Pay gap of U.S. jobs lost/created $ 7,000

The Electoral cycle for 2006 and 2008 may be a long, slow drain from a democratic point of view, the Democrats under President Clinton of course lost control of congress for the first time in decades when the President’s maladroit scheduling of legislation with an agenda turned toward socialism, gun control, mandatory health care for the prosperous (only the poor need federal assistance with that) and homosexuality alienated the nation-the Dean/Pelosi era Democratic Party seems to be doing more of the same with a lose-lose selection of events to discuss in the run-up to 2006…namely choosing to be Cassandra’s on the Iraq nation-building phenomenon. Instead the Democrats could choose a full platter of win-win issues related to national economics, the environment, security, health care for the poor, non-fossil fuel alternative energy and transport infrastructure, the national debt, federal budget deficit and so forth.

To discuss those issues that would have a positive benefit on all American citizens during the next year is an area in which the Democratic Party can be the stuffing’s out of the Republican Party’s mismanagement of the economy since the end of the cold war. The Republic Part’s policy since 1994 has been like that of the Soviet Union after world war two that relocated economic production resources from Eastern Europe to Russia. In a similar way the Republican Party has relocated American industry to India and China. Soon Detroit will handle ‘financial services’ while India and China produces the cars and OPEC the oil for their fuel. The Democratic Party should have a will to actual change these areas toward a positive sum strategy for the nation while even Mexico may surpass the U.S. in auto production one day.

Since the 1980’s America has been flooded by M.B.A.’s that want to increase ‘production’ while cutting costs and employee benefits. While the M.B.A. class rises in income annually the real wages of working Americans decline or stagnate, even as low-paying jobs are created to replace good jobs outsourced, illegal and legal aliens that work cheaper than Americans are imported to subvert wage labor phenomenon, and M.B.A.’s crow about increasing American production ‘efficiency’ or output by cutting quality jobs and increasing income for the top ten percent of Americans as their taxes are shamelessly cut by the President. Unfortunately the Democratic leadership devotes their time rather stupidly to the unwinnable issue of the Iraq nation building effort, and ignores the vital economic issues as the flip side of a management-labor coin without an opposition or alternative concept beyond or without traditional neo-socialism.

The pay difference between U.S. jobs created and U.S. jobs lost, outsourced or terminated is about $7,000’u.s.%20jobs%20lost%20november%202005′

In the last five years about 3.5 million manufacturing jobs have been lost in the U.S.A., and the productivity sector of the American economy is in decline, while non-tradable jobs or those that cannot be outsourced are being filled increasingly by illegal aliens and first generation Americans inheriting that opportunity. Does the gross transfer of production to India China and elsewhere while flooding the nation with more illegal aliens than jobs created every year create a long run national security threat? The past and present administration did not evidently think so, as they each have made the U.S.A more reliant on offshore sources of technology and productivity and have perhaps created more new jobs overseas than in the United States. Patriotism seems to be obsolete for those leaders, except as it can be sold for election purposes, marketing or narrow personal or corporate advantage.

To retain the principles of Adam Smith and the best policies of capitalism it must be understood that democracy does not rely on capitalism to determine the good of the body politic, instead capitalism must be, as Smith intended, a servant of the public political will. While capitalism can be a natural selection for good production, politics expressing the best interests of a people must needs retain sober criteria for it’s natural security interests including the environment, energy independence, political independence leading corporate competition to serve the public interest rather than dictate it as in the political philosophy of corporatism.

With international corporations investing overseas and ruthlessly outsourcing all possible quality jobs to compete with lower offshore labor costs, Occam’s Razor would indicate that even government stimulated creation of new technologies and industries will quickly result in those jobs being transferred overseas too. The reasonable approach is to stimulate with incentives and legislation creation of non-tradable technologies and infrastructure that also create international competition advantages. Coast to coast electro-magnetic tunnels to send cargo to major distribution areas at 1000 M.P.H. could be a start, and home-power with fuel cell interties should replace fossil fuels and internal combustion engines. Congress should pass a law to allow state and local law officials to enforce immigration laws pertaining to legal residence or visitor status in the U.S.A. allowing hundreds of thousands of law officers an opportunity to arrest and ship illegals to federal holding cells before repatriation, instead of the pitifully inadequate few the administration has suggested simultaneously seeking to legalize millions of ‘guest’ workers to peonize the North American workforce farther. There are far better approaches for American and Mexican workers to improve hourly wages, job quality and competition with China and India.

Democracy should have politicians that seek to increase the national advantage while keeping and building peace abroad. Plain blind corporatism seeks just a bottom line of profit and hasn’t an interest in the commons. It may support and build atheist or socialist/corporatist infrastructure globally, destroy a healthy environmental habitat for the planet and exploit workers and environment abroad in China and India etc using those financial levers to run amuck in the U.S.A. too.

With the national media owned by transnational firms in general it isn’t obvious that the public will elect politicians that seek after the nation’s interest in the near future.

1) U.S. mortgages are resold to an international, global investment agency with 11 trillion dollars in assets-this doesn’t increase U.S. sovereignty at all.

2) National Debt $8,126,391,197,287.16

3) Taxpayer payments to Communist China annually as interest on the national debt

4) U.S. industry relocating auto production to India, China, and Mexico

5) U.S. Education losing ground to India, China, Europe and elsewhere in graduation of PhD’s in science, interdisciplinary and math.

6) Fossil fuels imports from abroad dump billions and billions to nations with some sympathy toward international anti-American terrorist organizations.

7) Real wages in U.S. compared in 1955, 1965, 1975, 1985, 1995, 2005…no real gain (or minimal at best for workers)

8) Increasing world demand for oil/autos and population incomensurate with democratization of world personal vehicle ratio at current modal trend. Competition for fossil fuels will increase environmental destruction, residual world pollution of waterways, wars for resources and social inequality between top 2 billion and bottom 8 billion over the next 50 years (as world population approaches 10 billion souls). Fuel-cell elctric vehicles, zoning of cicular lots with interlot green spaces on borders, no-net loss of biota on housing, government policy favoring green habitat zoning technology and mass transport infratructures that allow individual use (such as elctromagnetic personal guidepaths through green ‘wildernesses’) should be favored to develop alternate to continuing global health habitat destruction.

Alex Rodriguz; star third baseman of the baseball playing New York Yankess signed a quarter billion dollar contract to play that sport a few years ago, yet isn’t certain of what nation to play for in a world baseball championship series giving the choice of the U.S.A. or an island nation in the Caribbean which he is also a citizen of. Dual citizenship or non-citizenship by the 12-15 million illegal aliens, immigrant aliens and their offspring will continue to increase Americans with the trouble of split loyalties, as well as potential secutity problems such as Vice-President Cheyney’s Marine Guard espionage agent for the Philippines had this year (2005). With global cell phones at cheap rate and the internet so many new Americans are never well and truly socialized here, and are instead trained to rave and follow their trans-national CEO leaders in some cases in subverting traditional national interest prioritization. The reliance on deficit producing fossil fuels and autos instead of a federal prioritization of alternate fuel and transport structures with radicalaltertiy is an example of that. The rate at which illegal aliens enter the U.S. will not be reduced much while the transnationalists are continuing to reduce this nation’s comparative advantage that shoul be maintained with economic leadership in healthy environmental alternatives to traditional industrial and living accreated technique.