U.S. Senate Considers terms of ‘Surrender’ of Border Sovereignty

Like the decadent Roman Senate of the late Republican era, the U.S. Senate is composed of aloof high living globalists with foreign ties that perceive the external proletariat as a bunch of Jose Jimenez’s (Bill Dana’s character) that serve them with a smile.

The U.S. Senate could build a security wall along the Mexican border and maybe a boater canal later, with good high-speed railway links to the interior to follow and also make illegal entry to the U.S.A. a felony crime unless appropriate bribes are made to oil companies, auto manufacturer military industrial corporate kickbacks etc; alternatively the Republican Senate may make illegal entry an incentive for citizenship status and earned income credits and Republican Party membership.

Other business in the Senate includes;

1) Offering DP World a contract to patrol the borders and enforce ‘security’.
2) Name a ‘Faggot of Films’ to Rule Devilwood film propaganda project development for the 2008 season
3) Appoint a Furher of Religion cycles to Torquemada Colorado.
4) Raise the bar on the federal debt limit to 12 trillion dollars
5) Sell California to China before Mexico claims ownership through adverse possession.

Eminent Domain of Corruption

A miscreant Senate in chains
led into detention at Guantanamo Bay
globalist lords of ice cream

Caesar pondered the memorial
Jose Jimenez crossing the Potomac
nazicar crashing the legal bridge

A remnant formed another Empire
one Republic surrendered to global greed
an empire rotted from without

Corporatist broadcasters job shuffling filters
tithing machine hierarchies affiliate
snub a priesthood of believers

Special forces of democratic activism
deleted towards extinction