Multiverses and the Anthropic Principle

String theory, superstring theory and other quantum cosmology theories are all available for investigation and of interest to many. The elements of the anthropic principle naturally follow from a consideration of the nature of the cosmos and it’s constants in light of super-string and M-Theory.

Discussing those ideas, and that of the multiverse theory can be done well by most interested readers, and should be done without polemics, and within and orderly and sensitive way.

The anthropic principle of course does occur in a universe suitable for life, yet it is a valid cosmophysical point that could be used to describe a specific set of parameters in any possible universe that would be able to support certain forms of life.

The anthropic principle in science, so far as I know, can be used to refer to that physical constant requisites paradigm, and might be used in a logic of necessity, or modal logic, to sort through either an infinite number of real or potential universes for those able to support life, or to classify those universes fit for the support of intelligent life.

The A.P. is thus somewhat less than intelligent design. The creation of universes fit for intelligent life, and the fact of their existence. If more than this one exists, or even if just this one universe exists, would confirm the anthropic principle de facto, yet not entail the necessity of intelligent design. Yet the existence of a Universe fit for life does entail the possibility that it was designed or that it was not.

With various cosmologists theorizing about the construction of Universe’s as a natural outgrowth from theoretical cosmology, it is a simple transition into the awareness that beings of superior science could already have created universes fit for intelligent life, and to use Tegmark’s premise, snowballed a plethora of universes into being that are fit for intelligent life thus creating a sort of natural selection of universes created by intelligent design. If that process did begin, and if the super-string parameters of multiple universes is valid with its finite set, universes created by intelligent design may come to predominate numerically over dumb universes. Greene does address the multiverse issue at some length in the 2004 book ‘The Fabric of the Cosmos’. Most of his approach seems to be from super-string and M-Theory… The Fabric of The Cosmos