Middle East Crisis, Iran and U.S.-Israeli Response Issues

The middle east activities of Hezballah upon Israel from Lebanon and the Iranian support for the escalation of the coefficient of adversity for Israel present several challenges for the middle east, some of which seem to be driven by propaganda secured interests of Hezballah, Hamas and Iran.

Iran’s threats to cause mass Israeli casualties should Israel attack Hezballah supply home depots in Syrai must be based upon their vast missile inventory that Israel would need to attaqck before concentrating upon Syrian sanctuaries for terrorist personnel and supplies. Of course the Uniyted States might have an interest in helping Israel to secure the peace through destruction of Iraninian missile and nuclear capabilities through air assault.

Unfortunately putting the regional conflict malefaction back into cold storage might be difficult given the desrre of Hezballah and Iran to escalate the crisis for Israel, and the technology of war continues to proliferate and prosper amidst nations adverse to Israel’s existence. Perhaps Israel will opt to preempt the arms build up with a military take down, and maybe the administration will launch a few hundred cruise missiles in support of an Israeli air strike emulating Clinton era tactics in order to gain a few years of peace. The administration of the U.S.A. may be more interested in oil than war, and may believe it is possible to ignore the Iranian influence and spreading sphere of Shiite influence that may be behind the Hamas-Hezballah attacks on the north and south of Israel. Iran seems unable to comprehend that Shiist politics in Iraq are developing toward democracy rather than authoritarianism, and may benefit from some correction of their political; ratiocinations from whatever source that can serve.