The Dollar Value and the EU 2004-2005

Individual genius is bought by transnationals, subverted by sinecured boards; from politics it withdraws as water ‘neath oily hoards.

“The reasons that the USD is falling (high deficits + nope hope of change + relatively low interest rates) are still valid. The EURO is falling because of the problems with the constitution.”

“Will the twin US deficits be solved quickly? “

To answer that last sentence…you must be joking. Bankers and some government authorities spend as much as they can of other people’s money for profits through loan interest payments and kick-back corporatism; the ad hoc ruling class in the U.S.A. is self serving and both parties coopted, with the democratic one occassionally silly in it’s politcal analysis.

An ‘ideal’ or optimal currency valuation between various global economic regions may be useful insofar as it represents stability rather than stagnation, yet an equilibrium in monetary value tends to represent real goods, capital and cash reserves as well as future productivity expectations and thus the entire global economic status would be factors that would make the bilateral valuation of currency you suggested phenomenal instead of necessary.

The U.S.A. has several domestic problems, yet the solution politically for those can be found in local or national political determinism only insofar as trans-national neo-corporatists allow any local political determination to exist.

The federal government’s comparison of the value of the dollar to various world currencies shows that it has risen against some, fallen against others in the last year. Perhaps the value of those yuan that aren’t free floating affects other currencies such as that of Brazil…which compete in the same productivity export markets to some extent.

Europe’s problems are more complex than that of failing to submit to a centralized, cold authority that would subvert local political sovereignty and render them ruled by aloof trans-national neo-corporatists seeking to line their pockets in a disposable world economy while the locals get slim pickings and political platitudes.