Maximum Invention/Production…Minimum Consumption Ideal

Space colonization requires an efficiency principle of maximum invention and production and minimum consumption

With limited mass the planet Earth’s conversion into consumable forms for human beings requires moderation or depletion to abnegation of existence. Efficiency within a limited set of parameters requires the maximization of ingenuity for maximization of creativity and production of material forms of new contexts and possibilities for production and comprehension. The principle of maximum production and minimum consumption also requires a derivative of conservation of the given environment from depletion by thoughtless allocation of production to inappropriate regions.

While mankind has a need to develop new frontiers in space, and should terraform habitable regions in space as soon as possible, social training pre-flight should include a principle for conservation of consumption lest some thoughtless blithering idiots simply consume the whole solar system and every available star system and galaxy they can get too. With intelligent nano-machines conversion of atomic structure wholesale in a sort of yeast into beer material analogue is hypothetically possible…as human brain diminish in evolution towards pleasure principle use and drift away from stimulating environmental sensory challenge, as human reason is applied toward televised channel surfing and choices of pleasure, let some non-consumerist, public good democratic values remain to dampen wild corporatist supported consumerism.

To reiterate basic concepts of democracy versus authoritarianisms many forms from corporatism to socialism it is useful to mention the relation of democracy to free enterprise and capitalism as a rational governor of business activity to severe vital social purposes. Adam Smith did not intend that business and free enterprise would be anarchistic free agents each pursuing maximal profits for selfish purposes entirely with regard for the social good; instead he implicitly believed that free enterprise activities and capital acquisition occurred within a rational democratic society that was aware of its environmental, social and security needs. Adam Smith, author of Capital and the Wealth of Nations also posited a scenario for optimal inventiveness and provisioning of positive material or economic change within a criterion in which individual liberty and opportunity for creativity and profit were maximized. Authoritarianism in its many forms of collective subjugation with an elite ruling cadre from corporatism to communism repress and extirpate individual freedom for social self-determination so far as is needed to eliminate real political dissent.