Replace CENCOM Gen. ABizaid?

Is it time to replace the CENCOM Commander Gen. John Abizaid with someone more effective at reducing civilian casualties? Would someone with a better military education and background of experience be better suited to counterattack the drift toward civilian strife in Iraq? Afghanistan also is experiencing something of a retrograde motion in the Southwest that hasn’t been countered effectively.

General Abizaid since given support to the Dubain Arab royal takeover of American east coast port operations has created an appearance of conflict of interest and loyalty with too much support for Muslim royals. Sure Dubai has a 25 story indoor ski slope with the temperature 120 degrees outside and 35 degrees inside, yet globalization for a career federal public payroll employee never in the private sector, and without prospect of ever being off the public payroll before death, may have little sympathy for the variegated opportunities that nation U.S. free enterprisers may have or experience. What is good for globalists in no way necessarily coincides with what is good for American citizens living in the United States. If General Abizaid with his limited military experience mostly in infantry and not intelligence or special forces and anti-insurgency was doing a good job in Iraq his public gaffs and disrespect for the civil rights of Americans and perhaps Iraqi’s too following George W. Bush’s and the Attorney General’s examples might be more easily overlooked, yet his job performance in Iraq and as CENCOM Commander since 2003 is dismal, and ripe for termination. The only problem is that the fearless leader in D.C. may respect loyal corruption more so than military and civil security effectiveness, and would thus leave General Abizaid in post far too long, creating a lack of creativity and problems that will continue on until a Democratic President with Special Forces competence takes office in 2008.,_Iraq