Riots In Europe About Danish Muhammed Suicide bomber Cartoon

The recent Muslim riots in Europe over a satanic media’s portrayal of the False Prophet as an explosive headed suicide bomber raises an interesting point about the relation that the United States has to reigning in the political virility of Europe regarding how it addresses the problem of the traditional rival civilization south of the Mediterranean largely that formerly sided with the Kaiser (the Ottoman Empire) and then Adolph Hitler and the Nazi’s so far as possible. One can say that the German’s had a poor choice of political friends at the time, yet permitting the munichization of European politics through American restraints both friendly and coerced of European conduct to come to mean an emasculation of political independence including criticism of a war religion’s influence on contemporary politics may not serve those seeking to advance the cause of international peace through other than globalist means.

When Europeans have in the past conducted such importunate ethnic cleansing policies as were perpetrated in the former Yugoslavia in the 90’s they raise the ire of right-thinking American liberals that oppose the general dehumanization of mankind through torture, execution, bombings and machine gunning etc. Americans still tend to equate world war two era democides with any large-scale activities today on an equal basis. While the financial influence of Jews in Europe before the 1940’s was generally very beneficial to Europe, their financial holdings were probably trivial in comparison to the financial wealth of Muslims in Europe through oil sales to Europeans. With American influence the Reich became munichs serving the better causes of humanity in the palaces of the civilized perhaps with good auto construction and so forth, yet American influence should never serve to permit an uncivilized barbarism of Muslim origin to intimidate free expressions of traditional liberalism in support of human rights.

Unfortunately the sins of the fathers and mothers visit the sons, and the sins of distant cousins or even people of the same race may visit people across the Atlantic, and become inspirations for false accusations and associations with political histories not their own. Were financial and political power can be advanced through lies and deceit, it has been known to do so. Plainly Europeans will need to flex their own political and security muscles in dealing with Muslim terror and cultural influence, yet it should know that if it attacks human rights of the innocent grossly enough to concern American liberals, some time again they may find themselves on the opposite side of condign disagreement. Yet the world war two past that brought that European civilization to near ruin cannot be allowed to forever restrain Europeans from self-defense against an aggressive second and third world that would happily take what it can of their liberty, political self-determination, wealth and cultural sovereignty.

The media has a right to publish crude cartoons instead of intelligent analysis in search of various Utopian policies and Alternate fuel programs whenever it likes, however the cost of doing so when it involves the followers of the global domination seeking false prophet may be high.

The followers of the false prophet Muhammad obviously are righteously indignant at the corrupt policies and speech of the satanically influenced global media, yet they should when possible clean up their own satanic media and corrupt governments first before casting the first bricks and bombs and foreign devils.

One might desire to use unpolemical terms and even delete words such as ‘foreign devils’, yet with limited time to right after work they serve a quick one-off purpose of getting a gist across. America has a history of tolerance of false prophets and religions, and of course politically they are legion throughout history, the followers of Muhammad need to learn to be cool in nations they are seeking to invade slowly, and not arouse popular dissent amidst the locals or even the exploiters of cheap labor that import them won’t always be able to slow their input.