Bush admin, Fossil Fueled Deficits and the Wealthiest Class

“For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.” I Corinthians 1:18

I am not certain why the ‘Talk of the Nation’ has stagnated with the patriot act thread, perhaps to reflect the stagnation of the national infrastructure that relies on fossil fuels that won’t begin to drop in price perhaps until the year before the next election at a miserly pace of five cents a week, yet I’ll make a general comment about economy and environment in order to stir up the crude logic of homo loquax somewhat…

The recent spate of tax cuts and favored tax breaks for the oil companies perhaps comprises the core of the G.W. Bush administration’s political philosophy of enriching the rich compassionately. It is written that in the United States something like 65% to 85% of the wealthiest two percent of American women have received their wealth from inheritance, and that 50% of American men are in the same status. The tax cuts for oil wealth and inheritance together provide a double whammy of stagnation and ossification of the national infrastructure and economic prospects. it should be recollected that the founders of the nation had little burden of inherited wealth, and needed to work and start up new industry and business with inventiveness and ingenuity instead of continuing along the inertia of the way things are as has President G.W. Bush.

The dangers to national security presented by the past it’s time dependence on foreign oil for fuels, and to suggest that new nuclear plants could be a good way to provide more electricity for the people of the United States are exemplary planks of the bad old way of ossified and non-adaptive inherited wealth and power corrupting society to protect and enhance it’s own position. Yet in this time in the world the dangers to environment and politics presented by neo-corporatism and anachronistic industrial technologies that defeat the planetary environmental health is striking.

When unimaginably wealthy class capital structures develop socially positive change and continuing social adaptability becomes difficult. The propaganda power of corrupt wealth is difficult for poor democrats to deal with, and then many American democrats suffer from the goatish bloat of petite prosperity too with a chocolate éclair and big screen TV lifestyle.

The propaganda machine of the very rich may paint reformers with false colors, and limit political theory to black and white dialectical conflict between capitalism and Marxism; that is they refuse to recognize that a democracy may have solid tax rates to prevent the useless accumulation of wealth and class inheritance in order to keep the body politic healthy and vigorously competitive with a stress on civil rights and equal opportunity. Some of the inheritors of wealth have contempt for civil rights and equal opportunity that then poor and middle classes may need for a fair opportunity to field their inventions and business theories to start new capital acquisition threads. Perhaps President Bush is a good example of inherited political wealth that he is presently trying to spend without success.

As a Christian I am aware that some broadcast commercial Christians naively support politically special cliques of extreme inherited wealth that utilize socially corrupting powers to increase their wealth…the ironic side is of course that the Bible predicts that Christians will be blamed for social ills in time, and of course the identification of broadcast commercial Christians with the political platforms of the extremely rich in the U.S.A. line up for such a potential interpretation.

In some ways big government as a cluster of union mobsters (hyperbole) supporting a ruling class of inherited wealth stuffing its own stockings with fossil fuel funds (worm-ridden energy bill) could describe Iran or the United States, as NPR reported about Iran. NPR doesn’t much report usefully about the corruption of the rich ruling class in the U.S.A., or of the broadcast media of course…

The energy bill in Congress seemed a referendum on the complacent, corrupting, backward looking, carpet-bagging character of the congress that disregards environmental health, seeks to develop more nuclear plants so world biology can be destroyed completely when they all melt down if some sort of plague or disaster occurs that eliminates plant operators and replacements, subverts changes in national infrastructure to a rational basis of mpg vehicular fuel conservation standards, alternate electric vehicles, a vast imaginot line of anti-fossil fuel wind generators along the Rocky Mountain States, development of super conductors, fuel cells, batteries, power lines in California Highways (if you build it they will come) etc.

A large part of the profligate American expenses on defense are caused indirectly through the reliance on fossil fuels and leadership of the emerging world economies into reliance on the dirty and stupid yet inherited wealth supporting fossil fuel industry internationally. President Bush and Prince Faud have more in common that President Bush and Nancy Pelosi, to such an extent that the picture of President Bush walking hand in hand with any democratic leader in Congress seems absurd. The fossil fuel brotherhood is the ad hoc nation the President defends presently, while the U.S.A. rots essentially.

I must point out that the Democratic Party’s incessant attacks on the Iraq policy just make them seem wrong and dangerously so, and of course places them as simpleton chumps for any Republican running against them on that platform anon. Democrats instead should focus on alternative energy infrastructure and socio-economic planning that is loud, clear and intelligent. Military spending can be cut where it’s useful to do so, but the Iraqi government should receive long term help where it needs it; American concerns may be located in Iraq for some time, even to start a good solar power capability when or if the Muslims auto-bombers run out of gas.***
Posted on Thursday 23 of June, 2005 [14:39:44 UTC]