Noah and the Endangered Species Act

If the Cheney/Bush axis of oil had read the book of Genesis with more devotion, perhaps they might have discerned the allocation of ship resources that God let the animals have aboard the ship of refuge for all living things during the flood. God had given Noah the order to save all the endangered species, and Noah followed that order without promulgating an endangered species act.

Plainly it was intended that the Earth have a healthy and ongoing ecosystem into the indefinite future replete with a sustainable environmental infrastructure of which mankind would become guardian. One may thus ask; has the Bush/Cheney administration been a good environmental steward, or have they even accomplished so much as burying the one talent in the ground so that they would not lose it because their master was known to be wroth if his vassals did not turn a profit?

Sin originally meant to miss the mark of an archery target; the Bush administration has sinned in pursuing filthy lucre to the detriment of the environment. It has not accentuated the positive opportunities of eco-engineering and green technological development, and has even cast out the token ‘libruhl’ to take the fall in its obsessive pursuit of regressive environmental nihilism based infrastructure rotting.

Brian Green noted that Leibniz and Newton pondered the nature of absolute space in pursuit of cosmological physics development. Leibniz was a relativist and Newton an absolutist who believed space had it’s own unique content or character regardless of the mass, stars, planets etc in it. Green noted that Galileo had already become aware of the relational nature of speed of objects moving constantly, and that Descartes had noted that it was with acceleration that resistance increased. Newton attributed the resistance of acceleration to the character of space for-itself.

Yet it is quite possible that with the ten or eleven dimensional character of string theoretical or M-Theoretical space, space does not exist at all, and instead the void of space is a comparative or relational attribute given by the anthropic perception principle of implicit features and protocols of mass and perception. Mass may be all that exists, and for-itself in ten dimensions, while as Leibniz speculated, spirit may be the ultimate ‘ground’ of space or mass.

Insertion of a beach ball made in 2007 Trenton NJ with led readouts, solar powered, and glow in the dark characteristics through a time-machine to Genoa in the 10th century would not have given a clue to the finder about where or how it was made, or what the manufacture plant looked like. God produced the universe human intellect perceives, yet one cannot discern much about the producer from the produced.

The Universe is a product albeit with finely tuned strings and possible dimensions-yet possibly even the dimensions and quantum theory are very primitive attempts to understand the incomprehensible realm of Absolute Spirit. Sin may mean to miss the object of returning to a perfect relationship with the Spiritual producer of the Creation. Spirit produced the Universe, yet the obsessive wish to worship it even if in economic gluttony.

The flood could refer to the one that rent in the Black Sea Basin, or the Mediterranean basin millions of years ago when the blockage at the strait below the hill (gib) alter was overcome by the Atlantic, or even just a Euphrates flood to the mountains of Urartu–or even an extra-dimensional time change…its a matter of faith.