H.I.P.I’s & Aux Reinfocements for Iraq Security

Talk radio is largely a Scathocrat Group that never, never supports home independent power production or other measures that liberate the citizens of the United States from reliance upon global corporatism.

Home independent power initiatives should be job # 1 for the Democratic led congress; instead they act as servo-unit socialist dupes for global corporatism. While one or two efforts to end the military peace support mission in Iraq might have been worthwhile, the obsessive, losing bills in disregard of every other meaningful measure that might be advanced seems a less than rational application of political power. Let me explain why…

While not a fully qualified GOPPIE I neither qualify as a card carrying Democratic Party Member, this by inference will let you know that I am a politically independent minded individual in the United States. With oil at 83 dollars a barrel and on the way to 100 dollars very likely, and with the value of the U.S. dollar sinking below that of the Canadian dollar-signifying the loss of comparative national economic advantage of the United States since 1992 when globalization set fire to the wooden foundation structures of the United States, the Congress is disregarding the Presidents 26% approval rating and vulnerable inability to veto rational, constructive alternative energy legislation for the time being. The Congress is serving up shot after shot for the goal with a majority height that even a midget center could block, and Hillary Clinton is proposing a medical insurance plan for illegal aliens and disregarding my country doctor national medical insurance plan.

The Country Doctor plan would screen means tested poor, uninsured American citizens and send them to a physician for medical treatment when needed free. Every doctor in the United States could opt to treat one of every five patients gratis in exchange for federal malpractice insurance coverage. If every doctor were required to treat one of every five patients for free the medical system would be much improved with quality doctors available and a bit of public service for the physicians too. The government would delete malpracticing doctors from the program and thus medical competence in the United States would be better governed, and the government would simple provide a screening and referral service for patients and physicians. All social insurance programs require that the cost does not inhibit social and economic justice, that the program is affordable to the majority of the people and cannot be provided individually. Free lunches cannot be provided to a majority that don’t need it without transferring the cost to someone somewhere with deep pockets; and that is the also the core of the problem with American energy infrastructure in transportation.

Americans are importing fuel and cars and loans from foreign nations to move themselves about and to keep financing the federal government and economy while exporting overseas, importing cheap labor illegal aliens for construction work and affordable housing and continuously tracking down the historian Arnold Toynbee’s fin de sicle of civilization goal line. The Congress ignores all the warnings-even that of the brilliant Allan Greenspan and surges forward jettisoning intelligence as if all they needed was to look at the son of the storm trooper body builder of California for a guaranteed prosperity…that won’t work, it may be needless to say.

H.I.P.I.’s are a vital part of an alternative energy plan for the United States. The Congress should set about creating a bill that would encourage Americans to provide their own electrical power in part and that would lead to the ability for Americans to produce their own fuel at home for electric cars and SUV’s (yek). The Congress should stimulate a low-cost generic home fuel cell and home hydrogen electrolysis technology to produce hydrogen safely at home, and also create an array of home solar painting, solar roof shingle, solar building panel and solar panels for themselves that could be purchased with no taxes and with federal tax breaks. The Congress should include in its HIPI bill wind, solar and fuel cell technologies, small business supports for installers of integrated power systems at home, coordination with power company purchases of unused home produced electric power and so forth. Get with it congress and move on to things that work.

Auxiliary Troop/Guards for Iraq Security Tasks
It seems ironic that the U.S. federal government seeks to reinforce civil rights for ordinary Iraqis while enacting blatant age discrimination upon American citizens seeking to provide moderate cost security service for Iraq. The Blackwater expulsion order from the nation of Iraq by Prime Minister Maliki underscores the need for the U.S. Congress to create an auxiliary military cadre of former soldiers willing to volunteer for short six month contracts of military service where needed in order to provide security services without bankrupting the U.S. Treasury. I cringe every time I hear these political spendthrifts mention spending ‘treasure’ in Iraq as if the money borrowed from China were a native wealth. It is a discrimination against healthy over 50 to age 65 Americans with military service to prevent them from earning a living on short term federal contracts providing the security service such as Blackwater provided at high cost. Volunteers between age 50 and 65 should be available in a few thousands.

Airline pilots retire at age 65 nowadays, and many other occupations have had statutory limitations repealed-why should soldiers able to fire those glock .357 mags with both hands and toss a few grenades be regarded as geriatric cases that at best should work for mercenary firms such as Blackwater?

These former soldiers with contemporary fitness requisites would function under a separate military command structure although available for use in special circumstances. With the limited numbers they would not have more than three ranks and would serve under the command of regular Army field grade officers, perhaps as auxilliary security wo 1’s.

Volunteer former soldiers in a 50 to 65 bracket could have a ten day language and culture/basic training course and a five day weapons proficiency retraining and be sent in to fulfill many security jobs as if they were going to Alaska to work on a seasonal fishing or seafood processing job. Personally I paint houses much of the year and would like learning more about Iraq culture and history in person for perhaps an average American wage or a little more as a temporary federal military employee. Perhaps in Washington D.C. politicians live detached from financial reality so far as to keep time with Senator Craig’s toe-tapping, mortgage crisis/fuel crisis disregard diplomacy and full spend ahead, here is an opportunity to do one thing right.