Racism & Retardation

Interestingly enough correlations may exist between racism and retardation. General low I.Q. characteristics leading to frustration in manual task achievement may produce subjective transference of blame to other races. This phenomena may increase in an era where the requirements of abstract reasoning are more demanding than specialized job skills generally permit adequate time for learning necessary geopolitical remedies and adjustments to contemporary situations.

The United States today is increasingly flanked by sundry global economic forces without the benefit of political leadership present to conserve the national economic advantages through liberal intention to develop start-up invented industries and fair labor practices able to meet the economic war of attrition outsourcing American liberty to global control. In the historical stream of valid and just responses to foreign aggression and domestic repression the right way to meet the challenges of globalism keeping within a framework of constitution justice and equal rights for all requires the attitude of the impeccable spiritual warrior seeking after liberty and justice for all citizens. Globalists and short-sighted disaffected minorities are all too ready to join the globalist imperial camp offering everything to everyone as all consumers are treated equal. Every expression of racism and effort to subvert true equal rights and pursuit of happiness in the United States for all citizens equally results inevitably in a political over-correction by global forces to further erode the status of not only the indignant racial group but of national interests and security.

Pragmatically the United States itself cannot afford much more than the 2.4 children per family reproduction rate within the real environmental limitation given the mal-adapted elements of an economic structure largely designed before global environmental awareness developed. Even if indignant whites or radically invasive illegal alien Mexicans had their way and flooded flooded the U.S.A. with just their own genomic specialization affinity group the 2.4 children per family rate would need to be adhered unto in order to avoid over-stressing the environment. Global economic justice can only develop through particular national political justice developing one nation at a time. Imperial global corporatism hasn’t any rational capacity to govern and instead simply markets consumer disposable Utopian remedies without any sort of rational plan for global governing. Global governing isn’t the same as global marketing, yet global propagandizing hasn’t any need for a rational pursuit of truth, the good or political competence it need only support global marketing.

In effect there are two major political forces in the world today in support of authoritarianism-one is socialism and the other is corporatism. Each system represses individualism and democracy quite well and would develop those repressive traits most fully if allowed to attain global domination for themselves individually or conjoined synthetically together in Corporatist-Socialist management-labor oneness. It is quite possible to plot the mass engineering of humanity sociopathically and forever nihilate individual freedom and security. Humanity is in pursuit of economic adequacy and social justice more so than the annihilation of race specialization or race separation. Through individual empowerment politically within secure borders and a general world of economic adequacy consistent with environmentally robust health human development may continue in the long range, there are no realistic monopolistic global political control system that would allow for human political freedom in existence today. A sober justice and pursuit of national security with zero illegal immigration and limited legal immigration is the essential starting condition for addressing present global limits to economic growth within this finite environment.

Propaganda broadcast corporatism has reasoning as deficient as this syllogism…all birds are mammals, all bears are mammals therefore all birds are bears. Broadcast logic deficits are what control the political issues of the day as corporatism is served up the planet fairly readily. It isn’t the only wickedness in the world…humanity is born in original sin and will need to fight individually to protect human liberty and opportunities for justice. Adam Smith never intended capitalism to replace government, it is just a good economic method. When corporatism displaces real democracy and annihilates national democracy and represses free enterprise racism is just another enculturation tool to accelerate the consumption of security and end of national health.