes me wonder if there is some positive correlation; spare the rod and spoil the child as it were.

Some schools have taken to placing police-persons in schools with guns to watch over students. It occurs to me that something is missing in the logic of educators that would use what is fundamentally an adult corrections process to correct juvenile misbehavior. As has been noted ad nauseam the brains of kids don’t fully form until about age 23. Kids will make mistakes and test the limits of their existential experience. It is like putting a hand on a hot stove when young and learning not to repeat the process with it’s implicit correction. A swat with something like a cricket bat until 9th grade for substantive misbehavior would provide some humility and knowledge for students lacking discipline at home or at school. Maybe putting corporal punishment back into public schools should be considered.

It has been reported that the U.S. education system is presently dominated by females. It has also taken a turn toward associationist psychology and epistemological subjectivism. Maybe that’s a good environment for females yet less so for male educators and students alike. One wonders if the permissive, feminist environment of schools (if that is what it is) has driven some male students to seek fraternity in gangs. I wonder if networking bullies that led to the mass shooting in Uvalde Texas might have been corrected with the presence of corporal punishment. When there is not corporal punishment correcting networking bullies all contributing a piece of abuse on a single target cannot easily be corrected since individually the members of the network are not responsible individually for much of the load of abuse, unlike the victim whom must individually use a high degree of violence to apply some to each member of the network of abuse.

I wonder if feminization of schools has led not only to increase the extra-curricular increase of gangs. Maybe the Sandy Hook shooter in a prosperous home responded to the absence of a father in the home and lack of a fraternal environment in schools by looking inward and becoming isolated with drugs and violent music and gangs his replacement. Of course that led to a bad end. Expecting juvenile corrections systems or incarceration to effectively discipline and correct male students from fatherless homes and non-fraternal school environments without male role models in education seems unreasonable. Wasn’t the Aurora Colorado shooter also acting out a fantasy role model exploring the existential limits of an aneomic environment without the reality check of corporal punishment?

It probably isn’t a good idea to rely on guns of police persons in schools to be the first step of correction for juveniles forced by law to be regimented grade in desks and classrooms until completing the 8th grade. Maybe swatting some juvenile offender isn’t an ideal way to train youth, yet it may be better than the presence of armed police persons beginning a life experience for Americans of Big Brother with the menace of death in a holster waiting outside the classroom door. Adult corrections should be for adults while corrections of misbehavior for juveniles in school should be less than that of a criminal system reply whenever reasonable.






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