Was Robert E. Lee a Northern 5th Columnist?

This conjecture about General Robert Lee may seem preposterous, yet stranger events have occurred in history that a Procopius might enfilade from the standard historical accounts, and none other perhaps.

This is only a theory, it could use substantial research perhaps, or perhaps not, in order to validate or invalidate it’s veracity.

Riding a bike through Delaware, Maryland and Virginia in 2005 and crossing through many of the historical battlefield regions of the American Civil war, a thought regarding the nature of General Lee’s amazing historical paradoxes or coincidences arose such as to create a certain skepticism that he was a true son of the confederate south’s principals of enslaving human beings and shamelessly exploiting their cheap labor and reproductive utility for recreational purposes in some instances. Could General Lee have been a secret agent by design filtered into southern leadership in order to misdirect and sabotage rational southern plans to seceede from the Union if souch could be made to exist considering the place in history of the slave labor versus machine labor economy?

First, General Lee’s birthplace just ten miles from that of George Washington in Virginia and a natural selection rather than one of conviction…a selection ready made to lend credibility to the idea of a new leader for the southern half of the United States.Second; the time of nearly a hundred years of nationhood and the ripening of the issue of slavery toward decision by combat…the north had time to groom a leader to coopt the rebellion and it might have been General Lee.Thirdly is the name Lee, as in the leeward side or the weak side…a name well chosen for a future deated enemy leader and representative of the pre-determined effort to have the slavers swiftly or decisevly defeated a priori.

Fourth is the impossibly silly selection of battle strategy that Lee choose to lose the war with…attack Pennsylvania, Maryland and the north enough to stir up a hornet’s nest, retreat to Virginia and try to hold a rough Pattomick or Rappahannock River or North Ana River line generally until whenever while the north with vastly superior tech infrastructure need only build up forces and war machinery, counter attack and eventually flank Lee’s lines until sending breakaway Sherman to march to Atlanta and Savannah at an optimal time of year.

One would think that Lee chooseto make a hamburger hill for the south in perfect for war Virginia fields, on the east of the Appalachinan trail, while Lincoln was free to send raiders by sea to Mississipi and other deep southern locations to fight. lee’s strategy was so inadequate in historical hindsight that one wonders if he choose to fight just enough to let southerners believe ity was a real war for the trophy of trying to exploit an obsolete labor force while the north could send war equipment and raiders to support insurrections for dozens of years ahead and actually moving to spend confederate war powers in such a way as would assure defeat.The fifth point I’ll mention here, is Lee’s choice to appropriate plot the edning of his war as a northern agent at Appomatox on the Appomatox River, and apposite site for surrender obviously., so much so that one wonders when Lincoln or Lee planned that end to the pre-determined conclusion of the southern war epic. The vehicular homocidally inclined truck drivers (seemingly) of Virginia’s highway 460 seem no less determined a priori to reach their destinations at Richmond than Lee and the confederates were to reach Appomatox, or was it teleologically planned by God so everyone would have no trouble in deciphering the players in the horrendous conflict and how they stood in U.S. history?