President Bush’s Royal Preference

Supporters of capitalism as Adam Smith advocated knew it realized that capitalism was to serve national interests and objectives (which obviously would not include subjugation of vital interests and individual liberties to foreign governments/power), and if he had lived in the modern era, would have recognized deleterious effects on economic actualization of new technology by concentrated global corporatist power that rivaled and oppressed new technology. ‘Those who trade their freedom for comfort and safety deserve neither freedom nor comfort and safety’. One may easily outsource common sense along with independence and production in the pursuit of profits…the Roman Empire’s final collapse at Rome followed its outsourced capital to Constantinople–the western Empire was rotten.

The entire problem with the high level mass broadcast approach to pacification and conformation of American political opinion is that it serves the deaccentuation of national leadership from green pastures and still water egalitarianism with space exploration, equal justice and such beyond the shoals of global anarchistic greed into reifying organizational objectives ill founded upon composite ethical egoism .

President Bush may have a preference for concentrating power into political infrastructures that shape his foreign and domestic policy approaches. Actually the United States could use a new Secretary of foreign and domestic policy examination that would consider the ratio and relation of foreign and domestic policy and ownership trends. Some nations such as England rely upon globalism to replace their loss of foreign colonies with business investments abroad.

When Treasury Secretary Snow’s former employer railroad company CSX was bought by Dubyan Company DP World, and DP World was allowed to start a takeover of many eastern port operations in the U.S., it allowed that nation that at one time sheltered A.Q. Khan’s Pakistan nuclear technology proliferation network to gain scheduling for direct tranship globally with delivery to any U.S. City of whatever it liked in essence.

President Bush likes the royal powers abroad because of their ownership of oil; resources, and may disfavour nations such as Israel through economic attrition that aren’t possessors of global crude oil supplies. The preference for Middle East royalty may work against American efforts to establish peace and democracy in Iraq. Certainly Middle Eastern royal families have a fundamental antipathy toward democratic developments in Iraq, and the Presidential association with the local royals will be perceived with scepticism and distrust by revolutionary democratic movements.

On the President’s present visit to India and Pakistan, his desire to purchase some sort of timed publicity release foreign policy ‘victory’ may have been the root cause for an agreement to transfer American nuclear technology to India in exchange for some loose agreements by the Indian Government to allow inspections of the civilian nuclear reactors that might be built or approved. Indian stores of fissile materials are already probably enough for a few nuclear wars, so it’s not much of a concession if they slow down production for the time being. It is dubious that India will be better off with more nuclear reactors that become targets of conventional weapons for terrorists and conventional weapons in event of conflict. A few well placed cruise missiles or truck bombs could assure dispersal of Chernobyl like radiation to damage the civilian populous.

Perhaps the President isn’t aware that a lot of sunlight reaches India and that solar power is probably a better investment along with superconductors and batteries for that subcontinent. President Bush of course would not favour power structures that allow independent home power generation and liberation in time from fossil fuels that are the modus Vivendi of the Bush dynasty. The President has used his fossil fuel/nuclear energy connections to foist nuclear plant construction upon Indians when none are being built in the U.S. Most of America’s nuclear plants are in the east, and the people of Washington D.C. seek to stick Nevada in the west with the nuclear waste (few nuclear plants are in the U.S. west) so easterners will be downwind if anything goes wrong.

In the Bush world view concentrated corporate oil reserves, political and economic power, environmental decay, obsolete U.S. national infrastructure and American deficit spending are a needed ‘wave of the future’. When speed week hits Daytona Beach and the two or three hundred m.p.h. inspired fossil fuel vehicles rev up forgotten are the 3/4’s speed of light potential speeds of electromagnetic grid accelerated space vehicles or minor terrestrial e.m.g. train reductionisms that go a little faster. American train structures may become sold to global royal oil interests too.
President Bush choose to reduce corps of engineer spending requests to strengthen new Orleans levees from 21 million to just 3 million annually, allowed Katrina warnings to be ignored while assuring the public no one new anything about it, after the flood. Without a substantial reformation of congressional and presidential internationality, coordination of and support for national advancement in education, economics, transport and energy infrastructure a globalist corporatists malaise and repression will creep upon the nation while corporatist media puts ‘positive’ spin upon the slow decline of and conquest over American ideals and independence.
There are more than 200 tons of plutonium sitting around that were produced by civilian nuclear programs it has been reported, much other fissile materials exist, and what is needed isn’t more nuclear plants but a dedication to decentralize power production through fuel cells, solar and wind power, as well as to develop high speed e.m.g. transport corridors in the U.S.A., and end fossil fuel use in American transportation (Americans are sitting on their butts in movable luxury sofas selling out their country to Arab oil royals and that’s a result of just pure laziness that the sharp edge of Occam’s economic razor will probably cut to an appropriate configuration in time.