Veteran’s Day and Modern War Causality

Poltiical speeches and eloqution may belie intent. One recalls the film ‘Scarface’, I believe it was, in which Al Capone shed tears at the opera, yet clubbed later with the baseball bat…it is possible to act like Barrymore perhaps, or simply be moved rather witlessly at the story of courage and sacrifice, because one may have died for-oneself which is not so marvelous.

In the general war of the second of that of the world many millions died in the belief that they were defending democracy, or for certain ideals perhaps that they never read being illiterates largely, or never having been philosophers enough to read social philosophy or political theory.

Yet many brave souls perished even charging machine gun establishments with quick-fingered killers at Omaha beach and etc. Winston Churchill the designer of the British Sevastopol plan later was demoted to lead an infantry battalion in the trenches of out brave French allies that had somewhat more distrust of Generals than did the British under Haig. While Winston’s plan to attack on an eastern front was good in general the timing and emplacement were wrong, and Haig weakened the Italian front with minimal supplies so it fell through.

Churchill did of course help to create the Second World War by asking a U.S. President to print more currency accelerating inflation and the economic collapses of 1929 and 1930 that reverberated around the world providing a suitable environment for fascist growth in Germany. Churchill wasn’t to blame for the war of course, American policy at the end of WW I veritably enabled Germany to economically blitzkrieg toward WW II with all the finesse of a corrupt arbitrage trader, with the payoff being a military explosion of government ENRON polices; the U.S. Congress never guaranteed the peace of WW I to deter German aggression.

Today civil policies in the United States run on while the government effectively supports the best interests of foreign nations over the United States while running a vast federal debt up towards 10 trillion dollars and destroying the environment as best it can get away with through neglect, bad policy and a sort of obsessive-compulsive social leadership training for the masses based on mindless consumerism. Wars are devastating, but a precursor of wars are the mindless patriotism that allows a social inertia to follow ‘leaders’ of no ability or meaningful political values dedicated to enriching themselves and their class primarily…whatever class that may be. In saluting their leaders that extract superfluous pledges and expressions of loyalty to them as if the citizen’s themselves hadn’t equal or inalienable civil rights the ‘leaders’ flood the nation with cheap immigrant labor illegally, outsource good jobs abroad and let the nation’s infrastructure decay compared to the rapid growth in China, India and elsewhere such as the Muhammedist nations.

While former generals pontificate on CNN and Foxx about the Muhammedist and terrorist enemies that require U.S. military power to overcome, a billion Muhammedists may listen to the constant mooning as if they live on another planet…at least the Europeans have a little sense, if not true Christian faith demographically.

The U.S. military may have a history of martial success occasionally, yet since the Vietnam war a continual transition into clandestine war and terrorism has developed globally that isn’t suitable to conventional military remedies to restore a civilian level of peaceful society. Instead temporary martial law and extreme force troop deployments are considered, whereas the military should prepare for conventional wars supported by terrorism in computing, broadcast technology and suitcase nukes and sabotage of nuclear facilities and so forth. A Black Op force of 50,000 cadre members should be created for foreign unconventional anti-terrorist operations and ordinary soldiers returned with marines remaining abroad to support the SF Boppers.

… American military deployments are continuations of economic policy through other means in part, because of the subjective value judgments on strategic interests such as oil in the Persian Gulf that could be deleted by a serious alternative fuel and transport approach in the White House. The notion that obsessive-compulsive force applications will convert an adverse undereducated populace into supporting U.S. policy should have been comprehended to be a failure since the experience in Vietnam.

Certainly the Ottoman Empire was free to apply brutal force to occupy territory in another time, but that sort of wanton torture in support of a cruel autocracy is quite unwelcome today by supporters of democracy around the world such as actually exist outside of corporatist sycophancy.

It is important that Americans consider the value of keeping their nation as a nation at all in this era of mass illegal alien immigration and outsourcing with global corporate leadership and environmental decay. Some conflicts to end intractable obstacles to regional peace in violation of U.N. terms of cease fire may be compelling when mass civilian casualties are created indirectly as a circumstance of sanctions upon evil regimes, yet the broadcast media is for itself and accelerant to global conflicts today with its interminable, public and sensational approach to ‘news stories’ about war and international relations. Broadcast media are in effect anarchic terrorist agencies for themselves yet do reflect various obscure multinational corporate policy decisions.

With the global public internet era existing the broadcast wavelengths allotted in the United States should be set aside for public internet one or two way transmission freq.’s where technology can be adapted so everyone in the nation that is a citizen can have some ‘broadcast’ opportunity…as it is the broadcast use is similar to that of internet chat rooms dominated by a few creeps or perhaps limited to a few people exclusively…even if a lot of photos and commercials abound.

One should expect military conflicts not to become long slow drains (LSD’s) on the national budget, environment or spiritual components of the populace. Political leadership in the United States should invest in high tech start ups and transitions that would increase any remaining American leadership in transportation and energy applications resurging beyond the anachronistic mud hole of the automobile and oil economic phenomenality engineered by Henry Ford’s assembly line innovations early last century and the Rockefeller oil explorations.

Wars may often be a consequence of bad economic policy failing real politick success in any nation, and it is obvious that the United States is failing at environmental leadership because of the clear cutting of the Presidential Bully’s pulpit for environmental purposes. Such recalcitrance renewed clear cutting of the Tongass Forest on federal lands in ignorance of the fragility of the old growth in a muskeg rich ecosystem requiring interlocking of trees and successive generations of natural sorting through life and death for health. Dirt based forests growth much more quickly-in just a few hundred years into natural old growth. The muskeg stands followed glacial retreats and thousands of years of moss build-up and wind blow-downs in acidic soil compositions.

While the global environmental health is in retreat the military for-itself and veterans that lost their lives or health for executive deployment decisions have on occasions made their sacrifices for dubious reasons. In ancient times the defense a nation or even the expanse of a nation were clear enough reasons to fight. Today soldiers must carry out unclear economic and political decisions into effect on occasion. Since that is so it is another compelling reason to sharpen and fine-tune the nation’s economic and budget infrastructure a priori in order not to wade into the muck and blood, smoke and mirrors of war and sundry fragmentation devices for uncertain economic or social reasons.

It isn’t popular today in this media driven politically obsessive-compulsive era with attacks on individual security from a variety of directions to question the thoughtless application of federal policy or alternatively of the mass left naked noumenal political left for-themselves subjectively deconstructed. Many distrust any sort of foreign military deployment, yet alternatively many support with blind allegiance corporate multinational policy enriching China and India and forcing the United States into federal debt with minimal personal savings brainwashed by raving media outlets.

A sober American Government must do much better at formulating foreign and domestic policy than it has since the end of the cold war, and the trusting military personnel that elect to serve deserve far better from a democratic government than they have received in the utilization of intelligence since the end of the cold war.