Republicans in Congress Trying to Drive U.S. Oil Consumption Higher?

Though the battle to conserve ANWR has salutarily been decided on the side of the right for the time being, inevitably Republicans in Congress will at some time in the future renew their effort to break the piñata of public resources for their global oil company sponsors…one of which-Exxon has yet to pay judgments against it for the Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989 and instead continues to litigate. This raises the question ‘Are Republicans in Congress trying to increase U.S. oil consumption, keep oil per barrel prices high, and plunder the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge simply as an aspect of long-term easy money and kickbacks for oil people and political affiliates?

Reason would seem to indicate that congressional support for minimum miles per gallon at a higher level than present would decrease oil/gas use in the American auto ‘fleet’. 30 m.p.g would be a good mandatory level for new cars without paying an alternative tax per m.p.g. failure that would support federal construction of a power-line in interstates initiative to allow auto’s to draw direct electric power for electric vehicles–metered of course and reported with wi-fi.

The Congress should support energy policy that would maximize individual unit production of energy and decrease centralization and reliance upon trans-national energy sources. At one time in American history individualism was the fact instead of the memory regarding the plurality of business in the U.S.A. The Federal Government should put intention upon support for energy and infrastructure initiatives that simultaneously increase environmental quality and individual independence from transnational corporate production without decreasing quality of life or violating international economic relationships founded upon the principle of free trade.

The recent mass transport strike in New York illustrates the implicit vulnerability of mass system to disruption by social forces. The public government of New York City was subverted in policy by a union of individuals that choose to illegally eclipse the policy of the electorate of New York City. Unions in government have the potential to subvert the process of democracy and to extort monetary benefits for themselves when they violate the public trust such as recently occurred in N.Y.C. because of the potential for public union corruption mass transit systems when financed by the taxpayers would perhaps be broken up into a few management or ownership units with a better chance of avoiding the wrath of collectives breaking the law at vital moments such as the week before Christmas. Reliance on oil for transportation in the U.S.A. not only creates synergetic global warming effects, it sends billions of hard-earned money overseas annually that is not invested in U.S. savings, infrastructure or business investment.

I should point out that the M.T.A. union that struck had an immigrant Haitian, judging from the accent, as its radical leader that maladroitly choose to veto New York City’s Christmas planning in order to advance a personal agenda that he considered to be like the individualist Rosa Park’s single-woman stand sitting on a bus in front of a disgruntled white dude in the 1950’s; t is difficult to see the similarity of that to a vast union of more than just black and mechanics drivers holding the people of New York’s Christmas hostage for some ‘unborn’ worker’s medical benefits. They could have struck anytime after Christmas without so much harm to union interests. Does the immigrant’s cultural status affect his political reasoning? Did he know that black union membership in the U.S.A. has decreased since the 1970’s from 25% to just 4% presently? Does he now that this isn’t a 1950’s Marxist-Capitalist era in world economics, and that jobs are being outsourced by the millions from the U.S.A. while congress has allowed millions and millions of cheap illegal workers from abroad to subvert wages for remaining non-tradable jobs?

Unions in America must needs develop new concepts in a new environment and not just serve as bete noirs for global Corporatists unless in fact American unions wish to help advance the global economy toward the likely communist-Corporatist hegemony in 50 years of a planetary proletariat with a minority ruling elite in control of propaganda organs declaring the ruling class as perfect leaders of social justice.

National Public Radio is probably unionized too, and it may also be capable of subverted the public constitutional will and unequally addressing citizens in the United States of America…targeting some now and then for special unwanted ‘attention. Individuals can rarely withstand adverse economic effects brought on by being ‘painted’ by broadcast collectives. One wants plain raw government actualization of constitutional parameters rather than union mooning or malfiltration of lawful constitutional rights such as inherently exists in the power of mass communications.

Corporatism and communism each minimize individual rights civilly and economically in that all are encouraged to become supervised by inimical elites. The long-range energy and environmental policies of the U.S. Congress seem perhaps to be mushrooming in the shadow of an offshore investment moon into fungal-like stagnant truffles profitable for a minority.