A Resume for Gary C. Gibson

Name: Gary C. Gibson
Address: General Delivery
Juneau, AK 99801
Email: garycgibson@gmail.com
Education & Training:
Univ. of Alaska-S.E.
Juneau, Alaska
Liberal Arts
Associate of Arts

Houston Grad School of Theology
Houston, Texas
Western Business College
Portland, Oregon
Computer Programming-Systems Analysis
U.S. Army Combat Engineer School
U.S. Army Chemical School

Career-specific, job-related training and skills:
My books print-on-demand
blogging, msword editing, some html code writing, internet research, management of projects such as commercial house repainting, read and learned classical and symbolic logic (including predicate and propositional logic/i.e. Kelly’s ‘The Art of Reasoning’)

During one five year period of multi-tasking I served in the Alaska Army Guard and U.S. Army Reserve, took 60 credits at the University of Alaska-Juneau, 30 credits at the University of Alaska-Fairbanks, CLEP tested another 30 credits and transferred all to the University of the State of N.Y. at Albany for a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies (history and Philosophy), traveled twice to Europe and once to Mexico (where I climbed Mt. Popocatepetl) and continued writing for eventual publication.

Work History starting with most recent
Most recent employer and location:self-employed painter
Start Date (Month/Day/Year):06/01/1972
Ending Date (Month/Day/Year):11/01/2006

Job Title: structure painter seasonally of exteriors. Work was phenomenal as houses and commercial buildings became available for painting
Supervisor’s Name:Gary Gibson
Employment Type: Full Time
Hours/Week worked:50
Complete commercial home and building repainter periodically since 1972. Highest quality exteriors repainting. Much customer service relations, materials acquisition, quality control assurance and so forth. Names of some customers and phone numbers are available.
Name of employer and location: Gary C. Gibson-writer
Start Date (Month/Day/Year):09/01/1987
Ending Date (Month/Day/Year): 02/28/2007

Job Title: author of political, science fiction and philosophy
Supervisor’s Name: Gary C Gibson
Supervisor’s Phone Number: n/a/
Employment Type: Part Time
Hours/Week worked:20
Salary: (Monthly) n/a/
Description. Please describe your duties:
My books at print-on-demand and e-book publisher I wrote about 350,000 words annually in recent years. The publishing service is generally free although one must do all the creative and editing work for oneself. It is useful to know computer publishing techniques quite well including formatting pages, page set-up, photo editing etc.

Start Date (Month/Day/Year): 06/30/1995
Ending Date (Month/Day/Year): 05/15/1995

Job Title: Admin assistant/clerk
Employment Type: Full Time
Hours/Week worked:40
Salary: (Monthly) $ 1895.00
Description. Please describe your duties:
File processing4.
Name of employer and location: Alaska Department of Labor
Start Date (Month/Day/Year): 07/01/1984
Ending Date (Month/Day/Year): 06/01/1987

Job Title: clerical assistant
Employment Type: Full Time
Hours/Week worked: 37.5 then 20
Description. Please describe your duties:
File clerk work with alpha-numeric worker’s compensation records. Work was full time for a year then reduced to part-time as I attended college full-time. In 1987 I got someone to replace me on the job to I could attend a mortar school at Fort Benning that became cancelled; so I moved to Fairbanks to complete my last year of undergraduate work. Used photo copiers and a variety of office equipment.
Additional Work History:

Some Alaska Army Guard, Army or Army reserve training periodically between 1982 and 1990. Some oil exploration crew work offshore. Deck hand on intercoastal pushboats.
Open water scuba diving course at Channel Dive, Juneau in 1992.
Good small boat sailing skills (16 to 30 feet).
Worked on a homestead periodically on the Eastern side of Wrangell Island (including this winter-{I no longer own it}). Use of chain saws and other pioneer tools.
Previously I’ve typed about 350,000 words annually (since 1999) with spell checks before publishing. My MSWORD skills are good, I use html code a bit for internet webpage formatting. Note taking is all right. I reviewed a book on the draft process for writing a novel recently. This winter I wrote a novella called ‘The Bamalik Code’ on an alpha-smart. It was about 30,000 words of science fiction.