From the Textbook on Neo-Corporatism

Textbook on Neocorporatism

Gary C Gibson – 10:34am Jun 27, 2005 EDT A favorite government media maxim; “The first law of every creature is that of self-preservation, of staying alive. you sow hemlock and expect to see ripening ears of grain!”~Machiavelli

My textbook on neo-corporatism made the point that indirect curtailing of opportunities to dissent is a usual pattern. Unless NPR Discussions or another federalized discussions board exists to permit criticism of daft federal policies and corrupt broadcast media practices that assault individual civil rights, it will be more difficult to make public observations about federal policy that is harmful to national interests.

Because federal policy is trending toward inimical policies that harm national interests, the decision to allow the Bush administration three more years without public, federal record of dissent being written here(NPR DISCUSSIONS) is reasonable.

In the first half of the year 2005 the United States as a nation experienced many foreign and domestic political challenges while the nation’s political leadership seemed to be not up to the task. Heck, it just appointed some lawyer that represented a vast horde of corporate polluters and that had created superfund sites such as WWR Grace which poisoned the people of Libby Montana, to head the enforcement division of the EPA. Pollute, bank, deny pollution, cut, hacvk spend federal dollars in corporate directions generally…

The people of the nation cannot be freed from responsibility though; they did elect to second terms a couple of Presidents that were alright one-termers, and will probably be complacent ahead electing people that will exfiltrate American economic independence and infiltrate foreign and trans-national economic and political power.***Fossil fueled federal deficits; consider several aspects of the failure of the nation’s leaders and people to recognize and react successfully to intermediate and long-term economic infrastructural decay that has become an infusion of virtual self-destruction spending it’s present to afford coach potato somnabulent television watching and SUV driving.***My blog at

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should have continuing blog posts for some time. Alternate forums are good at and the progressive also provides a venue for commenting on government corruption and policy mismanagement.

Socialists and neo-corporatists have surrendered the middle ground of liberalism, and forgotten what liberal political philosophy is; it is the faith of the founders in individual civil rights subject only unto the direct will of God.

With the demise of liberalism the excluded middle leaves the extremes of right and left each claiming aspects of liberal values like vultures dining on the corpse of the United States fighting over a juicy piece of intestine.

Posted on Monday 27 of June, 2005 [18:18:36 UTC]