Use of Controversial Theories to Politically Eclipse Truth

“History is Philosophy teaching by examples.”–Thucydides

This is a complex subject yet common in the history of propaganda, ad hominem and straw man argument techniques used to win political points presenteed to the masses. I won’t try to document or writea thesis here, yet will present some chat that encounters elements of the subject.

As a general prologue I should say that I believe that in the United Statesthere is no real liberalism or conservativism remaining in a healthy sense, but instead the classical liberalism that regarded the values of individual human civil, equal rights has been displaced by two brands of transnational neo-corporatists of the left and right, with conservatives also fleeing into the neo-corporatist embrace of transnationalism…

I appreciate your reply to the points, yet I’d hoped for more critical analysis and not polemics.

‘The science is sound’. –Mr.X

Are you sure Mr. X? These are theories of Li Hui. Are you then a supporter of Li Hui’s racial theories?

quote from ‘ below’ “Doctorate Li Hui from Fudan University of China had analyzed the DNA of Asians to derive a conclusion that the ancestors of Mongoloid Asians possessed a distinctive Mark M89 by the time they arrived in Southeast Asia

About 30,000 years ago, from the launching pad of Southeast Asia, the early Mongoloids went through a genetic mutation to Marker M122.”

In the timeframe of about 10,000 years and developing a genetic mutation to marker M134, this branch of people who went direct north would penetrate the snowy Hengduan Mountains of Tibetan-Qinghai Plateau to arrive at the area next to the Yellow River bends.”…”those who went to the east with a new genetic marker M117, i.e., ancestors of modern Han Chinese

The second branch of early Mongoloids, about 10,000 years ago, entered China’s southeastern coastline with genetic marker M119.”

The use of “science” to “prove” racial fantasies originated in the good ole USA”—Mr. X

I am not certain at all that I’d agree with your premise that scientific racism was invented in the United States. Europe and the nazi’s were not slackers at that effort, and beside racism is a universal human practice in or out of science that requires good faith to overcome.

Nazi socialism that was actually neo-corporatism is something like the encroaching global neo-corporatism of today minus the racial theories (see Mussolini on corporatism). The Nazi’s actually had ‘classless’ cruise boats to ply the fiords of Norway in the 1930’s to give the workers pleasure and relief for the tough road ahead..

On the point about association of Intelligent Design with racism and bigotry, I would say that your preference for dumb design or cephalic idiot non-design is a more subtle bigotry hiding behind offensive accusatory language.

Rereading Brian Greene’s book ‘The Fabric of the Cosmos’ (2004) the points about the historical progress of scientific cosmological theory from Newton to Einstein have emerged as interesting presently…

Newton, a devout Christian believed in Intelligent Design of course, and studied nature with an insight that the Universe has a background reference frame of space in which cosmic mechanics occur under the influence of gravity. Newton I think believed in a steady state Universe after the creation.

For two hundred years Newton’s theory dominated science, then Maxwell researching light and electromagnetism quantified observations of those forces about 1880 and added them to Newton’s theory of gravity in the calculus Newton invented.

By 1903 Einstein realized that something didn’t add up in the light and electromagnetism parameters within Newton’s space paradigm, and in 1905 he invented the special theory of relativity to make space-time a unified ‘substance’ in which light speed and it’s characteristic could be explained. later came the general theory of relativity and by several other quantum mechanics.

Intelligent Design is the ongoing scientific and philosophical research into the idea that the entire Universe was created by God. Christians and other monotheists have a faith advantage in starting their researches with the correct parameter, whereas with Cantor’s premise of the impossibility of an absolute set that is a cosmology inclusive of itself within it.


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