Extra Dimensions of Time?

If time has extra dimensions correlating to the expanding but not hyper-inflating number of potential space dimensions would they necessarily be deployed simultaneously with the new space dimensions? Do the general and special theories of relativity support the concept that only one time exists though it is relative or comparatively meaningful in accordance to its measured location and spatial coordinate to another similarly comparable coordinate? Is the uncertainty principle of quantum mechanics a consequence of the nature of time as an arbitrary construct of comparison that diminishes in relevance as the spatial extent diminishes? Is there some built in factor of relativity for spatial dimensions as well as time because it is space-time unified? Is it possible that time has discrete dimensions separable from spatial dimensions and without mass or energy content? Can time be discretely bound within spatial dimensions comparable to spatial dimensions bound within a unified field?

Are virtual particles appearing with expanding space-time a function of extra-dimensions of time concatenated within a non-temporal underlying Higgs field acting as a static background base-time of non-change? The background singularity of Higgs Field non-expansive base time would provide a paradigm for comparison of zero-mass or very low mass zero-point virtual particles appearing in the expanding space-time of our Universe(1) and its familiar standard dimensions of space-time. The uncertainty characteristics of quantum mechanics may be a function of time acting in alternative micro-dimensions in all possible worldlines transecting the standard dimensions of Universe1, or it may not.

The zero-dimensional membrane precursors of the expansion of this Universe were zero-point wave line into strings and then loops and particles eventually engaging methodically other expanding dimensions of classes similar and dissimilar as a divine protocol had decreed. In theory nothing smaller could have arisen than the zero-dimension branes, yet this world was a semblance of God’s will.

Zero dimension membranes entangled with uncertainty and in other virtual universes blessed temporality. This I knew that I had loved the epiphenomenality of life and that in some small way my love was given to be and become on her own in a new for-itself. Disengagement from temporality was seemingly an agony I would encounter as something needful as the mechanics of this world that I could not surpass nor become the origin of required.

Time as a fourth dimension was an arbitrary selection of number from a set paradigm relating a dissimilar function of being to three spatial dimensions posited to have the capacity to be without timing. Space-time unification as one dimensional whole divisible into parts as a parallel theological metaphor of the triune God moving upon the darkness of a primordial void was problematic; time may have as many discrete elements as arbitrary dimensions selected by M-Theory and other post standard model of quantum cosmology physical portraits of cosmological models of the Universe with a pluralverse. The multiverse is an infinite representation of the relationships of monism and pluralism to the one. A myriad of time dimensions could exist collaterally with space dimensions and the relations described by the Einstinian general theory of relativity; humanity within the phenomenalizing, expanding arrangements of the cosmos haven’t the time to discover perhaps the ultimate right place of time for-itself and for-others within the given parameters of the Universe; God transcends time for-himself, as do theoretical representations of how the universe expands through its past, present and future history depend upon an extra space-time detachment of timelessness in-themselves in order to represent abstractly the course of space and time post hyper-inflaton or zero-brane evolution into line segments of one dimensions, loops of two or more and multi-dimensional constructs of nth dimensions.

Because a is b is doesn’t mean that a is c…certainly logic is plain about nthat so far as it pertains to language yet neither does does a = b imply that a does not equal c.
Jesus Christ is the truth for-himself, yet people are free to develop their own truth theory or select one of many existing truth theories such as disquotation theory expressed by P.F. Strawson.

Emanations from The One were postulated by Plotinus to have given rise to the stuff that is the universe-that human sentience experiences as the Universe. Plotinus was a philosophical realist continuing the work of Plato, yet he expressed a metaphysical paradigm that entails or includes paradigms such as one could discover in Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and even Judaism. God is personal yet all things return unto the perfection of The One…the difficulty is in recognizing that Jesus Christ is God himself in the protocol relating to saving mankind lost in the material seemingness of the Universe1.

On what the material world is,and something of how it differs from the actual nature of what humanity experiences in receiving and interpreting data from the universe it is helpful to consider briefly Arthur Schopenhauer who wrote about Immanual Kant’s transcendental idealism that is the alternative to Platonic realism…

“Space itself is nothing but mere representation, and whatever is in it must therefore be contained in that representation. There is nothing whatever in Space, except so far as it is really represented in it.”-Kant

Scientific American had an article on this subject within the last few years, and it is an interesting conjecture. One must wonder if time may be holographic too in some analogous way in addition to space since they were postulated by Einstein to be unified as space-time in relativity theory.

Arthur Schopenhauer in ‘The Fourfold Roots of Reason’ wrote a sort of ‘Kant’s transcendal idealism made simple’. Transcendtal idealism as opposed to Platonic realism supposes that everything experienced is conditioned subjectively…that approach is especially helpful in providing contexts for cosmological modeling.

Schopenhauer goes on to explain how the mind constructs models or representations of reality from sense data within understanding, and his method seems reflected in metamathematical models of the dimensions and relations of the ‘physical’ universe interpreted through experience contemporarily.

“If we take away the thinking subject, the whole material world must vanish; because it is nothing but a phenomenon in the sensibility of our own subject and a certain class of it’s representations.”-Kant

“Conversely, if we desire to abstract from the subjectivity of the Subject, yet to have something over, the contary takes place, and this leads to Materialism.”-Schopenhauer in The Fourfold Root of Reason

“Every true, consequently really primary force of Nature-and every fundamental chemical property belongs to these forces-is essentially a qualitas occulta, i.e. it does not admit of physical, but only of metaphysical explanation: in other words, of an explanation which transcends the world of phenomena.”-Schopenhauer

The size or scale and structure of a universe is subjective at least in part contingent on the innate facalties of the human physiology and I would guess upon human understanding and reason as well. Even in logic human beings will rationally organize interpreted sense data and a priori constructs within parameters implicit within their own parameters as existing beings.
Construction of M-Theory and extra diemsional spaces t compliment observed interpretations of sense data experience constructions of the Universe seems on the face of it to be an example of a product cosmology built in accord with present logic parameters of human reasoning. Extra dimensions of space and perhaps extra dimensions of time too of various sizes or powers in relation to one another in hypothesized pluralist relations returning at some point to a monism…the approach is perennial and found in all the worlds major religions perhaps in attempting to describe the One. Even Buddhism postulates an unmoved mover prior to any sort of illusion or emanation such as the Universe seems.