Exclusive Mass Media Waveform Totalitarianism

While a globally owned broadcast media hogging the very brainwashing channels of mass communication wavelengths in the United States is nearly fatal to democracy and independent economic developments in supports of national interests’ globalists in the corporate world seemingly consider selling out their country to be a virtue, although they wouldn’t say so directly. When dumb M.B.A.’s predominate and decorate society to assure their maximal profits and least work, and take over government converting it and society into a corporatist evil empire standing unreligiously upon sand without a solid monolithic dome foundation with environmental restoration, they doom everything independent so far as possible within the traditional will to power expressed by Attila the Hun. Terrorists everywhere have their own modes and axes to grind with varying degrees of sophistication and inhumanism.

Nature is a non-sequiter within their permanent quick profits paradigm. Leftists are all those in opposition to corporatist dictatorship of the unimaginative oppressors of mankind of any sort of organizational composite. Free enterprise, individual prosperity apart from corporatism, privacy, free public speech and so forth are lumped in with the proletariat foes of management.

Adam Smith believed free markets would best regulate themselves by supply and demand processes with an ‘invisible hand’, yet Smith never foresaw the growth of an extra invisible hand of corporatism that would strangle the non-corporatist free market and government too. Government must serve the people and national interests rather than corporate interests. Corporations must fend for themselves globally if they will, yet the government should support the rights and interests of individual citizens living legally in the United States. Flooding the nation with illegal aliens is another method by corporatists to undermine national prosperity and political independence from their globalist totalitarianism. Globalists want a nation of peons to support a layer of non-physically working management parasites. Globalists also co-opt and undermine independent intellectual enterprises when possible by extinction or hostile takeover.

‘The Social Siege of Nature’ by Michael Soule’ described some of the problems society has in addressing the mass extinction of biodiversity underway. There are a number of philosophical errors that render correction of the destruction of God’s creation on Earth difficult to correct. God appointed mankind masters of nature not destroyers of it. Any good ship master would protect and develop his ship not burn the planks. As given in the parable of the talents, it is a bad idea to take God’s natural creation and destroy it instead of to increase it so far as to green Mars and build a vast number of artificial worlds within the solar system stacked with wild life able to exist without constant human support. Mankind is running amok under the brainwashing putsch of global corporatism and thoughtless consumerism. How the nation reelected the President in 2004 is a mystery to me.