The Sicilianization of American Society?

Regarding the nature of Muhamedism politically; one is going to run amok if ideology is over credited as the modus vivendi for political fanaticism of individuals in various nations and regions that worship five times a day to Saudi Arabia (Americans only buy gas a couple times a week or so).

The Island nation of Sicily has had a long experience with invading persons from abroad before the Saracen invasion and occupation of the ninth century that went on to raid Rome. Mario Puzzo’s book The Sicilians gives a prose fiction background of the islands social formations of résistance and consequence from the fascist era to the war and unto about 1950.

The mafia (an Arabic word meaning sanctuary) was a name given to the ‘friends of friends’ that perpetrated violence upon government officials and anyone else that oppressed the peasants or personal profits. The mafia or friends of friends became a second shadow government secret society.
The peasants were poor and the ‘labor market’ exploited by the rich landowners. The mafia interceded between the rich, the peasants and government. Because the government was from the North and mostly corrupt in the 20th century, and because of centuries of tradition of resisting hostile invaders, Sicilians developed omerta or code of silence to not provide even directions to anyone that asked. Unfortunately the mafia also opposed equality and democracy for the peasants, and ruled as a sort of mini-fascist corporatist power for-themselves.

Many Mohammedan controlled societies are comprised of poor, ignorant pseudo machos with nothing to lose. Many have need for revolution against larger predators of politics. In the United States global corporatism has developed to ensnare the broadcast media and corrupt the government moving toward the Sicilianization of the United States downward into a peonized society. The Department of Globalist Security actively pursues resistance to corporatism, will intimidate religionists of all stripes, and even through the media receive tacit support from leftist-atheists in attacking the political stability of American liberal -moderates. The high tech egress into civil rights oppression is a logical result of a flood of people without a tradition of western style liberalism in their national traditions united with predatory globalist-captialists that find democracy and a more egalitarian society a nuisance to their desire for absolute power.

The poor of Sicily would not converse with strangers much, yet the concept of social silence allowing authorities to dominate public communication is antipathetic to the first amendment free speech requisites of an active, participatory democratic society. State censorship of the media by fascists in the modern era equivalent is a transcendent conquest of mass media by global corporatists and communists seeking to halt individual blogging even, as it were. The mafia would liaison support with rich landowners and the government to oppress the poor in exchange for kickbacks and control, security and such, while the communists sought to eliminate all religion and all the rich, and the rich would use communism as another excuse to oppress the poor and middle class seeking to better their situation at all. The poor Mohammedans are just waifs in a false relation to God, veritable butterflies of Lao Tzu fluttering about in the azure sky observing the creators impulse to create manifested yet failing to find a personal relationship with His Son Jesus Christ.

The United States has many challenges including wresting control of political power back to the people and democracy, halting the flood of cheap labor market scabs allowed in by Globalist pimps, converting the broadcast media to internet blog downloading and so forth, inducing some start up to manufacture low cost, high efficiency electric cars (the big seven global automakers won’t ever produce them until all the gouge from oil is done) etc.