Corrupt U.S. Highway Should Build Elevated Barrier Border Highway

Corrupt U.S. Senate Should Finance Elevated Border Patrol Highway Along Mexican Border
Friday 31 of March, 2006

Halting illegal alien border crossing is the necessary first step in the process of immigration reform. Globalists in the Senate wishing to enhance the employment cheap labor pyramid ploy want to flood with illegal or legal aliens the U.S.A. violating categorically the spirit of the social contract that unlies all constitutional government of the willing.

The United States and Mexico must some day address evironmental and population problems of vital international importance. The United States should have a maximum of 300,000 legal immigrants annually selected from all the world and just just Latin America. Excess U.S. need for cheap workers should transform into new employment in nLatin America. Fuel cells, solar and wind power should displace centralized power for home and automobiles…place power lines and interties to highways for electric cars.

Suetonoius or some other Roman historian said that it was Julius Caesar that gave the name Germans to the people of Transalpine Gaul. Caesar it is said encountered a tribe resisting his legion’s advance to and across the Rhine (eventually a giant apparition of a woman told him not to go farther so he stopped) that was called the Germani; naturally the name became eponymous for all the tribes of the area of which the Germani was just one.The loss of another Germanic tribe named the Bastarni one winter a few hundred bc traveling from Turkey to points west when they fell through the ice of a lake and drowned (this isn’t the Sergey Einstein movie about the Teutons incidentally) is an historical tragedy worthy of a good script. If they had made it to Gaul and met Julius Caesar in war the name of the people of that region for ever would have matched up with the family background of the savior of Europe in a secular sense Charles Martel.It isn’t about race that the issue of controlling population flow along the Mexican border is about. Mexico nearly supported the Reich in WW II and were slow to declare. Zimmerman tried to get them to sign a treaty with the Axis.Eventually viable entities need to control population flows. When the American west was a frontier an open border made good sense. As much as some might like to use downtown L.A. for a bon fire of the vanities, some would claim ownership of it and expect financial compensation of filthy lucre.The issue is entirely about exploiting labor and stressed workers chasing work to the point of criminal transformation. This all is good substance for tragedy in Aristotle’s criterion incidentally.So long as any group of people can exploit another for profit they will; and no there isn’t a necessary Adam Smith capitalist virtue in exploiting humanity. Free markets, freedom of action, security in borders, personal and private property and so forth are all needed for the building up of capital by any individuals.If the border is a revolving door and the broadcast media a raving brainwasher the accumulation of capital in the U.S.A. will tend to flow up, as statistically it has the last couple of decades. Security in the public and private realm is needed for free enterprise and proprietary thought into actualization or materialization of value added production. When one cannot develop rational expectations regarding social change or stability but need retrain and reeducate every five years a net loss of profits results; growth is traded for survival.The flow of illegal immigrants should stop completely and within two years new American investments in Mexico should create enough jobs to replace those lost in the U.S.A. Jobs in the U.S.A. should increase as cheap labor dries up–yet the leisure class will need to accept that they must pay white people willing to do the work George W. Bush would not a fair wage prevailing in the market of perhaps 14 dollars an hour. Possibly medical benefits will need be restored to bargaining packages.I oppose illegal immigration not just because I am single and had no luck getting a well built Mexican girlfriend…quite frankly poverty isolates so I would not be showing up on a mountain bike to ask her to trot along to the mall beside me. The anarchic method of political apportionment as the upper-class senate prefers is ultimately self-destructive for nationalism. The United States cannot find security insinuating itself into a global corporatism nor in flooding the nation with immigrants to war upon ‘naturals’ or native born ‘impediments’ to globalism. Corporatism is the lazy person’s way to the cheap power slavers enjoyed and will result in one of the global worse case scenarios of conflict, tyranny, environmental depletion and a planet without a plethora of cheap tri-hull sailing craft
Posted on Friday 31 of March, 2006 [16:46:27 UTC]