President Bush, ‘Badda Bung’ and ‘The Moose’

President George W. Bush (The Elder) it is said watched the 9-11 events unfold with a senior Bin Ladin family member from a posh Washington D.C. Hotel room. The Younger Bush already experienced a Bin Ladin partner in his oil start up in Midland years before he could reflect while fleeing to an undisclosed bunker aboard Air Force One after Oz Bin Ladin’s crew ‘crapped’ the World Trade Towers and Pentagon. Subsequently the Bush administration has dismantled substantive elements of U.S. civil rights under the ostensible purpose of ‘protecting national security’, but as Ben Franklin said about comfort, freedom and safety…

Attorney General Gonzalez has allowed The Moose to escape the noose with inadequate trial preparation (I personally oppose the death penalty anyway) for his legal team perhaps…a payback for a surviving loyalist some might believe, yet that would be too astounding for me to believe presently. Attorney General Gonzalez has advocated torture as a modernization of quaint Geneva convention inhibitions, and evidently illegal wiretaps have been made upon Americans or illegal aliens calling from the U.S.A. without adequate legal oversight, but of course President no veto unless it takes American jobs from foreign Arab Imperial Companies Bush has placed his Igor Yeth Masta consigliore into place to thwart any investigations of the possibly corrupt administration.

Some good reporting has been done on the administration’s trends toward state-corporatism as a post-modern Marxist/Leninism yet with the broadcast spectrum dominated by a few rich corporations that the federal government allocates resources to it is quite difficult to form new or leading political opinions in America free of or in opposition to corporate interests.

An example is the politician that said the President is a dangerously incompetent imbecile that would make Curly Marx seems like a PhD candidate. Evidently the idea is that giving ownership of American economics to foreign corporations isn’t the same as supporting development of American owned corporations or individual partnerships that lead the world in economic output and environmental conservation. The broadcast media of the extreme radical right corporatist goon clan that hide behind a false gospel of wealth to dupe some into support of globalization under corporatism in the belief that they are just supporting morality merely need attack the congressperson publicly overheard in the state of the congressman and the nation while the politician of course hasn’t an equal broadcast rebuttal opportunity. Amplified a trillion-fold that is the gist of the corruption of the American polity by broadcast corporatism. The solution is to democratize the airwaves and use it for Internet broadcast slices with new technology free for anyone with a webpage and a will. People should listen because they like the intell not because there isn’t a choice.

Corporatism is a dangerous phenomenon created by Mussolini in partnership with Hitler-a man that Prescott Bush traded with during World War II and was condemned for. President Bush appointed a DP World Executive to head the Federal Maritime Commission before the DP World Ports deal to give the operations of east coast ports to the Arab Emir’s Government Company. Treasury Sect. Snow was head of CSX as CEO before DP World bought that railroad company. President Bush allowed a railroad lawyer to lead some sort of federal biological war disaster team (without meaningful qualifications unless it was to argue about how to deliver the stuff from the United Arab Emirates). One wonders if the President or his attorney general have planned or greased the wheels for a future substantive population trim able to terminate national independence economically speaking. Obviously the President and Attorney General would have difficulty ordering a happy meal at McDonalds without a misspeak so someone higher is pulling their strings if any.

Plainly some sort of congresstional investigattion firewall should be created to guard against felony cimininal political conspiracy from globalist corporatists in the oval office should such every actually perpetrate evil works and mayhem upon the nation. Obviously the Bush/Cheyney Axis of Oil has innumerable conflicts of interests that would require more than a mild political digestive discomfort in the somnabulent post-gruel torpor the party of ‘opposition’ finds itself in as the redistribution of wealth to globalists continues at record breaking speed.

If the President’s crank legal team seeking new ways to oppress Americans would take the advice of General Abizade they just shut up and stay out of politics, while disregarding the part about giving the east coast to the Emir of Arabs for port operations.

It is probable that rich Sheiks of the middle east have millions and billions of bribery monies laying about to provide for the comfortable munching retirements of high government officials should they seek baksheesh and balaclava. Keeping down-trodden Iraqi government bureaucrats from succumbing to bribes for various ‘services’ even from terrorists will also present a long term problem for any sort of democracy in the middle east. Like the problems of the prisoners and diner’s dilemma what side to be on becomes and increasingly difficult decision to make until the revolution…when all run across the new finish line of profit.

Listening to the corporatist radio extreme wing attack on terminology becomes a tough experience if done with a separated shoulder.

Years ago in Alaska I cut up some 3/4-inch plywood and carried it from the water to a trail and up right side of my head, yet it eventually pushed my shoulder off and out of place. This weekend with popping and grinding aplenty it stayed out…its an interesting experience, and nearly as bad as listening to the plain drollery of right wing attackers of the classical American concept of liberalism.

Liberalism under God is the heart and soul of the American experience, it is the bill of rights, of the spirit of resistance to oppression, slavery and inhumanity to man. It is the political mode that was first created in the United States and is as original as Jazz or Jim Beam. Liberalism is what democracy is all about, and it was the grace of God novelty of political thought built atop classical foundations of freedom that set this nation apart from all others in human history.
The right-wing raver Doctor Savage has good days and bad off the possible binge drinking, yet he has written a book ‘Liberalism is a Mental Disorder’ that didn’t sell well that is a fundamental sedulous assault on the American foundations of freedom prima fascia. He would say things like the homeless should be institutionalized, which is fine for right-wing Nazi goose-steppers perhaps but not so good for political dissidents or others that can be tossed out on the street or fired from their jobs and blacklisted or radio syndicalist targeted as an enemy of the corporation. Doctor Savage of course has a PhD in biology, and that makes him an expert on political science and history able to diagnose the ills of the nation. In some areas he may be on target, in some off and as wacko as Rush Limbaugh on the environment, yet he also has the radio raving characteristic of plain moralizing some points for political points and audience share. Its fun to have some ones to hate evidently.

The irrational or incomplete or disingenuous analysis of those people is astounding, or would be if it weren’t for the explanation that they have sold themselves to corporatism and globalism…the non-nationalist unintellectuals way of getting an easy big piece of the global pie that will create fraternity and brotherhood, a better life for everyone and so forth eventually…really it is claimed. There are no downsides or environmental externalities to be concerned about.

These intellectually lazy pseudo-conservatives believe that so long as they sig Exxon-Mobil or Toyota the nation will be alright, and that the only alternative to ‘conservative’ globalism and flooding of America with cheap workers to keep NAIRU at an optimal level and profits up the nation will be hunkie dorrie. They fail to comprehend that one must be virtually a midget intellectually to fit within the corporatist ideal of ‘phreendom’ for domestic workers.

Importing or promoting enough people with a low earnings starting point can moderate downward gross domestic earnings sufficiently to optimalize skimming of profits. Yet mankind doesn’t live by futility, malaise, doom and servitude alone…there must be a hope of a better future with less population crowding through space exploration, of a healthy environment with unlimited camping opportunities, of a world with quality sports fishing in the oceans.

Instead the Univ of Washington has conservatives searching for ways to use clams to detect weapons of mass destruction through filter feeding spectrum analysis. Mollusks filter gallons of seawater each day and could be used to detect radiation I suppose, or possible pcbs that could kill whales or people. Bin Ladin’s special weapons research and development team in the cave below the coffee shop in Kabul probably never thought of caching nuclear weapons below the ocean but you never know. It’s what human leadership has brought people to.